Global Dinosaur City Scenic Spot

Home Scenery 2018-12-06

The National 5A Tourist Scenic Spot Global Dinosaur City, located in Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a comprehensive tourism resort with dinosaur theme, and is a "dinosaur kingdom" covering an area of more than 4800 acres. Global Dinosaur City includes: China Dinosaur Park, Dino Water Town, Dinosaur Valley Hot Spring, Dinosaur City Theatre, Xiangshuwan Garden Hotel, Vista International Hotel, Dinosaur Theme Resort Hotel, Sanhe Three Gardens Hydrophilic Tour and other tourism projects. It is a collection of theme parks, recreational commerce, cultural performances, hot spring leisure, animation creation. The one-stop dinosaur theme resort is a shining business card for Changzhou's foreign exchange.

Longcheng Tourism Holding Group, born in Changzhou New Area Tourism Development Corporation, was formally established in 2005 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. It is a large state-owned cultural tourism enterprise group. Adhering to the diligent pursuit of establishing "Modern Cultural Tourism Group" and based on the goal of becoming a "comprehensive operator of modern service industry", the Group has constructed a new industrial pattern with "tourism industry, creative industry, real estate industry and media industry" as the four pillars of the industry by optimizing the allocation of industrial resources. Topic parks, golf clubs, theme hotels, hot springs leisure, cultural performances, animation film and television capital, animation brand operation, media investment and operation, real estate development and other fields have reached a wide range of tentacles, realizing the "policy support" at the beginning of entrepreneurship to today's "rolling development" development model.

As a modern holding enterprise group, Longcheng Tourism Holding Group was established to highlight the tourism brand of Chinese Dinosaur Park. In 2005, the Changzhou Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of a large-scale cultural tourism enterprise group in Changzhou, which was funded by the National High-tech Zone Management Committee of Changzhou.

Longcheng Tourism Holding Group adheres to the diligent pursuit of creating "modern cultural tourism group", realizes the development mode of "policy support" from the beginning of its business to "rolling development" today. It bases itself on the global dinosaur city, carries the creative industry base of Changzhou, and carefully builds a creative industry cluster, rich tourism projects and supporting facilities. A new metropolitan area with complete facilities and first-class human settlements has been carrying out and realizing the development goals of "building a city" and "developing a city".

Longcheng Tourist Holding Group effectively integrates the superior resources of Changzhou Creative Industry Base, cultivates Chinese Dinosaur Park, Dino Water Town, Dinosaur Valley Hot Spring, Dinosaur City Theatre, Xiangshuwan Garden Hotel, Victoria International Hotel, Dinosaur Theme Resort Hotel, Sanhe Sanyuan Hydrophilic Tour and other tourism brands, with the same operating performance. The forefront of the industry.

After more than ten years of development, the Group has won national honors such as national 5A-level tourist attractions, national cultural industry demonstration base and national popular science education base, and has become the formulator of "China Theme Park Service Standard" and "National Animation Service Standard". Today, Longcheng Tourism Holding Group has assets of more than 5 billion yuan and employees. The number of visitors is nearly 2000, with an annual visitor reception of more than 5 million.