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Zhaxi Dingzhen (Chinese Name: Ding Zhen), born in 2000, lives in Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

In November 2020, Ding Zhen, with a simple smile on her face, accidentally became popular on the Internet and became a "new top stream". After becoming popular, Ding Zhen has become the tourism ambassador of Litang County, contributing to the local tourism. On November 25, the promotional film "Ding Zhen's world" shot by Ding Zhen for his hometown was officially launched.


Character experience

In November 2020, a group of photos of Ding Zhen appeared on the Internet. In the photos, he is not only handsome, but also has a green smile. The most attractive thing is his clear and naive eyes. Many netizens commented that his eyes were very clean, like a pool of spring water. Before that, Ding Zhen appeared in a live broadcast. During the whole process, he was very shy and didn't speak Chinese fluently enough. He kept saying simple words like "thank you" and so on, which made netizens call "too cute".

On November 18, 2020, Ding Zhen signed a contract with Litang cangyang Gyatso micro Museum, a state-owned company subordinate to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Litang County, and became the tourism ambassador of Litang County, contributing to local tourism.


On November 25, 2020, the promotional film "Ding Zhen's world" shot by Ding Zhen for his hometown was officially launched.

On November 29, 2020, Ding Zhen interviewed CCTV in Tibetan, saying: I don't know how it is popular, but I'm very happy to be famous. I'm glad to do a lot of publicity work about my hometown.

Invite the whole country

Ding Zhen was invited all over the country. He said he wanted to go to Lhasa. Sichuan media magnanimously said that he would go home early enough. In addition, the media in Tibet, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei and Northeast China invited Ding Zhen to visit.

About school

It is reported that Ding Zhen has been to school before, but the conditions are limited. He can read some Pinyin and his Chinese is not very good. Now a big job is to continue to study, learn Chinese and write.


Twitter promotion

On the evening of November 29, 2020, Hua Chunying tweeted repeatedly to call Ding Zhen. Hua Chunying first introduced Ding Zhen's "new image": "Sichuan Radio and television station has a new anchor. As a guest, Ding Zhen broadcast news in his native Tibetan language. Later, Hua Chunying wrote that Ding Zhen recently became a social media star after a brilliant, sunny, naive smile photo became popular online. After that, Hua Chunying sent a group of pictures about Ding Zhen's self introduction.

Character evaluation

Netizens coined a new word "Tianye" for Ding Zhen, saying that he "coexists wildness and innocence", and called him "Tianye boy".













After the accident, all kinds of work followed. He was hired to be the tourism image ambassador of Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. He took tourism propaganda films for Ganzi Prefecture, and went to Chengdu, the provincial capital 654 kilometers away, to attend tourism promotion meetings.

After more than 20 days of busy outside, Ding Zhen finally set foot on the road home.

Ding Zhen was photographed on the way from Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, to his home at the foot of gnei snow mountain on December 2. Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

"Yes, I miss my hometown very much. I've been away from my hometown for more than 20 days. I've never left my hometown before, and I've been to such a far place this time." Ding Zhen told reporters.

Ding Zhen's home is in Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a small plateau city with vast grassland and beautiful scenery. "Litang" means "grass dam as flat as a bronze mirror" in Tibetan.

This is the photo taken by UAV on December 2 in Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, bathed in the morning light. Through a series of measures such as the reconstruction of the old urban area, the famous scenic spot "Qianhu Tibetan village" has been created, including Letong ancient town, Renkang ancient street, changqingchun Keer temple, etc., which shows the historical and cultural charm of Litang. Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

The closer he was to his hometown, the more smiles Ding Zhen had on his face. He took the initiative to tell reporters stories about the plateau.

When I met the wolf, I didn't dare to run back to the field. Another time I saw a bear across the Bank of the river. I didn't dare to make any noise, for fear of being found by him. "

When the herdsmen go to the far pasture, they often can't go back home for half a month. For a long time, he was accompanied by a pony named "Pearl".

Horses play an irreplaceable role in plateau life, such as grazing, hiking, marriage, etc. "Pearl" was bought by Ding Zhen's father for a good horse when he was 17 years old. A few years later, the colt has grown into a horse, and Ding Zhen has grown into an adult.

It is difficult for people living in cities to understand the closeness of plateau residents to wild animals. On the way, we met a yak whose legs were entangled in barbed wire. Ding Zhen approached carefully and tried to help it break free of the wire.

Along the way, we saw groups of yaks, blue sheep and horses, mountain eagles flying in the air, and sometimes naughty monkeys stopped our SUVs and begged for snacks. Thanks to the "natural forest protection project", the Western Sichuan Plateau has become an ideal home for wild animals after more than 20 years of recuperation.

Starting from the county, after more than two hours' drive, we finally arrived at Dingzhen's village.

When we got home, Ding Zhen poured US butter tea. His father brought us a pot of boiled Tibetan blood sausage. We sat together and ate with a knife.

On December 2, after returning to his home at the foot of gneixue mountain, Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Ding Zhen poured butter tea for the guests. Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

As the sun sets, Ding Zhen's village returns to tranquility. Gradually into the distance of the snow mountain.

Back in his childhood village, Ding Zhen was very happy, "my hometown is the most beautiful, with the majestic mount gnei, the eyes of gnei, the vast grassland and beautiful lakes. The most beautiful thing is the people here. They are simple and kind."

In recent years, Ding Zhen's hometown Litang County has been making efforts to develop tourism and revitalize the local economy. Today, tourists have been able to drive smoothly to famous scenic spots such as "the eye of gnei" in Litang County.

Not far from Ding Zhen's family, there is a small village surrounded by snow mountains, kerizewa village, which is located at the foot of gnei mountain, with an altitude of more than 4100 meters. It is a newly built village settled in the process of poverty alleviation in pastoral areas, and is also the last "electrified village" in Litang County.

This is a view of kerizewa Village (taken on November 25, 2019). Shen Jizhong

With the resolute promotion of targeted poverty alleviation policy in contiguous poverty-stricken areas, after the end of the frozen soil period in 2019, the construction of the local project integrating into the State Grid has finally started.

With the improvement of transportation, electric power and other infrastructure, more and more tourists come to Litang.

Ding Zhen's friends told reporters that, like many local children, Ding Zhen used to subsidize the family by serving as a guide for tourists, riding motorcycles to pull luggage, and leading the way to earn money in the scenic area of gneishan. Now in the village where Ding Zhen grew up, many young people began to publicize the beauty and specialty of their hometown through live network.

Young Ding Zhen inadvertently opened a window to let busy people in the city see a poetic idyllic pure land. Today, Ding Zhen has become a symbol of Litang tourism. Some people analyze the efforts behind the transformation of Litang from a poor county to a "Internet red" county, some explore the Internet operation logic behind Ding Zhen's fame, and others study what he can bring to rural poverty alleviation.

On December 3, Ding Zhen carefully adjusted the position of the display cabinet at the Cangyangjiacuo miniature Museum in Letong ancient town, Litang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. As an employee of local cultural and tourism enterprises, it will be one of Ding Zhen's future workplaces. Photo by Shen Bohan, Xinhua News Agency

Talking about his hometown, Ding Zhen suddenly mentions a local wild vegetable called Qujin, which is "dried and boiled. With salt, monosodium glutamate and ground beef, it's very delicious. It can also be used to make stuffed buns."

People like Ding Zhen, perhaps it is a beautiful and pure yearning and protection.