Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil

Home Food 2018-10-27

Boiled fish, also known as river boiled boiled fish and boiled fish fillet, was first popular in Cui Yun Township, Yubei District, Chongqing.

Boiled fish are usually made from fresh grass carp, bean sprouts, chili and other ingredients. "Oil is not greasy, spicy and not dry, but not bitter and fleshy".

The predecessor of boiled fish is actually from Chongqing hotpot fish, originally aimed at the driver friends launched, popular for a while. 

In 1983, a Sichuan chef won a prize for this dish at a cooking competition held in Chongqing.

A friend of the chef, who lives near the Jialing River, often brings with him some grass carp from the Jialing River. Once, when a friend came, there was no other food in the house. When the chef saw the fish brought from his friend in the basin, the first pot boiled fish was born. After cooking, the fish is delicious, spicy and spicy, so that the friends are full of praise. The chef himself is also surprised. Since then, chefs have devoted themselves to the study of "boiled fish", from the characteristics of fish, spicy collocation to color innovation and many other aspects strive to achieve excellence. After more than a year of efforts, in 1985, boiled fish basically finalized.

Grass carp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial to blood circulation, and is a good food for cardiovascular patients. Rich in selenium, often eaten with anti-aging, beauty effect, but also has a certain role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. In addition, grass carp has the effects of warming stomach and neutralizing the liver, dispelling wind, curing arthralgia, cutting malaria, benefiting intestines and eyes, and treating asthenia, wind-deficiency headache, liver-yang hyperactivity, hypertension, headache and prolonged malaria.

Soybean sprouts are rich in vitamins, which can prevent vitamin B2 deficiency. The vitamin E contained in it can protect the skin and capillaries, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent hypertension in the elderly. Vitamin C is a beauty food. Eating soybean sprouts regularly can nourish hair, keep hair dark and bright, and have a better desalination effect on facial freckles; it is good for teenagers'growth and development, and prevent anemia; it also has the effects of strengthening brain, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, preventing gum bleeding, cardiovascular sclerosis and low cholesterol.

Matters needing attention

1. the consumption of salt in boiled fish is far beyond the normal standard. Women eat boiled fish during menstrual period will aggravate edema, easy to produce fatigue; excessive salt easy to cause tension, high blood pressure, but also affect the elasticity of blood vessels.

2. Each person daily intake of 30-50 grams of edible oil (including the fat content in food) can meet the needs of the body, not excessive intake. The oil used for cooking boiled fish is not only used much, but also heated repeatedly. Excessive intake of oil results in excessive body fat intake.

3. put the extra chilli in the boiled fish. Intense stimulation of the digestive tract, serious gastrointestinal bleeding, or ulcers, but also cause dry stool, resulting in deep skin abscess, affecting the face.

4. the dishes in boiled fish are single, except for fish and vegetables. Long term consumption leads to unbalanced diet and nutrition.