Nanluogu Lane

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South Gong and drum lane is a hutong, located in the east of the central axis of Beijing intersection area, North Drum Tower East Street, south to Ping'an Street, 8 meters wide, 787 meters long, built in the same period in the Yuan Dynasty. It is one of the oldest blocks in Beijing, and it has a history of more than 740 years. It is also among the 25 old urban protected areas planned. Because of its high terrain and low north and south, such as a camel back, it is known as "Luo Guo Lane". In the Qing Dynasty, the "capital city map" painted in Qianlong fifteen years (1750) was renamed Nanluogu Lane.

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Beijing. It is the only one in China that preserves the texture of the Yuan Dynasty Hutong courtyard, the largest, the highest grade and the richest resources of the traditional chessboard residential area. It is also the most endowed with the style of old Beijing. All kinds of mansions and houses in the surrounding alleys are colorful and thick and deep. Nanluogu Lane and its surrounding areas were once the center of the Yuan Dynasty. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was a place of great wealth and dignity. The streets and alleys here were crowded with dignitaries and noble officials. There were numerous Royal families. After the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the prosperity of Nanluogu Lane also slowly ended.

Now it has been completely transformed into a pedestrian street, and vehicles are not accessible.

Since April 25, 2016, Nanluogu Lane has suspended the reception of tourism teams. At the same time, due to the overloading of scenic spots, Nanluogu Lane voluntarily cancelled the title of 3A scenic spot. 

In December 20, 2016, the guide for the protection of the historical and cultural blocks of Nanluogu Lane was formally promulgated and implemented.

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