Kangding yak meat

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There are many wild medicines such as Fritillaria, Cordyceps and so on growing in these areas over 3500 meters. Yaks often eat these herbs, and their meat is incomparably delicious. After being killed, they can be roasted in brown sauce, stewed or dried in the cold. The taste is unique. Eating yak meat in Diqing is really a pleasure. And in the market to buy dried, dried meat floss and other gifts for young friends. Yak meat can be sticky with chili oil, and the taste is still delicious. Kangding beef not only has yak meat, but also smoked beef and so on. Compared with other Kangding specialties, it has a unique flavor.

Kangding yaks can not only be made into food, but also very useful! Kangding yaks have strong body, long coat, short tail, long hair like horse's tail, with dense and long hair on the abdomen and lower part of trunk, which looks like an apron, so it lies in the snow without cold. The bottom of the hoof has a hard like hoof like protuberant edge, so it can walk freely on the rugged mountain road. The upper lip is thin and flexible and can feed on dwarf grass. The coat color is black. It is said that the offspring of cattle are sterile.

Yak is a unique breed of cattle living in alpine grassland area above 3000 meters above sea level, mainly distributed in Qinghai Tibet Plateau and adjacent areas. Some people say that yaks are full of treasure, which is true. They can not only be used as a very favorable means of transportation, but also can carry people and carry things. Moreover, their meat is fresh and tender, not as rough as cattle or buffalo beef. Yak skin can be sewn into clothes, boots, bags, etc. the head of yak can be processed into craft products, the tail can be made into brooms, and the bullwhip is an aphrodisiac.

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