Notice for visiting Chengdu Giant Panda Base

Home Travel Guide 2020-12-13

Please don't make any noise. Don't make any abnormal or sharp sounds, which will disturb the wild animals. Giant pandas and other animals naturally like quiet environment and are sensitive to noise. In order to ensure the effect of your visit, please respect their living habits and keep a quiet environment.

If you take photos, please don't use flash, especially panda cubs. Their eyes are very sensitive to light, and the flash is likely to hurt them.

Don't feed animals, your food is not suitable for them, and don't pick bamboo from the base to feed pandas. Every day, the panda's food is rationed by the keeper.

⊙ do not throw anything into the animal house to avoid disturbing the eating habits of giant pandas and prevent the spread of diseases. If the animals eat by mistake, it may have very serious consequences.

⊙ please do not play with the free range animals (such as peacocks and little pandas) in the park, and keep a distance of more than 3 meters to avoid animals hurting people.

⊙ please keep the environment of the park and do not scribble in any place (including rocks, trees, buildings, etc.). Please do not leave the road at will during the tour, so as not to trample on the vegetation.

⊙ this is a smoke-free scenic area. Please do not smoke in the park. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to fire guns and set off fireworks in the park. Your carelessness may cause forest fire.

⊙ please don't pick flowers and plants and damage trees; don't deliberately hurt any small animals, including butterflies, caterpillars, etc.

⊙ don't sit or stand on the railings and other dangerous places in the park, and don't try to climb over the fence, which will also bring bad influence to other tourists. There are many stools for tourists to rest in the base. If you are tired, you can rest there.

⊙ please do not litter (including cigarette butts, candy wrapping paper, food scraps, etc.), please put the garbage in the right place or take the garbage away according to the garbage classification. In addition to the giant panda, there are other wild animals in the base. If they eat the garbage left by you, it may cause serious consequences.

⊙ please don't bring your pet into the park, so as not to bring trouble to others.

⊙ if you see any tourists in the base who do not comply with these rules, please point them out and help them correct them. A good environment needs to be maintained by all of us.

Thank you for your support to our work!!!