Yinghu Scenic Area

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Yinghu Scenic Area

Yinghu, a national AAAA-level tourist area, is located 16 kilometers southwest of Ankang City, Shaanxi Province. The total area is 102.8 square kilometers, including 77 square kilometers, 540 kilometers in circumference, 2.6 billion cubic meters in storage capacity and an average water depth of more than 100 meters. The scenic spot is blue sky, Qinba fairyland, with excellent water quality, abundant species, mild climate and numerous islands. Known as "Shaanxi Qiandao Lake", it is a provincial scenic spot with unique natural scenery of Qinba and Hanshui and one of the ten beautiful sceneries in Shaanxi. In January 2014, the Ankang Yinghu Eco-environmental Protection Project (Yinghu Wetland Reserve) was appraised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Finance, and was listed as one of the first 15 key projects of Lake eco-environmental protection in China.

Yinghu Lake is an important source of water for the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transfer in China. In September 2012, the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government decided to set up an Ankang Yinghu Eco-tourism Zone to manage all scenic spots planning areas under the administrative jurisdiction of Yinghu Town, Jihe Town and Liushui Town. In addition, Xiangxidong Scenic Area under the jurisdiction of Hanbin District was also included. Establish the Party and Labor Committee and the Management Committee of the Ecotourism Area as the dispatched agency of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government. They are mainly responsible for the planning, development, construction and management of the core scenic spots of Yinghu, Jihe, Liushui and Xiangxi Cave. In November 2014, Yinghu Lake will become a national tourism destination project with an investment of 3 billion yuan.

Main attractions

The main scenic spots are super-large cable-stayed bridge, power station hub project, Tianzhu Mountain, Baiyun Temple, Yuxing Island, Guaping Island, Niulang Zhinushi, Han Dynasty tombs, etc. Driving sightseeing, the first eye-catching is Xiongqiao Firestone Canyon lock Jiaolong dam, the total length of the dam top 541.5 meters, 128 meters high, so it has the reputation of "the first dam in Shaanxi". Guruo Jintang, magnificent momentum, eye-catching. When the flood is discharged, the waterfalls hang high, the jewels splash jade, the thunder is in full swing, and the grandeur is magnificent. On the side of the dam is Baiyun Temple in Tianzhu Mountain, a famous Buddhist resort. Not far from the dam is a large steel cable-stayed bridge designed and built by our country, which has advanced level in the world. Yinghu Lake, Qinba, Tunhan River, vast smoke waves, endless confusion. It is not only vast, but also beautiful, the lake waves and light, emerald heaps of jade, island chess, each other into fun. Visitors come thousands of miles away from rivers and mountains are in the same colour of water and sky; when you look at the surface of Caixia Floating Lake and the melting of the red sun at dusk, you can see the wonder of climbing Mount Tai to watch the sunrise; at noon, fish sails are dotted, egrets are traveling, mountains are green, and thousands of fish are chasing and swimming; at night, there are thousands of bright lights like stars and moons reflecting stars with bright water, which is no different from the scenery of Dongting. Jinluo, Cuiping, Yuxing and other islands have invested heavily in the construction of exquisite and unique pavilions, terraces, pavilions, halls, galleries, pavilions and zoos, fishing terraces, water sports venues and other landscapes, so that the charm of the Qin Dynasty here and modern fashion, nicely reflected with the pleasure of the mountains and countryside, constitute a magnificent picture scroll, more poetic, and pleasant. 。

Yinghu Lake is a place where literati gather and sing poems, paint and shoot programs. After visiting Yinghu Lake, Ankang poet Yang Liyuan thrived in poetry and was highly praised for his Lyric Ode to Happy Yinghu. The phrase says: Extreme eye Yinghu Lake, clouds across the sky, sails, drums, rivers and waves. The Green Island warbler cries brightly as the coast is covered with green onions and the flowers burn up. Longitudinal boat snowing, beads splashing jade, a heron flying in the clouds. Depending on the place you are traveling, the scenery is graceful and the red shakes of thousands of hectares. Peaks Yingcui, fishing boats warm, Xiuling tea singing. Linsen Cave, Springs and Waterfalls, Beaches, Juicheng Scales Bright. Tian domain Qianmo, Xinjun couplet, winding sandy bars open. Qin Bamei, magnificent and beautiful, thousands of meteorological. Yinghu is a treasure trough. There are 113 species of fish with great development value in the lake. For example, the price is expensive, the crystal transparent silver fish and so on, with an annual output of hundreds of thousands of kilograms; the lakeside tea, "Ankang Yinfeng" Maojian tea has noble taste and genuine fragrance. The lakeshore is also rich in citrus, with an annual output of more than one million tons. Yinghu Management Office has accelerated the construction of supporting facilities for tourism, entertainment, travel, housing and entertainment, so that this tourism pearl embedded between the Qinling Mountains and Bashan Mountains, which integrates power generation, tourism, agriculture and irrigation, aquaculture and ecology into a landscape scenic area, "attracting people like ants every year, Peng Cai of Boyin Yinghu Lake."

