Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

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JiaJiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley is located in Jiahe City, Nanwu Avenue, northeast of Nanning City. It is about 13 kilometers away from Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. It connects Jiahe City Hot Spring Golf Course with 18 international championships. It is invested and constructed by Guangxi Jiahe Property Group Co., Ltd. and is the leading project of Jiahe Leisure Tourism Industry Chain.

Practical information

Ticket information

Tickets for scenic spots: 138 yuan per adult

Ticket-free crowd: Children under 1.2 meters in height can enter the park without tickets.

Preferential crowd: Active servicemen, military disability certificates, elderly people over 70 years old with valid certificates and children with height of 1.2-1.4 meters can buy preferential tickets at Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley Ticket Office.

Tickets are valid on the day of departure. You need to enter the park and buy tickets again.

Safety tips

1. Must first bathe clean body, in order to maintain the hot spring water quality hygiene and let the body adapt to the water temperature, in addition to wash the skin sweat stain is easier to absorb minerals in the spring water.

2. You must wear swimsuits and slippers and ski carefully when you go to the hot spring area. Choose a hot spring pool suitable for their temperature, usually from warm to hot, each time soaking 15 minutes or so should go ashore for a short rest and then soak in the high temperature pool should not exceed 10 minutes.

3. Initial immersion is not suitable or immersion time is too long, generally will appear dry mouth or chest tightness and other uncomfortable feeling, at this time should immediately go ashore for a rest, drink a cup of water or drink can ease discomfort.

4. Those who suffer from serious heart disease, hypertension, physical discomfort or pregnancy should not be immersed in the pool; unless the doctor permits and accompanied by someone, alcoholics should not be immersed in the pool.

5. Rinse the body with clean water after bath, but do not use soap or bath solution to preserve the minerals absorbed on the skin surface.

6. You need to bring your own bathing suit. The scenic area will provide a complete set of bathrobe towels, bath supplies, free lockers and free bathing.

7. Patients with heart disease, hypertension, circulatory disorders and acute infectious diseases, severe eczema, skin ulceration wounds, malnutrition and extreme weakness after the disease should not take bath.

Traffic information

Jiahe City is located in Jiahe City, 995 Kunlun Avenue, Nanning City

Self-driving route

Guilin: Guilin-Liuzhou Expressway Liunan Expressway Huancheng Expressway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Yulin: 324 National Highway Nanwu Highway (Xingye Entrance and Exit) Liujing Entrance and Exit Liunan Expressway Huancheng Expressway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Beihai: North-South Expressway Huancheng Expressway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Pingxiang: Nanyou Expressway Huancheng Expressway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Baise: Nanbai Expressway Huancheng Expressway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Hechi: 210 National Highway Dunan Highway Huancheng Highway Ertang Entrance and Exit Kunlun Avenue Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley

Bus route

Buses No. 22, No. 606 and No. 101 in Nanning City go directly to Jiahe City Scenic Spot

Major attractions

The hot spring leisure center in the scenic area includes six countries (Millennium Huaxia, Kingdom of Thailand, Dongying, Finland, Jordan, Ottoman) soaking bath area, Maya Water World (including Caribbean Sea Wind, Amazon, Children's World, Warrior Zone, Children's Rocking Boat, Moving Stage, Water DISCO, etc.), Vigorous SPA (including 15 kinds of hydrotherapy facilities, skin care, physical fitness, health care, etc.), and hot spring rest. Leisure swimming pool, Yayuan, waterfront steamer, Touyuyexi, 100,000 square meters of Jiahe Music Waterscape Square, can accommodate thousands of cars at the same time, super-large ecological parking lot, large washing center and so on. There are 103 hot and cold pools and 166 experience modes in the hot spring area. The hot spring water source in Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley is from Cambrian stratum 1300 meters deep. After more than 12,000 years of deep storage, the water quality is clear and transparent. The underground temperature is about 63-69 C, and the wellhead temperature is about 53.5-61 C. It contains more than 40 trace elements and mineral salts such as metasilicic acid, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sodium, potassium, strontium, iron, lithium and boron. It is a high-quality metasilicic acid medical hot ore. Spring, can be called the best in hot springs. It can increase the elasticity of human skin, achieve the effect of relaxing the body and reducing the weight of the beauty, soaking and feeling more and more relaxed.

Hot Spring Area of Six Countries

Centralized countries, Japan, Finland, Thailand, Turkey, Jordan and other World-style hot spring bath culture, so that you can fully stay in paradise on earth.

Millennium Huaxia Hot Spring Bubble Area: It is the most characteristic and cultural atmosphere of the six countries. It fully embodies the charm of the Millennium Huaxia Hot Spring Achievement with its distinct architectural features and cultural atmosphere. It is a leisure corridor extending the ancient charm of the Tang Dynasty. Millennium Huaxia Hot Spring Bubble Area integrates Liushen Soup Bubble, Foot Pulse, Hot Spring Massage, Stone Bath Therapy, Lie Chair Bath Therapy, Personalized Twelve Zodiac Bubble Bath into the traditional essence of traditional Chinese medicine bath and massage. It fully meets the fashionable needs of modern people in pursuit of multiple experiences such as ecology, leisure, beauty, health preservation and health.

Thai Kingdom Hot Spring Bubble Area: Let you experience the essence of Thai-style Bodhi Spring Bath, Fragrant Beauty Bath, Hot Spring Massage Bath, Thai Massage and other bubble baths. You can experience the Thai culture of Southeast Asia Shuifo Country in the natural beauty of tranquility and tranquility. Here, through the Thai spa which integrates Buddhist meditation, people can get peace and tranquility of mind while having good health and beauty.

