Lemon Honey Tea

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Honey lemon tea

Honey lemon tea is made of honey and lemon. It has many functions such as whitening, nourishing, lowering blood fat, clearing heat, detoxifying, moistening and drying. Lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients.

In addition, it is rich in organic acid, citric acid and highly alkaline, with strong antioxidant effect, which is very effective in promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging and inhibiting pigmentation. Therefore, eating lemon can save us from aging and pigmentation easily.


Fresh honey can moisturize and nourish skin, make skin delicate, smooth and elastic. Anti bacteria and anti-inflammatory, promote tissue regeneration, promote digestion, improve immunity, promote longevity, improve sleep, protect liver and other functions. Lemon is a kind of fruit rich in vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc. Vitamin C can make skin smooth, delicate, white, tender and plump, so it is an ideal beauty food. There is a French saying: "a woman's happiness is bought with fresh lemon." This is enough to explain the role of lemon on women's skin beauty. Lemon contains more citric acid. This acid can not only promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, but also neutralize alkalinity, prevent pigmentation, and have bleaching effect on skin. Extract juice with lemon and wash face with juice to keep skin smooth and healthy. Because lemon juice contains a lot of vitamin A, which can make the skin absorb, thus making the skin moist. Shampoo with lemon juice can promote the growth and development of hair. Lemon peel contains glial component, which can make skin smooth and greasy after being cut open and soaked in water. Lemon has the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst and eliminating summer heat. The smell of lemon can make people feel relaxed and happy. Lemon can also dispel phlegm, and the effect of dispelling phlegm is stronger than orange and citrus. Warm the lemon juice with boiling water and salt, and drink it to cough up the thick phlegm accumulated in the throat. When the cold starts, you may as well use lemon and honey to drink, which can relieve sore throat, reduce dry throat and other discomfort.


1. Whitening, detoxification and radiation prevention

Material: one lemon, 500ml honey


1) Wet the lemon with water, smear a layer of salt on the surface, gently rub for a moment, rinse it with water, and cut off both ends of the lemon.

2) Cut the lemon in half, then slice it into thin slices, and put it into a clean glass bottle or a sealed bottle in the form of a layer of lemon and a layer of honey.

3) Tighten the cap and refrigerate it for 5-7 days. (the best drinking effect is when the skin is short of water in the morning or 3-4 p.m.)


1) Rubbing the surface of lemon with salt has the effect of eliminating bacteria. When cutting the lemon, hold both sides so that the slices are complete and the juice will not splash out.

2) Because lemon is very acidic, so don't put too little honey, or the honey water will be very sour.

Add 500ml honey to a lemon, and the lemonade is sour and sweet. You can also increase or decrease it according to your taste.

3) Don't use hot water when mixing lemon honey, because honey contains enzymes, which will release excessive hydroxymethylglycolic acid in case of hot water, which will destroy the nutrients in honey.

2. Weight loss practices

Lose weight: honey can clean the intestines. A cup of honey every morning is very helpful to lose weight

Ingredients: honey, lemon and clean empty bottle

An empty bottle should be the same size as a lemon, such as a small coffee bottle

In this way, the lemon can be placed neatly and honey can be saved

Lemons need to be soaked in alkaline water for half an hour, go to pesticides, and then wash

One glass in the morning and two slices of lemon at a time

Stick to it for a week and you'll find that it's easy to pass

What we need to remind you is - don't use boiled water to wash, 60 degrees or so is good

If lemon is exposed to honey, pour more honey, otherwise it will deteriorate easily when exposed to the air.

3. Honey lemon tea

Raw materials:

Lemon half, honey two spoons, mineral water 1 bottle.


1. After washing the lemon with water, rub the skin carefully with salt, remove the wax on it, and cut into thin slices;

2. Take a cup, put in two spoonfuls of honey, put in lemon slices, pour in a bottle of mineral water, stir well.

4. Other methods

1. Divide a bottle of honey into two parts;

2. Squeeze out the lemon juice with a manual or electric juicer. If you are afraid that there is wax on the lemon peel that can not be washed clean, it is recommended to peel it and press it again; if there is no condition, you can peel the lemon and cut it into small pieces;

3. Divide the lemon juice (or dice) into two honey bottles, stir well, and put it in the refrigerator to keep fresh.


1、 Take 1/5 pieces and put them into 250ml glass, which can be adjusted according to personal taste;

2. You can mix it with any kind of herbal tea you like, such as French Rose.

3. Bubble too thick can be diluted with water, continuous drinking for three months is better, even better to eat fruit together!


1. Lemon slice flower tea (1 / 5 piece) + wolfberry (20 pieces) = sweet and refreshing, whitening and beautifying

2. Lemon slice tea (1 / 5) + Pink Rose (5 pieces) = moisturizing, whitening and promoting blood circulation

3. Apply to overworked, aching and powerless body, take before going to bed every night;

4. It has the functions of resolving phlegm, relieving cough, promoting body fluid and strengthening the spleen;

5. Bronchitis, pertussis, vitamin C deficiency, heatstroke and thirst;

6. Can treat anorexia, pregnant women Stomach Qi disharmony, reduce, EEE Qi and so on.

7. Whitening teeth for digestion

8. Soaked pulp can also be applied to the face, can exfoliate and stain Oh!

Matters needing attention

1. Avoid strong UV after drinking lemon tea. It is recommended to drink it in the morning and evening or indoors;

2. It must be placed in the refrigerator or in a cool place, which can keep fresh for a long time;

3. It can be used immediately after opening the bag. If it is kept at room temperature for a long time, the color will gradually darken, but it will not affect the consumption;

4. Contraindications for diabetic patients.

5. At 3-4 o'clock in the morning or afternoon, the skin needs replenishing water most, and the drinking effect is the best at this time.

6. Rubbing the surface of lemon with salt can eliminate bacteria. Cut the lemon and hold it on both sides. Cut out the lemon slices completely. The lemon juice will not splash out.

7. Because lemon is very acidic, so don't put too little honey, or the honey water will be very sour.

8. When mixing lemon honey, do not use boiling water, because honey contains enzymes, which will release excessive hydroxymethylglycolic acid when meeting boiling water, so that the nutritional ingredients in honey are destroyed, and it is best to use warm boiling water for mixing.