Sad cold Bean jelly

Home Food 2018-10-12

Heartbroken jelly is a famous snack in Zhou Li Town. It originated in the Qing Dynasty. In the early twentieth century, Wen Jiangyuan, a chef from Zhou Li, developed his own seasoning formula on the basis of maintaining the traditional flavor of Huangliang powder. It further highlighted the "Ma, hot, fragrant, crisp" characteristics of Sichuan cuisine, making it more spicy and delicious, and has since become a well-known "sad cold powder".

The main ingredient of "jelly powder" is pea, refined by hand. It is rich in nutrients, pure in taste, soft and crisp in texture, and does not contain any chemicals. It is called "sad cold powder" because of three reasons: first, fine workmanship, can be said to be prepared for the hardship; second, the condiment formula on the side of "Ma, hot, spicy, fragrant", often make the food runny and appetite; third, because of handicraft processing, production is not large, special trip to the week gift buyers, often empty-handed, unavoidable injury I feel very much.

For hundreds of years, "sad cold powder" with its unique flavor, not only became a favorite dinner of Zhou Li and its neighbors, but also became a necessary local people to visit relatives and friends of delicious snacks, every festival, there must be from the plane to all parts of the world.

"Sorrow Cooling Powder" has been awarded as "Anyue County Famous Cuisine" and "Ziyang City Famous Snacks". It has applied for national patents and registered trademarks, and has become a nominated brand of "China Old Brand".