Ganzi Zanba

Home Food 2020-12-06


"Zanba" is the Tibetan transliteration of fried noodles. It is a staple food that Tibetan people must eat every day. If you are a guest of Tibetan compatriots' homes, the host will bring you fragrant milk tea and highland barley fried noodles, golden butter and milk yellow "Qula" (casein) and sugar stacked on the table.

When eating Zanba, you can use butter tea and Zanba flour to stir, and add sugar and milk dregs when possible, which can increase the taste and increase the sense of appetite; when Han people eat Zanba, if there is no butter tea, pig oil or cooked oil can be used instead, and then add boiling water and sugar to stir and mix. No matter which method is adopted, the mixed Zanba flour contains a lot of fat, so it is not suitable to eat too much, and should eat less and more meals, which is conducive to digestion and absorption.