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Dragon scribe is a famous traditional snack in Chengdu. It is a special name given by Sichuan people to wonton. Chengdu's "Dragon Writer" opened in 1941 in Yuelaichang, Chengdu, moved to the new market in the early 1950s, and moved to the southern section of Chunxi Road after the 1960s. So far, it has been more than 70 years of history.

Dragon scribes, the north is often called wonton (also known as chaos) , some places in Shandong called bait, Guangdong called yunton. Wonton is a food used by the people to sacrifice.

Writers, Song Dynasty, "Wulin Old Stories" recorded: "Enjoy the first is to wonton, there is a"winter wonton, the year of the wonton"proverb. If your family asks for a miracle, it will be "ten flavors". In fact, after the Southern Song Dynasty, the dumb blunt had already been introduced into the market, and it was one of the beauties at that time. Yan Qi of Northern Qi said: "today's wonton is shaped like a weak moon, and the whole world passes through food." Meng Liang Lu in the Southern Song Dynasty, Hakka in Chang'an in the Ming Dynasty and many historical notes in the Qing Dynasty have recorded this.

This kind of snack, no matter north or South things, all over the country have famous food, such as hammer chicken wonton in Tianjin, Huzhou wonton, shrimp steamed wonton in Shaoxing, Wuxi Wang Xingji wonton, fish in Guangzhou, Yuntun in Sichuan, Chengdu Dragon Wrapper, Chongqing Wrapper, Wenjiang Range Wrapper, Neijiang Chicken Wrapper, Wanxian seafood, and so on, well-known. They are quite high.

Wonton is also called wonton, which was originally used for sacrifice.

Up to the Song Dynasty, during the winter solstice, the shops in the towns and cities were closed down, and every family sacrificed wontons to their ancestors, and all the parents and children were sacrificed wontons. There are more than 10 kinds of stuffing for the rich and expensive families, which are called "100 wonton wonton".

After the Southern Song Dynasty, wonton was introduced into the market. At that time, the manufacturer in Chengdu has more stores to sell, in order to do business, do a good job, first of all, pay attention to quality and characteristics. It is said that Zhang Guangwu and other shareholders are very keen to learn from their predecessors' experience. At that time, someone introduced to them: in ancient times, they should pay attention to two points, one is to clear the soup. The Tang Dynasty Duan Cheng-style "Youyang Zali" said: "today's clothes and clothes family famous food, Xiao family wonton, Decoction to fat soup, you can Yingming. Qing Dynasty Yuan Mei "Suiyuan food list" also said: "small wonton, little aunt longan, with chicken soup down." Mr. Deng Zhicheng also mentioned in the annotation of "Tokyo Meng Hua Lu" that "only one wonton is worth and the other is clear soup". In the past, Zhi Mei Zhai wonton soup can be written by Yan. Two, the filling should be thin. "Yunlin Tang Dietary System Collection" written by Ni Zan in the Yuan Dynasty recorded a cooking wonton method: "Finely cut meat, into bamboo shoots or white, leek, rattan flowers can be, with Sichuan pepper almond sauce a little and evenly wrapped, slightly thick skin, cut square, and then roll thin with real powder. When the soup is cooked, turn it over with boiling soup. Don't cover it. When it's floated, it can't be stirred again. You can't use Amomum in stuffing, just use belching. " Dragon writers learned from these two points of experience, pay attention to the soup filling fine, in addition to pay special attention to making thin skin, and noodles, adding appropriate amount of eggs, eat the skin has toughness chewing head. In order to make stuffing tender, use pure pork and water to make water filling. According to the characteristics of Sichuan, with a clear soup, red oil, seafood, stewed chicken, sour and spicy, raw soup and other flavors.

Dragon scribe was founded in the 1940s, when several partners, such as Zhang Guangwu of Chunxi Road's "Dense Flower Tea Club" discussed opening a joint venture shop. The name of the shop was chosen with the harmonic pronunciation of "dense" and the meaning of "dragon and Phoenix are auspicious" and "dragon and tiger leap" and was named "dragon scribe". The main features of the Dragon hand are: thin skin, soft stuffing, and fresh soup. Hand-made leather is made of super-grade flour with a little ingredients, gently rubbed, rolled into a "thin as paper, thin as silk" translucent. The meat is smooth and delicious. The Dragon soup's original soup is made from chicken, duck and pork with several parts * stewed slowly by stew. The original soup is white, strong and fragrant.

In those days, the Dragon hand restaurant was also a variety of glass burning wheat and Hanyang chicken. Although it is a famous snack restaurant, its sales volume is large, but because of few varieties, the benefits are not very significant. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, Dragon Hand also carried out reforms. They combined all kinds of famous snacks and sold them in the form of set meals. Even though customers can taste different kinds of snacks at the same time, they played a collective advantage and achieved better results. The restaurant also introduced a medium and high-end flavor snack banquet. The two floor can be eaten at a moderate price with a rich snack feast. The dining hall on the third floor is decorated with Chinese and Western wall style. The garden hall and the elegant rooms in the hall are special in style. The traditional musical instruments are accompanied by the diners. The ancient style contains the modern flavor. Although the grade is higher, but the dishes are exquisite, the environment is elegant, the atmosphere of culture is strong, the diners are still willing to patronize.

The restaurant, whether in the middle or high grade, is a dragon dragon, with snacks as the center, with cold and hot dishes. If you just want to taste a handmade or snack, you can patronize the restaurant on the first floor, six yuan, you can eat a set meal, the convenience is no less than the McDonald's fast food in the United States, but because of the large number of people, a little noisy.

In 1989, the Dragon Hand Restaurant was awarded the title of "provincial advanced enterprise" and "civilized unit at the municipal level" by the Sichuan Provincial Government.

In December 1990, 41 kinds of snacks such as "Dragon Scraper" and "Persian Cake" were named "Chengdu Famous Snacks" by Chengdu Municipal Government, and two kinds of snacks were named "Chengdu High Quality Snacks".

Production process

1. Place the flour in the shape of "concave" on the counter, put a little salt, knock in one egg, then mix with water, knead into dough. Then roll it into a thin sheet of paper, and cut it into 110 pieces of four fingers.

2. Put the fat three thin seven proportion pork with the knife back to beat down the tendons, chop fine into mud, add Sichuan salt, ginger juice, egg 1, pepper noodles, MSG (preferably not put, harm to the body!) Mix well, mix in proper amount of water, stir dry paste, add fragrant oil, mix well and make stuffing.

3. Put the filling periphery into the skin, fold it into a triangle, then fold the left and right corners to the middle and glue it together to form a diamond-shaped handicraft blank. Then cook it well, and the heat is just right. (be careful not to cook long, explosive).

4. put bowls into Sichuan salt, pepper, MSG, chicken oil and raw soup separately.