Mao tofu Fried bean curd

Home Food 2018-11-27

Mao tofu Fried bean curd is a famous traditional dish in Huizhou, Anhui Province, and is well known for its vegetarian delicacies at home and abroad. Because tofu is fermented to convert plant protein into many kinds of amino acids, it is very delicious after cooking. Mao tofu, a special product of Tunxi and Xiuning in our province, is grown on the surface of tofu by artificial fermentation. The main ingredients are fried in oil, then cooked with scallion, ginger, sugar, salt, broth and soy sauce. Serve with chili sauce, fresh and refreshing, aromatic and attractive, and has appetizing effect.

Ming Tai Zu Zhu Yuanzhang

Legend has it that Zhu Yuanzhang, Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, when he was young, had given cattle to the wealthy owner because of his poverty. Every day after cattle herding, he would get up in the middle of the night to help grind tofu with the long-term workers. Although he was young, he worked very hard and was liked by the long-term workers. Therefore, the long-term workers took care of him as far as possible and did not let him do heavy work. Afterwards, the rich man knew that he was very dissatisfied, so he dismissed him and went home. Zhu Yuanzhang had no choice but to mix with the beggars in front of a nearby temple. The long-term workers pitied him. Every day, they stole some food and fresh tofu from the rich man's house and hid them in the disturbing haystacks of the temple. Then Zhu Yuanzhang quietly took away some food and shared it with his partners. Soon after, his parents and brothers died one after another, and Zhu Yuanzhang became a monk even more lonely. Because Zhu Yuanzhang likes tofu best, in the beginning, the long-term workers still sent them to hide in the haystack. Once the temple was busy making temple fairs for several days, and the long-time workers saw that the stored tofu remained intact and did not send it again. When the temple fair ended, Zhu Yuanzhang remembered to fetch the tofu and found that the tofu was covered with a layer of white hair. He took it back to the temple and smuggled it in oil and fried it, feeling that the taste was more delicious. Later, he often used this method to make tofu.

Later, Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor, and fried tofu became a necessary delicacy in the imperial dining room. Fried soybean curd has become a world-renowned dish.

Wang Zhi he

"Huizhou Mao tofu, do not spit a slap." Legend has it that there was a student named Wang Zhihe who failed in the imperial examinations many times. He believed that he only had the life to sell tofu. He took over his father's tofu shop and started tofu business. As a result, one day the weather was sultry and the tofu was unsalable. He spread the surplus tofu on the straw and sprinkled salt water. He planned to eat it at home in the future. Many, forgot to go out of the clouds, to be remembered, that tofu has become long and hairy, dense, self-conceived gloomy, he intends to pour, inadvertently break off a little with his tongue licking, unexpectedly tasted a kind of unspeakable salty sticky taste, so he put some oil and condiments under the pan to fry, overflowing, out of the pot mouth food, More delicious, from then on to do the business of Mao tofu, and the bigger and bigger, to achieve the capital, but also was included in the Royal diet, became a palace delicacy.