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Portuguese egg tart, also known as Portuguese cream tower, caramel Mejit egg tart. Portuguese tart, known in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, is a small cream pastry pie. It is a kind of egg tart with a charred black surface.

In 1989, Andrew Stow, an Englishman, brought Portuguese tarts to Macau, switched to English cream fillings and reduced sugar consumption, and soon became a popular snack in Macau, most notably Milktar's tarts.

In the late 1990s, Portuguese egg tarts became popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan under the name of "Portuguese egg tarts". A large number of Portuguese egg tart stores, including KFC, caught up with this upsurge. Portuguese egg tarts immediately became a popular commodity, even led to the rise in egg prices and the shortage of eggs.

Today, although the grand occasion is no longer there, there are still loyal fans. Although KFC has sold the Portuguese egg tart shop, it still offers Portuguese egg tart at the store. The pastry Department of Pak ha supermarket also sells Portuguese egg tarts.

Although the Portuguese tarts were created by ante Lu, fame was bestowed on Andrew and his wife's marriage. In 1996, Andrew and his wife, Princess Margaret, were married.


The authentic Margaret tart must be hand-made: delicate, round tarts, golden eggs, and caramel proportions, all of which are checked by professional chefs to achieve perfection that ordinary tarts cannot achieve. The real egg tart must be stratified. The base of the Margaret tart is like fresh croissant bread. It tastes soft and crisp. The filling is rich, and the milk-flavored egg tart is very rich. Although it tastes layer by layer, it is sweet and not greasy.

Margaret left Andrew and started a new business. She changed the name of the store to "Margaret" and settled down in Hong Kong and Taiwan. A whirlwind of Portuguese targeting happened. Later, the hand-made egg tart brand Milktar's egg tart workshop has been used so far.








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