Yinghu Resort is located in the northeast of the scenic area, covering an area of 14.1 square kilometers. Here the mountains surround the reservoir, the mountain situation is staggering, the peaks overlap, the forest is dense and continuous, the air is fresh and pleasant, the birds and animals are endless; the reservoir is nine curves and ten curves like Jiaolong swimming, so it is called "Xianhu". After years of construction, there are natural swimming pools, water parachutes, yachts, water art performances, children's playgrounds, green barbecues, etc.

Golf courses, as well as beautiful holiday villas, multi-functional conference halls, Chinese and Western restaurants and dance halls and other entertainment facilities. At the entrance of the resort, you can see the noble and elegant Victorian gate building and the vermilion European bell tower. Looking up, the dam of the reservoir rises, and there are more than ten Western-style villas, restaurants and conference halls scattered on the surrounding hills. The grass beside the building is full of flowers and flowers. The Yinghu Reservoir Dam is more than 50 meters high and 100 meters long. Its surface area is 2.4 square kilometers. The deepest water bottom is 50 meters away from the surface, equivalent to more than 10 stories. It is the largest reservoir in Ankang. Hidden in the mountains, the reservoir is like a yacht for several kilometers, sitting on a yacht, as if in a winding river, clearly has reached the end of the water, a turn, still floating in the water, which really corresponds to the ancient poetry that "the mountains are endless, the willows are dark and the flowers are bright and another village".

Tourism information

Bus route: After getting off from the local train to Ankang Railway Station, tourists can take buses or taxis of No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 to Ankang City. From the Yinghu intersection of Ankang City (the former Anhuo intersection, to the Yinghu bus station) to the Yinghu terminal bus (including Zhongba, Xiaofa) can be reached, or from the Ankang Railway Station by taxi directly to the Yinghu terminal. Visitors from Xi'an can take Xi'an-Ankang, Shenmu-Ankang, Xi'an-Hanzhong (via Ankang), Xi'an-Guiyang (via Ankang) and so on.

Transportation fees: Ankang Railway Station to the urban area bus fare is 2 yuan per person, taxi is 50 yuan; from the urban area Yinghu intersection to the Yinghu terminal bus fare is 5 yuan per person; from the railway station to the Yinghu terminal taxi fee is charged according to the mileage table can also be negotiated (reference price is about 60 yuan).

It is suggested that tourists taking buses should choose small side, which is more comfortable, convenient and fast.

Tourist routes: Yinghu Wharf - Yinghu Villa - Jinluo Island - Cuiping Villa. The whole tour takes about 4 hours. After the tour, you can return to Yinghu Wharf and Ankang City by bus. You can also return to Ankang City by bus from Cuiping Island.

Scenic Area Planning

Recently, Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. and Ankang Municipal People's Government signed an agreement on the cooperative development of Ankang Yinghu Tourism Industry Base. The project is planned to invest 3 billion yuan to build the Yinghu scenic spot into a national eco-humanistic tourism holiday destination.

Ankang Yinghu Tourism Industry Base is a major cultural project at the provincial level defined by "310 Cultural Industry Project" of the provincial government. It is located in Yinghu Ecotourism Area of Ankang City. It will build a national eco-humanistic tourism holiday destination relying on the largest freshwater lake in Northwest China and Yinghu Lake, a national 4A scenic spot.

At present, the conceptual planning, construction planning and business plan of the project have been compiled. With a total investment of 3 billion yuan, the project will be introduced along the Hanjiang River into three major scenic experience zones: Qingquan Yuanxiang, Lanhe Valley, Hanjiang River Rhyme, six major tourism projects, three major tourist service centers, eight major waterfront landscape nodes and other key tourism projects to build a humanistic friendly and ecologically beautiful tourism industry base.