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Qingcheng Mountain is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China, one of the five immortal mountains, one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China and one of the ten scenic spots in Chengdu.

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Qingcheng Mountain is situated in the southwest of Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, 68 kilometers east of Chengdu City and 10 kilometers southwest of Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project. Scenic area of 200 square kilometers, the highest peak of 1260 meters above sea level Laojun Pavilion, Qingcheng Mountain is divided into front and back hills, peaks around undulating, lush green trees, enjoy the reputation of "Qingcheng world seclusion".

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The whole mountain forest is green, the four seasons are evergreen, the peaks ring, and the shape of the city is named Qingchengshan. Dan ladder 1000 level, winding path, quiet and clean victory. Inside and outside the scenic area, Tianshi cave and Yuanming Palace are quiet and quiet, which is a major feature of Qingchengshan.

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Qingchengshan, a father-in-law, a Chicheng, Qingcheng, the mountain of Mount Sheng. It is the fifth cave of the ten largest caves. It is called "the Heaven of the Nine Rooms of Baoxian". In Qingcheng County, Qingcheng Cave, which is returned 2,000 Li a week, belongs to the rule of Qingcheng's father-in-law. The thirty-six peaks and one hundred and eight scenic spots are circled. Qingcheng father-in-law and Huang Di's fate, the Lord of the earth is the superior of the five mountains, with the general ministers. The father-in-law has many officials. When Taoist priests entered the mountain, their father-in-law dressed in Zhu Guangzhi's robe, wore the crown of heaven, wore the seal of the three courts, and rode the coach from all spirits to welcome the son.

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The main vegetation types in Qingcheng Mountain are subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, evergreen deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest and warm coniferous forest. According to the investigation data of Qingcheng Mountain sample plot, the plant species recorded by field survey and the Qingcheng Mountain plants recorded in the "Plant List of Dujiangyan City, China", 346 species of plants were preliminarily estimated, including 51 species of ferns belonging to 26 genera, 16 families and 295 species of seed plants belonging to 192 genera and 90 families. Among them, 7 species of gymnosperms, 6 families of vascular genera, 5 families, 252 species of dicotyledons, 169 genera and 77 families, 36 species, 22 genera and 8 families of monocotyledons are included. The flora has obvious transition from subtropics to temperate zones.

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