Yalu River Scenic Spot

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Yalu River Scenic Spot

Yalu River Scenic Spot is located in Dandong City in the middle and lower reaches of Yalu River. It is 210 kilometers long from Hunjiang Estuary in the East and from Dadong Port in the west. The total area is 824.2 square kilometers (including the water surface of Korea), and the protected area is 200 square kilometers.

Dandong Yalu River Tourist Area is located in Dandong City, downstream of Yalu River Center. It starts from Hunjiang Estuary in the East and reaches Donggang in the west. It is 210 kilometers long and covers a total area of 824.2 square kilometers (including the water surface of China and DPRK), with a protected area of 200 square kilometers. The Yalu River runs about 300 kilometers from Dandong. This section of the river is broad, beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, in the estuary area, rich in large silver fish.

Main attractions

Yalu River Scenic Spot is located in the middle and lower reaches of Yalu River. It is across the Yangtze River from Bitong, Qingshui, Yizhou and Xinyizhou of Korea. The river is winding and gentle, with rugged cliffs and lush forests on both sides. It forms a splendid natural landscape, ancient castle sites, Ming Dynasty Wanli Great Wall sites, modern war sites, modern bridges and large-scale water conservancy projects, forming a rich cultural landscape and scenery. It is divided into six scenic spots, namely Jiangkou, Bridge, Hushan, Taiping Bay, Shuifeng and Green River scenic spots.

geographical position

The Yalu River Tourist Area has an advantageous geographical position and a warm climate in winter and cool summer. It has a unique view of the natural scenery of China and DPRK with its beautiful mountains and rivers. The Yalu River Tourist Area is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yalu River, across the Yangtze River from Bitong, Qingshui, Yizhou and Xinyizhou in Korea. On the surface of the canoeing rivers, the scenery of the two countries is in full view. The rivers are winding and relaxing, the banks and mountains are rugged and the trees are lush, forming a gorgeous and colorful natural landscape. Ancient castle sites, Ming Dynasty Great Wall relics, modern war relics, modern bridges and large-scale water conservancy projects constitute a rich cultural landscape. Tourist areas are divided into six major scenic areas, namely, Jiangkou, Bridge, Hushan, Taiping Bay, Shuifeng and Green River scenic areas.

Tourism characteristics

The Yalu River is named because of its color. The Green River is like the glittering green of the neck of a male duck. It was called the Yalu River by the ancients. So far, the Yalu River has been called the Majiao River in ancient times. Now the Yalu River scenic spot is a national first-class scenic spot protection area.

Dandong, the center of the scenic area, has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. It is known as "Little Suhang in Northeast China" and "Rhododendron City". It is across the river from Xinyizhou in Korea. The Yalu River Bridge is the triumphal turning gate for the Chinese People's Volunteers to win the war of American aid to Korea and return to China. Dandong is full of cultural relics and monuments. Jiuliancheng, 12 kilometers northeast of the city, is across the river from the ancient city site of Hejian. The Ming Dynasty's poetry says, "The grass along the Bank of Jiuliancheng is rolling, and the end of Yalu River is full of smoke." Written is this dangerous situation of the city, the site of Xi'an Pingxian in the Han Dynasty, 15 kilometers northeast of the city on the sand bar, after the Han Dynasty, Koryo, Liao, Jin Dynasty also along the city. There are many scenic spots. Wulongbei hot spring gushes at four o'clock. The water is colourless and transparent. The temperature of the main spring is 69 degrees Celsius. The smell of sulphur in the water is less. Now many sanatoriums have been built. Dagushan is known for its famous landscapes such as "rivers bending along the banks" and "peaks pressing back". The Phoenix Mountain in the northwest of Dandong City is called Liaoning's three famous mountains together with Wulu Mountain and Qianshan Mountain. Mountainous landscape, to see the victory of the mountain rocks, abrupt rocks, rise from the ground, turn around the peak, quiet and beautiful, are well-known tourist attractions.

