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Fish balls, also known as "fish wrapped meat", are mixed up with eel, shark or freshwater fish, mixed with sweet potato starch (* starch), and then wrapped in pig like lean meat or shrimp stuffing. Fish balls are the traditional specialties often cooked in Fuzhou, Fujian, Guangzhou, Taiwan and Fuzhou, Jiangxi. They belong to Cantonese cuisine or Fujian cuisine. Also known as "water pill", in ancient times, it was called "boiled fish balls". Because it tastes delicious, not greasy to eat, can be used as pastry ingredients, but also as soup, is an indispensable seafood coastal people.

Traditional fish balls in Jiayu, Hubei. Because of the good quality of grass carp, Jiayu Yuyuan is loved by people because of its white color, delicate taste and delicate fragrance.

In 2014, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection issued a public announcement approving the list of products protected by national geographical indications. Jiayu Fish Roll ranks first in the list of products protected by national geographical indications in Jiayu City.

Fish balls are widely known for their emphasis on material selection and manufacturing techniques. Most of them are fresh yellow croaker, mackerel, eel and small shark. Chop fish, add proper amount of ginger juice, salt, monosodium glutamate, mash into fish paste, add potato powder, mix well, squeeze into small balls, cook in boiling soup. Its color is like porcelain, it is elastic, crisp and not greasy, it is a common dish for banquet.

According to the history of barnyard grass, Qin Shihuang liked fish. He unified the whole country and made the emperor. Every meal must have fish, but there could not be thorns. If there were fish thorns, the cook would die. Several chefs died for it, while burning fish soup was afraid of cursing Qin Shihuang for "crushing his body and bones". One day, a cook made a royal meal, saw the fish and timid and worked hard. He used a kitchen knife to fish back. He was surprised to find that the bones of fish bones and bones were automatically exposed and the fish flesh became antler. At this time, the palace meal, the chef in a hurry to learn wisdom, pick out the fish spine, smoothly knead the fish into balls, without thinking, put into the boiling leopard embryo soup, made balls. In a short time, each of them was white, soft and glittering. The fresh fish balls floated on the surface of the soup and were presented to Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang praised him very much and ordered the reward. Later, this practice gradually spread from the court to the people, known as "boiled fish balls", that is, fish balls.

1. Fish is rich in nutrients and has the functions of nourishing stomach, promoting water and reducing swelling, breast-opening, clearing heat and detoxifying, and stopping cough and exhaustion.

2. Fish is rich in magnesium, which has a good protective effect on cardiovascular system, and is conducive to the prevention of hypertension, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases.

3. Fish is rich in vitamin A, iron, calcium, phosphorus and so on. Fish is often eaten and has the functions of nourishing liver and blood, nourishing skin, nourishing hair and building beauty.











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