Fried egg with Longan

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Fried egg with Longan

Oyster with longan is a dish name. Its raw materials have certain medicinal effects of traditional Chinese medicine and have medicinal effects on human body.

Characteristics of dishes

Cuisine: Home

Craft: Snacks

Taste: Sweet

Cooking time: 10-20 minutes

Efficacy: Supplementing blood


Practice one

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 3 rice bowls of clear soup, 2 tablespoons of shelled cinnamon dried meat.


1. Wash the dried cinnamon with warm water.

2. Take 4 rice bowls, put 6-7 cents of water and 1 egg in each bowl, 1/4 of cinnamon dried meat into the steaming pot, steamed for about 5-8 minutes to eat, if you like sweeter food, you can add more ice sugar beforehand.

Practice two

Main ingredients: 2 eggs, 3 dried longans

Making accessories: Lycium barbarum 6 red dates 4

Making condiments: sugar 5g

Production steps

1. Take a small bowl, pour half a bowl of warm water, and then pour two eggs into the warm water. Do not break them up, keep the eggs in their original shape.

2. Put dried longan, wolfberry, jujube and sugar into the bowl of beating eggs.

3. Place the bowl in the steaming pot. Steam the bowl in a big fire and keep the water away. After boiling the pot, steam for 10 minutes and take it out. If you want something tenderer, seven or eight minutes is enough.

Matters needing attention

1. Water temperature is critical.

2. Eggs should be beaten in warm water. The water temperature is about 40 degrees. When the fingers are put in, they feel warm and hot. They can't feel hot.

Nutritive value

Li Shizhen recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica: "Litchi is the most precious food, while longan is the best for nourishment". The stewed eggs of longan can invigorate Qi and blood, nourish heart and qi, and soothe the mind and beautify the face.

Practice three

Ingredients: 200 grams of eggs, 15 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of sugar.


1. Wash the cinnamon, add half a cup of water and boil, remove, cool and chop.

2. Pour the eggs into a bowl, add 100 grams of water, stir together the sugar and crushed cinnamon.

3. Put the egg juice in a deep dish and steam it over high heat for about 10 minutes before eating.