Yulei mountain

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Yulei mountain

Yulei mountain, according to the original note of "Mian County" in the book of geography of Han Dynasty, "the water of Yulei mountain flows from southeast to Jiangyang and enters into the river." In Shuo Wen, the word "Yu" is written as "the water flows out of Sichuan county, Mian Yu Lei, Shandong Province, and enters the river in the south of Shandong Province." Liu Lin pointed out in the collation and annotation of Huayang Guozhi that Jianshui is the Yulei mountain of Baisha River, that is, Jiuding Mountain to the north of Jianshui's birthplace. Yulei mountain stretches southward to the northwest of Guanxian county (today's Dujiangyan City), namely, Dujiangyan water conservancy project - the mountain on one side of the "baopingkou" of Neijiang River, and the other side of "Lidui" (the smaller one, the Fulong temple was built on it). When Li Bing controlled the water, the two were integrated. In order to limit the water flow into the Neijiang River for irrigation (more water from Feisha weir to outer river, namely Minjiang River), the mountain was opened The small low mountain separated by water is "Lidui" and the main mountain is "Yulei mountain". In history, the flood in the upper reaches of Minjiang River rushed to Chengdu Plain. The first to bear the brunt is pi, the capital of Du Yu. Therefore, scholars generally agree that the place where Du Yu sent bieling to control the water is Yulei mountain in the upper reaches of Minjiang River.

Another Yulei mountain is the mountain behind the auditorium of Wenchuan county government, named Yulei mountain. The mountain knife chopping, standing in the southeast of Weizhou town. It is one of the eight old sceneries in Wenchuan. Yulei mountain is high and precipitous. Cen Shen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, said: "the sky of Yulei is sunny, and the peaks are as low as possible."

At the top of Yulei mountain, the original yuguanfeng temple built in Xuande period of Ming Dynasty has been in ruins due to its disrepair for a long time. There are three stone inscriptions in Yulei mountain, which are respectively carved in the Three Kingdoms, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The top one is "Yulei mountain", which is the main calligraphy of the empress of Shu, with a large margin. In the middle age of Hongzhi in Ming Dynasty, Zhao Fujie, a magistrate, and Zhao Fang from thousands of households built a city in baoyulei mountain, which was inscribed with "three Xiong Xiu", located under the title of "Yulei mountain". At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, there were four characters named "sanding Zhuman". The three stone carvings all have high calligraphy art.

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