Longsheng Hot Spring Resort

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Longsheng Hot Spring Resort

Longsheng Hot Spring is located 32 kilometers northeast of Longsheng County. It takes 40 minutes to get to Longsheng Hot Spring by bus from the county town. Hot springs are gushed from rock strata 1200 meters deep underground. The water temperature ranges from 45 to 58 degrees. There are more than ten beneficial trace elements in the water, such as lithium, strontium, iron, zinc and copper. The water quality has been identified by experts from the Ministry of Geology and Mine, the Ministry of Light Industry and the Ministry of Health as: ultra-low sodium mineralized natural drinking mineral water of metasilicate, heavy calcium and magnesium carbonate type. Bath hot springs have good physical therapy, treatment and health care effects on cardiovascular diseases, neuralgia, arthritis, diabetes, gout, dermatosis, gynecological diseases, etc. Regular drinking of hot springs can also prevent arteriosclerosis, delay vascular aging, have anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.

Historical records

Known as the "first spring in South China," Longsheng Hot Spring is located in Jiangdi Township, Longsheng County, 108 kilometers away from Guilin City, 28 kilometers away from the county town. In 1996, it was rated as a national forest park. The air in the scenic spot is fresh, and the content of negative oxygen ions in the air reaches more than 9000 units per cubic centimeter, so it is called natural oxygen bar.

According to the records of the old county chronicles, "The hot spring of Gui contains thioflavin, which can cure skin sores and poisons. The water quality is white and odorless. Although the spring is between the deep woods and the bush, the travelers from far and near are still in the Tao. Covered by forests up to 5 square kilometers wide, it is an ancient Cambrian geology. The fault zone from Baiyaling to Swan boundary is tens of kilometers long, which is the main channel for the formation of hot springs. Hot springs gush from rock strata 1200 meters deep underground. The water temperature ranges from 45 to 58 degrees. The flow rate of hot springs reaches 180 tons/hour, which can be used for 50 people to bathe at the same time. Because the water is rich in lithium, strontium, iron, zinc, copper and other ten trace elements, which have therapeutic and health effects on cardiovascular diseases, neuralgia, arthritis, diabetes, gout, skin diseases, gynecological diseases and so on. Regular drinking of Longsheng hot spring water can not only prevent arteriosclerosis, but also soften blood vessels, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, which are related to the Ministry of Geology and Mines, Ministry of Light Industry and Ministry of Health. Experts identified as ultra-low salinity metasilicate calcium magnesium bicarbonate type of natural drinking mineral water.

Introduction to scenic spots

The famous Longsheng Hot Spring is a pure land left by human childhood. It is an out-of-print hot spring in the world. It is located in Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park, 33 kilometers northeast of Longsheng County. Like a beautiful flower, it is the core and soul of the Hot Spring National Forest Park.

Longsheng hot spring scenic spot mainly refers to the hot spring as the center. Within the radius of 50 kilometers, many high-grade tourist spots cluster to form a comprehensive tourist resort, 33 kilometers away from the county town. It mainly includes Longsheng Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Longsheng Hot Spring Forest Park, Yanmenxia drifting, Tianying Bridge Monkey View Scenic Spot, Red Army Rock Scenic Spot and many ethnic folk villages. Its main tourist monomers are Sanmen Hongyao Village, Ximen Hongyao Village, Baimian Hongyao Village, Yanmen Miaozhai, Red Army Rock (Baimian Qishi), Skybridge Monkey Viewing, Ailing Hot Spring, Hot Spring Forest Park, Yanmenxia Drifting, etc.

1. Sanmen Hongyao Village: Sanmen Yao Village, about 2 kilometers away from Ximen Yao Village, is a national village gathered by Hongyao. There are now 21 farmers and 106 people. Because the village only has three surnames, Yu, Wei and Pan, it is called "Sanmenzhai". From social production to social life, most of the villages retain the historical and cultural traditions of Hongyao, and have been awarded the reputation of "ecological museum". The inhabitants here live in the traditional halfway suspended foot building of the Yao nationality. They wear the traditional red Yao national costume. There are many patterns on the costume, but there are Yao King's prints and tiger's claws on the back of each dress. Here you can hear the ancient and mysterious legends of the Red Yao people and see the mysterious Red Yao pillar, which is the totem worship of the Yao people. At the same time, we can taste Hongyao's Pearl Oil Tea, participate in Hongyao Mountain Song and Singing, watch Hongyao Song and Dance and Hongyao Embroidery, as well as the thrilling "Shangdaoshan Xiashan" and other programs. The environment here is simple, clean and beautiful, while the hospitable residents are simple and warm.

