The Temple House Bo she Hotel

Home Hotels 2018-12-16

Address:81 Bitie Style Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, China


Tel:+86 28 6636 9999 +86 28 6506 1999

Located in Chengdu, the Bosch is a luxury hotel with a unique style, which combines the beauty of traditional and modern design. The shape design is charming and energetic, reflecting the city's legendary past on the one hand, and highlighting the exciting future on the other. From the moment you enter the Bosch, a wonderful journey has begun. You will pass through the long history of Chinese courtyard architecture and enter our elegantly designed modern guest rooms and service-style residences. Guest rooms and houses are built around the landscape hills, which are quiet and quiet. However, under the hills lies a colorful underground world.

Service - Personalized Service

Our customer relationship team can provide personalized service for you all the time. We also hope you will come and meet us. You can imagine us as a team of reception and concierge services. Whenever possible, we are willing to provide you with personalized services. Whether we want to make a reservation in the best restaurant, recommend the best shopping place for you, or arrange dry cleaning service in an emergency, we will always serve you with all our heart and soul.

There are many kinds of bars in the room.

The room is equipped with a super mini refrigerator, which provides snacks free of charge and is convenient for guests to use. Free soft drinks, beer, juice, water and coffee, tea and flower tea, as well as all kinds of sweets are available for your enjoyment.

Simple is the best.

We also want to make it paperless as far as possible. From our paperless check-in and check-out experience to your personal IPTV network interactive TV, you can get comprehensive hotel information and city information through remote control.