Xiangshui lake the Great Wall

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Xiangshui Lake is another unique and beautiful tourist attraction in the suburbs of Beijing. Located in the west of the Great Wall of Huairou Mutianyu, 28 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of 18 square kilometers, it is a natural beautiful valley integrating the Great Wall, ancient caves, mountains, spring pools and waterfalls.

The scenic spot is situated in the valley where the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty built its fortress. On both sides of the valley, the peaks rise and fall. The magnificent Great Wall is full of rocks and rocks. It has gone through all the green mulberries and still has an ancient appearance. The dragon is ready to fly, and it cuts straight into the clouds. The great city is dangerous and spectacular.

Located in the west of Huairou Mutianyu, 28 kilometers away from the county town, Xiangshui Lake is a unique and beautiful tourist attraction in the suburbs of Beijing. It is a natural health-preserving canyon with the Great Wall, ancient caves, mountains, spring pools and waterfalls. Xiangshui Lake is named "Xiangshui Lake" because at the source of the spring, the spring is pouring and the water sounds like thunder, and the sound of running water can be heard thousands of meters away.

The total area of Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area is 18 square kilometers. The scenic area has steep peaks, springs, shady fruit forests, flowers and grass, and fresh air. Yangchun is full of beautiful flowers; midsummer is full of green trees; golden autumn is full of fruits and red leaves; winter is full of snow and glaciers.

The service facilities in the scenic area are complete. At the foot of the Great Wall, there is an antique Xiangshui Villa, which is elegant and unique. It has 120 guest rooms, including standard rooms, suites, air conditioning, remote control telephone and closed circuit television. It has a large conference room with 110 people and a small conference room with 50 people. It can accommodate 260 people, and can guarantee 300 people to have meals at the same time. The restaurant mainly includes farm food, rainbow trout, game barbecue, wild vegetables and special snacks. It is an ideal place for holding conferences, professional training and tourism vacations.

Xiangshui lake the Great Wall

The Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake may not be famous among many Great Wall in Beijing. Unlike Badaling and Juyongguan, which are completely repaired, and without arrow buttons and Simatai's steepness, it just sits in a quiet corner, watching the sun rise and the moon fall quietly, and the grass grows and leaves fade.

But every spring, the Great Wall of Yuexiangshuihu Lake has flowers all over the mountains and fields. Located in the west of Huairou, the Ancient Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake has its unique geographical location and beautiful natural landscape, which is Huairou

In summer, the temperature difference between day and night of the Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake is more than 12 degrees, and the air and water quality of mountain springs are the first-class standards. In the misty morning, insects and birds are singing, full of vitality, the trees are dripping, the eyes are clear and green; in the golden autumn, fruitful, red leaves are full of mountains; in winter, the Great Wall of Liangshui Lake is covered with silver in winter, and the glaciers are vast.

Standing alone on the Great Wall of Xiangshui Lake in winter, facing only gravel loess, only heard the wind and birds singing. Sitting on tiring knees, he reached out and picked some sour dates into his mouth, half leaning on the stone wall, tasting the sweet and sour taste, and his restless heart gradually calmed down.

For more than a hundred years, there has been no great battle on this section of the Great Wall, and the name of the Great Wall has not been remembered by many people. Occasionally, the uncle of the nearby countryside came to play chess and bask in the sun in a flat place at the foot of the mountain on a fine day, and became the only companion of the Great Wall in its long loneliness. Have you ever had a tight guard here? Are there countless hot-blooded men who spend long nights in front of the unchanged mountain scenery? What strength supports them to face the vicissitudes of life calmly on the lonely hill? Take off your shoes and feel the fine dust under your feet. How much of yesterday's history has melted into it? In a trance, the atmosphere around him was gradually solidified. Shake your head, still a person, a backpack, a little deeper than the sunset just now, the unchanged Great Wall...