2. Ximen Hongyao Village: About 1.5 kilometers away from Baimian Yao Village, the terraces in front of the village are winding like panlong, there are staggered bluestone slab roads in the village, and the streams behind the village are rippling. The moving legends of "three brothers" and "tortoise stone" bring many mysterious colors to the village. The ancient folk songs and dances of the Yao nationality and the dense pearl oil tea are the colors of entertaining guests.

3. Baimian Hongyao Village: It is located on the highway side 6 kilometers away from Longsheng Hot Spring, which is about 200 meters up from Longjiuyan. Thirty-five Hongyao residents. The maple trees are towering at the edge of the village, and there are stone tablets in the gate of the village in the Qing Dynasty. The "Red Yao Column" standing in front of the village is the totem worship of the Yao people. Everyone in the village knows folk songs and is warm and hospitable. If you come to Yao Zhai, Yao girls dressed in gorgeous costumes sing folk songs to welcome you, and offer you their own unique dance and traditional national sports activities.

4. Baimian Qishi: Baimian Qishi, also known as "Longqiu Rock" or "Red Army Rock" or "Guangming Rock", is the first scenic spot to enter Longsheng Hot Spring, located near Baimian Yaozhai Village, 29 kilometers east of the county seat. This peculiar rock "came out across the sky", like a giant with long arms rising several meters from the mountains. People compare it to "roaming shark", "flying wing", "cross-cutting sword". Visitors are all amazed at the miraculous work and greatness of nature. There is a small flat under the rock, which can hold a gathering of one or twenty people. December 6, 1934. The head of a Red Army headquarters once met Yao Lao who participated in the Yao people's uprising in northern Guizhou under this rock, pointed out the revolutionary road and encouraged them to persevere in struggle. He also wrote on the rock wall, "Continue to struggle and seek light again", "The Red Army absolutely protects the Yao people". After that, Yao Min's handwriting carvings are clearly visible so far. In commemoration of the meeting, Yao people renamed the Longgui Rock "Guangming Rock". In 1987, the county government renovated the pavilion and listed it as a key cultural relic protection unit in the county.

5. Overpass Monkey View: It is located at the junction of Jiangdi Township and Sishui Township, Longsheng Forest Park. The overpass is 128 meters wide and 95 meters high from the river bed. It is a cable bridge suspended on the cliff cliff. It is said that the fairy flew to this place, named overpass. The overpass is beautiful in shape, with pavilion-style viewing platform at both ends. There are many wild monkeys across the bridge. Monkeys and visitors live in harmony and harmony.

Peculiar natural phenomena

Relevant radiological and biochemical indicators are in line with the national standards. There are more than ten trace elements in water, such as lithium, strontium, zinc and copper, which are beneficial to human body. It has the functions of anti-aging, softening blood vessels, anti-cancer and so on. Drinking and bathing the spring water can adjust nerve balance, hypnotic and analgesic effects. It has good curative effects on neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes and alopecia prevention.

Longsheng Hot Spring has not only a romantic swimming pool integrated with the forest, but also a warm indoor bathing pool. Yuntai Fog Lock Saixian Family, "People say that the West Lake of Hangzhou is more beautiful than Longsheng Hot Spring Water"... Tourists have made poems and praises, and made remarks for the rare and beautiful literary grace of Longsheng, a paradise.

Tourist guide

Scenic Spot Level: National 4A Scenic Spot Location: Longsheng County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 90 km from Guilin

Tickets for scenic spots: 98 yuan (if you don't live in hot spring scenic spots, you need to buy 10 yuan park ticket and 88 yuan hot spring ticket to the central open-air hot spring; 10 yuan park ticket and 40 yuan hot spring ticket to Longfu Mountain Villa hot spring. ) Open hours: all-day open

Peripheral attractions: Longji Terrace Scenic Area, Yanmenxia Drifting, Forest Park, Red Army Rock, Hongyao Folk Village

Ticket booking

128 yuan (height 1.00 m-1.40 m half price, no ticket for less than 1.00 m, 1, if you don't live in hot spring scenic area). 2. If you stay in the Hot Spring Center Hotel, you can go to the Central Hot Spring and Longfu Villa to soak in the hot springs free of charge. If you live in Longfu Villa, you can only soak hot springs in Longfu Villa for free. If you want to go to the central hot springs, you need to make up the difference of 20 yuan.

(1) Opening hours of scenic spots: 8:00-23:00

(2) Children's tickets: height 1.1-1.4 meters half-fare 49 yuan, 1.1 meters or less free of tickets

(3) Vouchers are required for booking old age tickets and officer tickets.

