Noodles with Soy Bean PasteBeijing Style

Home Food 2018-10-27

Old Beijing fried noodles, a traditional Chinese pasta, made from dishes, fried sauce mixed noodles, popular in Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin and other places.

One bag of dried yellow sauce, half bag of sweet sauce (the remaining half bag can be made Chinese salad, dipped in radish, lettuce), two eggs, 100 grams of fat and lean diced meat (peeled), supermarkets sell that kind of peeled diced pork, you can also make their own, Diced Pork cut into half a centimeter square. Cucumber and bean sprouts, as well as turnips and soybeans, are indispensable. Other cabbage hearts, green beans, dried tofu and shredded beans will be ready. Of course, raw garlic is also essential. In summer, it is also bactericidal, with scallion and ginger.

As for the preparation of the two sauces mix is such a yellow sauce dry fragrance, but if both use yellow sauce, too dry and too salty, sweet paste sauce taste sweet, with just the right proportion of yellow sauce and flour sauce 2:1, perfect.

The meat is too fat and too thin to be good. The pork must be strong and easy to stir up the oil.