Egg fried rice

Home Food 2018-10-27

Egg fried rice is a common dish. The earliest records are found on bamboo slips unearthed from Mawangdui Han tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province in 1972. According to experts, "oval" is a kind of food made from sticky rice and eggs. It has been deduced that this may be the precursor of egg fried rice. Eggs are rich in protein, not only that, it also contains vitamin A, B, but can not eat more, in case of excessive cholesterol, experts recommend one a day.

Method 1. This is the most traditional method of egg fried rice. But most people don't know. After boiling the water, pour the clean rice into the water and filter it out. Just remember, it's all right. Then, put the rice on the stove and cook it with the egg. The fried rice with eggs made in this way not only does not mix the rice fragrance with the egg fragrance, but also oh, the rice is separated from each other and will not stick together.

Methods 2. Rice should be refrigerated in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, and do not cover; before fried rice, add a little vegetable oil mix well, let the rice granules separate, and then pour into half of the egg mixture soaked for 20 minutes evenly; Wanghui pot with oil and egg mixture of rice, quickly stir-fried and dried, so that each egg wrapped in rice, jargon called "gold wrapped silver". Then cook the green beans and the egg, add salt and chopped green onion, stir fry for a while and then leave the pot.

Fujian Ting Zhou people, Qianlong, served as Yangzhou magistrate in 54 years. He once brought Yangzhou egg fried rice back to Fujian's hometown. The improvement was done by adding green beans, carrots and cucumbers into the fried rice. Make it popular throughout the country. After that, the name "Yangzhou fried rice" became popular throughout the country. He himself eats fried eggs rice is more picky, need to add winter bamboo shoots, mushrooms, dried shellfish, shrimp, chicken gizzard and other rare seafood, can be said to be "the strongest egg fried rice in history". The egg fried rice has already been shaped.