Traffic information

Public transport information:

Guilin bus terminal takes Longsheng special line bus, express bus 20 yuan per person, Pu bus 18 yuan per person, the whole journey 78KM, the journey time is 1 hour and 30 minutes; then, transfer to Longsheng hot spring bus, 32KM, ticket price 8 yuan per person, the journey is about 40 minutes. Start time: 7:00-18:00 a day, an average of 20 minutes.

Self driving line

Guilin City - Xiangjiang Hotel - Lingui - Airport Road Toll Station - Wutong - Wantian - Peace - Longsheng County Town - to Longsheng Hot Spring direction, one kilometer away from the hot spring, there is a suspension bridge, the toll office is written "Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park".

Causes of formation

Longsheng hot springs are formed by groundwater absorbing heat from the crust in the course of long-term movement. They are generally related to volcanoes on the earth and late magmatic activities. Therefore, some people say that hot springs are "gifts" given to human beings by volcanoes and magmas. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two kinds: one is formed by magmatism in the crust, or accompanied by volcanic eruption. In the dead and active mountain terrain where volcanic activity has taken place, there are uncooled magmas under the surface of the uplifted surface due to crustal plate movement, which will continuously release a large amount of heat energy because of the heat concentration of such heat sources, so long as there are porous aquifers nearby. Not only will it be heated into hot water at high temperatures, but most of it will boil into steam. Most of them are sulfate springs. Secondly, it is formed by the infiltration and circulation of surface water. That is to say, when rainwater falls to the surface and seeps downward, the aquifers deep in the crust form groundwater (sandstone, conglomerate, volcanic rock, these good aquifers). Groundwater is heated to hot water by geothermal heat below. Deep hot water mostly contains gases. These gases are mainly carbon dioxide. When the temperature of hot water rises, if there are dense and impermeable rock layers on it to block the way, the pressure will be higher and higher. As a result, hot water and steam will be in a high pressure state, and when there are cracks, they will rush upward. The closer the hot water rises to the surface, the lower the pressure will be. As the pressure decreases, the gas will expand gradually and the density of hot water will be reduced. These expanded vapors are more conducive to the rise of hot water. When the resistance of open fissures is small, hot water rises up and gushes out of the surface along the fissures. Hot water can continuously rise and eventually flow out of the ground to form hot springs. Under the combination of high mountain and deep valley topography, the surface water of valley floor may be higher and the groundwater level in the mountains is lower, so the bottom of Valley may be the biggest difference of hydrostatic pressure, and the possibility of hot water upwelling from the bottom of valley is the greatest. Hot springs mostly occur on the river bed in the valley. Generally speaking, the formation of hot springs requires the following three things: (1) hot water must exist underground; (2) there must be hydrostatic pressure difference leading to hot water upwelling; (3) there must be deep and long fissures in rocks to provide heating water to the ground.


Acidic carbonate spring igneous rock hot spring forms grey mud. Spring mud application can whiten skin. Acidic sulfate chloride spring has curative effect on skin diseases.

Acidic Sulfur Spring Dermatosis, Rheumatism, Women's Diseases and Beriberi

Chronic dermatosis in acid sulfuric acid rock spring

Alkaline bicarbonate spring neuralgia, dermatosis, arthritis

Weak acidity simple spring rheumatism and dermatosis

Weak alkaline carbonate spring dermatosis, rheumatism and arthritis

Weak salty carbonate spring neuralgia, dermatosis, arthritis, colorless and tasteless drinkable

Weak alkaline sulphur spring neuralgia, anemia, chronic poisoning can improve the effect

Sulphate Spring Volcanic Geothermal Spring, Sulphur-rich, Treatment of Dermatosis

Sulfate chloride spring arthritis, muscle ache, neuralgia, gout

Sulfur carbonate spring chronic diseases such as neuralgia, dermatosis, arthritis

Bicarbonate Spring Neuralgia, Dermatosis, Arthritis, Hong Kong Foot

Sulfur Spring Carbonate Neuralgia and Anemia

Chronic dermatosis in low temperature neutral bicarbonate Hot Springs

Neutral carbonated hot spring skin diseases, rheumatism, gynecopathy and beriberi

The water quality of chloride spring is slippery. It can cure skin diseases, rheumatism and neuralgia.

Some data show that hot spring bath can not only relax muscles and joints and eliminate fatigue, but also expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation and accelerate human metabolism. In addition, most hot springs are rich in chemical substances, which is helpful to the human body. For example, calcium carbonate in hot springs has a considerable effect on improving physical fitness and restoring physical strength; while the rich calcium, potassium and radon in hot springs have a certain effect on adjusting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, treating diabetes, gout, neuralgia, arthritis and so on; while sulfur springs can soften keratin, and carbonated water containing sodium element has the effect of bleaching and softening skin.