Park hyatt Guangzhou

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No. 16 Huaxia Road, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China, 510623

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In Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel, a traditional Lingnan culture and Gourmet Tour is opened. Guangzhou Baiyue Hotel integrates Lingnan's long history and culture with Baiyue's delicate modern brand characteristics to create an elegant private residence, which opens an extraordinary journey for visitors to and from Yangcheng.

208 elegant and modern comfortable rooms, including 36 luxury suites, all equipped with panoramic landing windows to view the spectacular scenery of both sides of the Pearl River and Guangzhou Tower.


There are four independent and comfortable physiotherapy rooms and two connected double physiotherapy rooms in Baiyue Spa Center. With the high advantage of 63 floors, it enjoys plenty of sunshine and beautiful scenery of the city. The physiotherapy package combines tradition and innovation to provide professional spa services for guests through authentic Chinese physiotherapy techniques, so that they can be fully nourished in a comfortable, quiet and energetic environment, and obtain a wonderful experience beyond expectations.

Swimming Pool

The indoor thermostat swimming pool of Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel fitness center is 25 meters long, which allows you to swim comfortably over the city. While enjoying a 25-metre (82-foot) indoor thermostatic swimming pool, the intoxicating scenery on both sides of the Pearl River outside the window is like wandering freely in the air.

Business services

Guangzhou Park Hyatt Hotel has a professional guest experience specialist to provide business travelers with a variety of perfect computer, printing, fax and other business services.

Fitness Center

The 24-hour fitness center on the 63rd floor of the hotel has advanced aerobic equipment and fitness equipment. Let you relax and exercise heartily, release the fatigue of the day.

Yue bar

Yueba is located on the 70th floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. It has an excellent view of the city through panoramic landing windows and unshielded outdoor terraces in the interior area. As an ideal place with high privacy and modern flavor, Yueba offers a wide variety of wines, champagne, brandy, whiskey and cocktails. Yueba has a professional bartender, as well as a variety of selected Chinese and Western snacks, to meet the different tastes of customers. After nightfall, in the noisy city, under the stars, resting over the city, looking down at the flickering lights, the delicate jazz music and rich wine accompanied, the wonderful night began.