From Dandong to Hunjiangkou by boat, you can enjoy the natural scenery of China and DPRK, and see the charm of Shuifenghu Lake. The famous Shuifeng Power Station shared by China and DPRK is in her arms. In Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, cultural relics are protected by the Anti-Japanese War Heroes Memorial Tower, the Dawn Anti-Japanese War Site and the Yahe Anti-Japanese War Site. The site of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty stretches from the Yalu River to the west. There are relics to be examined. Liudian was built in Ming Dynasty, and the castle still exists. Baishilazi Comprehensive Nature Reserve has beautiful natural scenery and various species. There are 7333 hectares of Korean pine primitive forest. There are also Xiuyan County Longtan Bay, Qingliangshan, Yueshan, Luquan Shimengou and Fengcheng County Yulong Lake, Dongtang Hot Spring, Pushihe, etc. The landscape is different and interesting. Xiuyan Beigou Neolithic Cultural Site is of great value to the study of the history of southern Liaoning. The old temple of pine tree and sheep has a peculiar architectural form and beautiful scenery around it.

Local cuisine

Dandong Cuisine: It's delicious and cheap. Dandong is a small town, but there are many delicious places. People who have eaten Dandong delicacies have a feeling that they are delicious and cheap.

Seafood: There is a famous seafood street in Dandong. There are nearly 10 seafood restaurants on the street. Fresh seasoned seafood is fresh and cheap. In addition, there are many famous seafood restaurants mainly concentrated in the development zone, large-scale, reasonable price suitable for banquet guests.

Barbecue: Korean style barbecue shops are all over Dandong's streets and alleys. Most of them are neatly and beautifully decorated with low price, which is most popular among the people. Of course, each family has its own characteristics. Whose home tastes best is to ask you to tell us after tasting it. You can leave a message for us to participate in our evaluation.

Shabu pot: Shabu hot pot is another kind of Dandong food, and gradually Shabu out Dandong characteristics. There are more famous and large-scale hot pot shops around Liuwei Road, Development Zone and Stadium.

Korean Flavor: Walk along Yalu River to Korean Middle School, Korean Flavor Shop on the roadside. The authentic Korean rice mix is full of ingredients and quantity, but only 5 yuan a bowl, tastes excellent.

Snacks: Dandong's delicious and cheap local stew is Dandong's local characteristics, is the most authentic stew on the pedestrian street. Hot stew, 1 yuan a plate, dripped with thick sesame sauce, chili sauce, shrimp oil... Smell can not help but saliva (note, must fry for a long time, sesame sauce, spicy sauce to put more oh) in Sanma Road near the delicious wonton restaurant has been an old name, but the price of a large bowl of 2 yuan has not changed. This is a favorite place for office workers and students.

Local specialty


Dandong shrimp farming began in 1980 and has unique advantages. From 1988 to 1992, Donggang City won the five consecutive titles of shrimp farming at county level in China. The best annual output reached 138,000 tons and the export supply value was 268 million yuan. A one-stop industrialization system of production, addition and marketing was formed, which made shrimp become the key export products of Dandong aquatic industry. Japan, the United States and the European Union are the main exporters of Dandong shrimp products. Aquaculture has become the pillar industry of Dandong aquaculture industry, and has led to the development of feed, processing, transportation, foreign trade, catering services and other related industries. However, due to the impact of shrimp disease, shrimp farming industry has fallen to a low ebb since 1993. In recent years, due to various measures, the comprehensive utilization level of shrimp ponds has been continuously improved and shrimp farming has gradually recovered. In 2000, the prawn output was 3058 tons, the export volume was 180 tons and the export volume was 132 million yuan. At present, the prawn output in Dandong is recovering and increasing.

Tourism information

Get accommodation

Accommodation for traveling to Dandong: Riverside Road is a tourist and commercially developed area. In addition, Riverside Road is near the railway station. Buses are also very convenient. Accommodation conditions are very good, and there are usually places to live. In terms of price, because Dandong's price is not high, the best hotel price is only 100 yuan per day, which is equivalent to the price of a day in a small courtyard in Beijing, but in Dandong, you can enjoy star treatment. If you want to save a little money, you may have to work harder, because only on the edge of the city like Badaogou, Pearl Bubble and Liudaogou, there will be some smaller hostels. The price is about 10 yuan to 30 yuan per day, but they are also sanitary and quieter, which is suitable for you to rest. It is not recommended that you be pulled into the so-called state-run hostel after you get off the train, because the price is about 10 yuan to 30 yuan per day. The conditions are not good, but also very expensive. They eat exclusively by foreigners. To be honest, Dandong is not big at all. It takes an hour by bus to turn Dandong around. Don't worry about not having a place to live in Dandong, because Dandong exists for tourism. It's very convenient for shopping, traveling, lodging and eating. You only need a small map of the city.


Take Bus No. 6 and No. 21 to get there.