Fried the bait

Home Food 2018-11-27

Fried the bait/Great rescue is a famous traditional snack in Tengchong County, Yunnan Province.

In September 2018, Yunnan was rated as one of the top ten classic Chinese dishes in Yunnan.

According to legend, in the early Qing Dynasty, Wu Sangui led the Qing army into Kunming. Emperor Yongli fled to Western Yunnan in the Ming Dynasty, and the Qing army pursued it closely. Li Dingguo, the leader of the Great Western Army of the Peasant Rebel Army, ordered Jin Tongwu to escort Emperor Yongli to Tengchong. It was too late at that time. This group of people walked for a day, exhausted and hungry. Find a farmhouse, the owner of the family think the best food fried together, made by bait, ham, eggs, vegetables combination of a dish. After eating, Emperor Yongli praised him endlessly and said, "Fried bait saved the boat." From then on, Tengchong fried bait quickly had a nickname - "Great Help".

Tracing back to its origin, Tengchong Bait Silk and Bait Block are most famous in Hujiawan, the eastern suburb of the city. Its refined products are very strict in material selection and exquisite in technology. Its outstanding features are soft and "bones and muscles". It can be boiled for a long time, is slightly hot and edible, and has a delicate and waxy taste.

The main way to eat bait silk is to make "soup" like rice noodles and noodles. Tengchong bait silk takes bait meat as fresh soup and pours it into the bait silk. This is because Tengchong bait silk is made of so-called "rice" with both "bones and muscles" and soft texture, and the soup is soft and glutinous when it is hot. Weishan bait bait silk is made from pig * s hind legs, and then scraped and washed, then it will not be salted and stewed until the meat is large. The lean meat is fiber, fat is not greasy, Yunnan is called "cake", the bait meat is made of bait silk, and the bait silk is made from the famous "yellow skin Valley". It is white and flawless, flexible and not broken easily, adding meat, oil and spicy fruit, and so on, it is delicious and delicious. There are many ways to eat bait in Yunnan, which can be fried, boiled, steamed, salty, and sweet. In addition to frying, the bait made in Tengchong can also be made into silk with * noodles, and cooked with pig meat and processed beef, with a variety of fresh vegetables, that is, soup bait silk, pure soup, fresh leaves and tender meat. Fresh and palatable.

Tengchong Luan Silk, a famous local food, has already stepped out of Gaoligong Mountain and settled down in Spring City, Beijing and many metropolitan cities, and is favored by diners. In 1994, 1995 and 1997, Yunteng Fast Food Bait was awarded the title of "Yunnan Consumers'Favorite Commodities" and "Excellent Products of the Third China Township Enterprises Export Commodities Exhibition".