Zuo Gezhuang Club

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Zuo Gezhuang Club

Chongxin Village is located in Zuogezhuang, northeast of Wen'an County. Its economic prosperity and people's prosperity have become the material and cultural basis for the preservation and continuation of Chongxin Village Pole Society for hundreds of years.

On June 7, 2008, Zuo Gezhuangzhuangzhuang will be listed in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list with the approval of the State Council.

Introduction to the List

Dependency: Langfang Wen'an County

Category: Acrobatics and Athletics

There is no written record of when and by whom Chongxin Village Rod was founded. The only documentary evidence is a large pole retained in Chongxin Village, Zuogezhuang Town today. The bottom of the pole is inscribed with the words "Ming Yongle 13 years". This pole has a history of 580 years, which is beyond doubt.

The left poles will be different from the poles in other areas. The poles are mainly used to perform at any time and anywhere. The main technical actions include: straightening up (single-pair), stringing, folding fish with one arm, catching three knocks, turning back Ya, sleeping in circles, hanging feet (single-pair), inverted feet, tapping feet, hanging heels (single-pair), sticking sugar man, flag waving, flag waving feet, donkey rolling, Golden Chicken independence, shooting stars, single stick.

Chongxin Village Pole Club originated from acrobatic pole clubs in Yuan and Ming Dynasties, especially the technique of using live pole, which has long been lost among the people in most parts of the country.

Chongxin Village Pole Club has exquisite skills and strict ways of inheritance. It is preserved in relatively closed countryside and has the characteristics of original flavor. It has very high academic value for the study of the blending and evolution of ancient Chinese acrobatics. At the same time, the club will inherit and survive in a unique way among the people, which contains rich folk information and becomes a valuable material for the study of folk culture.

The club now has more than 100 members, including 40 actors and the youngest actor is only 12 years old. The club has a fixed special training venue, participating in the county flower festival and the town government's Spring Festival performance every year, and performing in the countryside and enterprises. In 1996, he went to Beijing to attend the Longtan Temple Fair and won the performance prize of the National Flower Competition.