Fish egg powder

Home Food 2018-11-14

Fish egg powder was originally a food in Chaozhou. It began to spread to Guangzhou in the Guangxu period. Today, the operation of Chaozhou fresh fish and egg meal snacks has been in full bloom in Guangzhou, but this delicacy has been lost in Chaozhou for a long time. Ask Chaozhou people who do not know what fish and egg meal is.

Fish-egg meal is made of smooth and fine Guilin rice flour with big fish and pork bone soup as the soup base, and fish eggs, cattle balls, fried meat rolls, fish pieces, crisp, yunnao, fried fish skin and fresh onions as ingredients. The rice flour is soft and smooth in the mouth, and the ingredients have different flavors. If you add authentic chili sauce (oil), it will be more spicy and appetizing.

It is said that the first Chaozhou fresh fish egg meal in Guangzhou was Chen Kai and his son-in-law Datouwei. Opened in Guangxu in the past 20 years at the 10th Pu, it soon got a lot of patronage in Chaoshan Township. At the same time, it attracted many Guangzhou people to try, and the business was very prosperous. However, it also robbed many traditional noodle shops in Guangzhou nearby, which caused the peer's blush, and called a group of people to carry knives and sticks to the shop. Do you know that Chen Kaiben is a master of Chaozhou Nanzhi Quan and Nanzhi stick method, holding a stick to beat the gang of people away. After this time, no one dared to go to Chen Kaitou to do anything, but Chaozhou Fish Egg Powder and Chaozhou Nanzhi Quan (Guangzhou people often call Chaoshan people "cold", so Guangzhou calls Nanzhi Quan and Nanzhi stick "cold-blooded boxing" and "cold-blooded stick"). From then on to Guangzhou.

Dechang Fish Egg Meal Store is a famous snack bar in Hong Kong. Fish balls are the sign here. It has won the highest honor award of the snack group of "Best Food Award" in 2001. The shop is very small, or even simple, with eight or nine tables. Usually, it's lucky to have a ride. There's a lot of people waiting for seats on the side. The fish balls here are very big, and they are very useful. Dechang fish egg noodle shop