Fu Ling Rose Crisp

Home Food 2018-11-27

Fuling Rose Crisp is a special traditional snack in Jixi County, Anhui Province. Fuling Rose Crisp is a well-known traditional pastry, which is produced in Fuling Village, Jixi County. It is named for its rose fragrance as an adjunct.

With fine sugar, sesame, flour, bait sugar and other raw materials, supplemented by roses, green plum, orange cake, red and green silk. Sesame is shelled by hand, fried and sifted, dried with fine sugar, rolled up with a small amount of bait sugar and fine flour mixed with sesame chips, cut into pieces according to certain specifications, and then evenly sprinkled with fine sugar, rose, sliced plum, orange cake, red and green silk. Cut the Cut Rose Crisp into four pieces proportionally, then pack it in 10 small bags per box.

The rose crisps are white as jade in appearance, and the rose, orange cake and green plum dotted with silk are looming like jadeite agate embedded in the white jade. The product originated in the Qing Dynasty and lasted forever. In 1985, it was sent to Beijing to participate in the national food exhibition and won prizes.