Finland Hot Spring Bubble Area: Finland is known as the "land of thousands of islands" and the birthplace of sauna baths. In Finland, where there are six countries in the hot spring valley of Jiahe City, sauna wooden houses, outdoor ice lakes, high-temperature pools and other facilities with unique Finnish characteristics will give you a wonderful feeling of "two days of ice and fire".

Dongying Hot Spring Bubble Area: In the barrel of Dongying Hot Spring, the rose petals are floating all over, scattering all the fragments of romance and beauty. Take a hard breath beside the wine spring, and pay attention to the aroma of millet wine will make you intoxicated unconsciously. In addition, Turkey, Jordan and other hot spring bubble areas have a very unique enjoyment of the country.

Maya Dynamic Water Paradise

Mysterious Maya murals, water discos, wave pools, drifting rivers, rainbow slides, children's water pools, children's hand boats... The joyful dynamic zone will give you a taste of Mayan culture and joy.

Life-themed Living Hall

SPA Spa: The symbolic building of the whole hot spring valley, 15 kinds of spa facilities, Chinese medicine health care, foot therapy or nourishing skin, or beauty, or relieve the deficiency of collaterals, or tonify the kidney and life; considerate "private service" gives you perfect care from inside to outside, accompanies you to spend every day of healthy life, so that your body is carefully and perfectly cared for, is the first interpretation of life.

Waterfront Food Therapy Zone: Bathing in the hot spring with the superior water quality of natural plant and Chinese medicine, while tasting the medicinal food and meals which harmonize Yin and Yang and have delicious flavor according to the changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter, while receiving the five-body physiotherapy of Taiyi Medicine, it is easy to live a healthy life.

Tea Art Zone: The fragrant tea fragrance permeates the air. The Miao Man woman sits beside the piano and the serpent, sounding like she is telling a long story.

Romantic cabin

Every cabin is a small stage of romantic life. During the day, enjoy leisure in the ambiguous sunshine; at night, watch the moon with the sound of idyllic frogs; and spend the mandarin duck bath with loved ones in the independent matching small hot spring pool, infinite romance, teach people not to think of Shu.

VIP Waterfront Villa Area

Business activities become ecological exchanges. Nature is business cards. Sincerity is resources. Vip Waterfront Villa is specially designed and built for successful people. It has luxurious atmosphere, independent hot spring space and the enjoyment of top service.

Garden Swimming Pool

The garden swimming pool, standard swimming lane and natural garden are perfectly combined to stimulate unlimited imagination, natural comfort, fitness, water-playing and enjoyment.

festival activities

In July, Jiahe City Litchi Food Festival integrates food, picking, sightseeing and leisure, relies on local resources, highlights local characteristics, and shows visitors the exotic flavor and unique litchi food of Jiahe City Scenic Area. It combines fruit, delicacy and leisure. While enjoying litchi food, citizens can also walk to the hot spring valley to enjoy the leisure fun of hot spring vacation.

In addition, the Nanning International Folk Song Festival is held annually in Nanning, while other traditional folk festivals are mostly calculated on the lunar calendar, ranging from one to several per month. National festivals also have their own special celebration methods in Nanning. Some festival activities can only be seen locally, such as the same roof, climbing pole, amusement, throwing embroidery balls, winter swimming Yongjiang River, polishing autumn, jumping and jumping to grab bamboo, climbing knife mountain and sailing sea, lion climbing golden hill, kicking football on stilts, dragon boat racing, board shoes dancing, grabbing fireworks.

Introduction to Scenic Spots

Scenic Area Planning

The total investment is about 500 million yuan, divided into three phases. The first hot spring leisure center covers an area of 600 mu. It is designed according to the new concept of the fourth generation hot springs. It combines dynamic with static. It integrates multi-national style hot springs recreation, water park, hot spring SPA, hot spring swimming pool, business garden, catering and recreation. It enables people to enjoy the essence of famous hot springs all over the world without going abroad. This is the case.

The second and third phases of the project include five-star hot spring hotel, Convention center, all kinds of ball halls, gourmet ecological sightseeing park, equestrian club, water system ecological leisure corridor, commercial street and Dongshan Reservoir water leisure and entertainment. Jiahe City Hot Spring Valley has been listed as a key tourism project in Nanning. It is a recreational and entertaining place that integrates health preservation, leisure, entertainment, physical therapy, catering, meeting, accommodation and shopping.

Supporting Services

Jiahe City Hot Spring Golf Club (International Championship 18-hole Golf Course)

Jiahe City Music Waterscape Square with 100,000 square meters

Eco-parking lot

Various clubs

Special Sewage Treatment Station

Large Washing Center

Waterway Lounge/Waterfront Commercial Street

The ecological parking lot of 30,000 square meters is second only to the International Convention and Exhibition center. It can provide convenient parking space at any time. Only when the road boat is in the sky and the earth, can it have the green carpet mattress, so that its rider can also share the wonderful time brought by Jiahe hot spring valley.

Gourmet area

Jianzheng Road: Steak Set (Jinqin Steak House), Screw Fan (NingNing Liuzhou Screw Fan), Brown and Ciba (Jianzheng Catering Shop), Ten Years of Folk Fei Jie Barbecue Series in the Night Market; Sixian Road: Powder-based, chicken soup powder, spicy pork feet powder (Lingli Fast Food); Yuanhu Road: porridge-based, there are Flower and Fish porridge, Pigeon porridge, Sparrow porridge (Guangzhou Cong King); Xinzhu Road* Whole meat dumplings (Cao Ji snack shop) and sugar-fried millet are authentic traditional folk snacks. Here is a good place to enjoy breakfast and supper.