Dazhou folk culture

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Dazhou folk culture

Climbing the mountain on the ninth day of the year

Dazhou yuanjiu Climbing Festival this tradition has been followed for thousands of years, every year on the ninth day of the first month, hundreds of thousands of people travel to the city, this spectacular scene is also rare in the country. It is said that in 815 ad, Yuan Zhen (779-831, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, known as yuanjiu) was relegated to TongZhou (now Dazhou) as Sima. When he first came to the post, Tongzhou: "there are few people and remote places, and snakes and insects dominate the way". Yuan Zhen made great efforts to govern, honest and upright, and made remarkable achievements in politics, and did a lot of good deeds for the local people. In 818 A.D., Yuan Zhen was transferred to Henan Province. On the ninth day of the first month, when Yuan Zhen left office, the whole city's elders and fathers boarded Cuiping mountain in the South and Fenghuang Mountain in the north of the city. From then on, Dazhou left the traditional custom of climbing on the ninth day of the Yuan Dynasty. Every year on the ninth day of the first month of the first lunar month, the city is full of people. Men, women, old and young compete to climb mountains outside the city. They climb high and look far away to commemorate this good official. They will never stop until they reach the top of the mountain, which continues today. People take this opportunity to climb high and look forward to seeing the distance, offering sacrifices to heaven and praying for blessings, hoping to sweep away the declining trend of the past year and usher in the new year with all things going smoothly. Liang Shangquan, a famous contemporary poet from Dazhou, has such a poem: Dazhou was originally an ancient Tongzhou, where the mountains were green and the water flowed by itself; when yuanjiu ascended the height of Huaiyuan Jiu, the soul of his poems often accompanied the Phoenix. The "Yuan Jiu" Climbing Festival has been registered in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and has become the city cultural festival brand of Dazhou.

Dazhou Shiqiao Fire Dragon

Dazhou Shiqiao fire dragon spring has lasted for thousands of years. The whole activity runs through the folk customs such as inviting dragon, dragon finishing point, dragon inviting water, burning fire dragon and sending dragon, praying for good weather and good harvest in the new year. In particular, on the night of the Lantern Festival, several fire dragons are walking through the streets and lanes. The residents prepare fireworks with nitrates, firewood and other raw materials, and set off the fire dragons to their heart's content, which makes people applaud. The fire dragon uses bamboo strips to make Jackie Chan's body, which is then mounted on white paper and painted with scales, horns and claws. The head and tail of the dragon are tens of meters long, which are integrated. Then, the gunpowder made of sulfur, white nitrate and charcoal was made into "earth rocket", and there were fireworks of different styles, such as spitting beads, turning flowers and plowing, which were installed on the whole body of the dragon. A fire dragon is carried by a dozen or so shirtless youths, together with drummers, soft shelled turtle, crayfish, soft shelled turtle, goldfish, etc., in a team of dozens of people. After hundreds of years of continuous research and improvement by artists, today's fire dragon has developed from the original Zhangba length to a maximum length of more than 30 meters.

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