Nansha Garden Hotel Guangzhou

Home Hotels 2018-12-16

Nansha Garden Hotel, a brand-new landmark building in Dawan District and New Nansha, was commissioned on June 20, 2018. The brand of Garden Hotel added a unique creative design hotel.

Nansha Garden Hotel, located at the core gateway of Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, is another masterpiece of the Garden Hotel brand. The hotel is designed by a famous European creative architect. The building overlooks the butterfly shape, bringing rich and flowing space changes. Each contour surface is carefully designed to regulate the air flow between mountains and oceans. The pure white three-dimensional ribbon streamline inside and outside the hotel is elegant and agile; the pure white vertical wall and the back-desk design make this hotel with a shocking design sense like a luxury cruise ship living between the harbour and the harbour, facing the vast ocean of smoke and echoing the Nansha cruise home port.

Nansha Garden Hotel is located in the southern end of Guangzhou, only an hour's drive away from the core city of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Nansha Binhai Park, integrating the ecological and cultural characteristics of surrounding mountains, seas, lakes and forests, and adding a series of elements such as leisure vacation, delicious parents and children to make Nansha's tourism products more diversified. The hotel returns to the natural leisure experience, so that urban white-collar workers and business elites under the pressure of noise can enjoy the natural ecology, or stay quietly for a day or two to add full oxygen and vitality.

Mr. Zhang Zhuyun, general manager of Lingnan Group, awarded the brand flag of Garden Hotel to Ms. Liang Yujuan, general manager of the hotel. Nansha Garden Hotel will adhere to the core brand concept of "classic extraordinary, Chinese and Western integration, return to nature, intimate service" and high-quality service standards of platinum five-star. It will strive to make the hotel a new landmark for the opening up of the Pearl Bay Area and the future city of "New Nansha", and contribute wholeheartedly to the construction of the Bay Area and the development of Nansha tourism.

Nansha Garden Hotel is a landmark creative design hotel with both eco-leisure destination and international high-end exhibition business functions. The hotel has 365 "mountain, sea, lake and forest" scenic design boutique rooms, 6 unique restaurants and bars, 13,000 square meters of private gardens and greenways, open indoor and outdoor swimming pools and infinite swimming pools stretching thousands of meters, poolside bar, fitness center, tennis court, looking around the mountains and seas, 1200 square meters of YOYO Intelligence Camp will be left for parents and children. Beautiful imprint. Nearly 2000 square meters of banquet and conference facilities focus on creating one-stop ecology and diversified MICE experience of "Aerobic Cultural Travel".

Food gathering, teasing taste buds

The hotel has 6 classic food restaurants and bars, from raw materials to utensils and utensils selection, to provide you with a variety of delicious food and intimate service, so that you can experience the delight and joy of delicious food in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.