Dazhou City

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Dazhou City

China is home to ramie, yellow flower and selenium rich tea

The three largest natural gas desulfurization plants in the world are located in Dazhou

The world's largest and most advanced wet process phosphoric acid purification plant is located in Dazhou Wengfu group

The largest sulfur production base in Asia is Dazhou

Dazhou is the largest production base of micro glass fiber in China

Puguang gas field in Dazhou, the first marine gas field in China

Dazhou is the largest natural gas chemical industry park in China

Dazhou is the largest ramie trading center in China

National natural gas quality inspection institutions and scientific research institutions in Dazhou

National new countryside exhibition base in Dazhou

National hockey training base in Dazhou

Dazhou is the largest gas-fired power station in Western China with a total installed capacity of 1.4 million kilowatts

Dazhou is the largest aluminum profile base in Southwest China

The only city in China where the National Development Bank does not cap loans

The first city in Sichuan Province to enter the Great Hall of the people

Sichuan Province is the first city to receive 10 billion yuan directly from the central government in the name of prefecture level city

The first city in Sichuan Province to directly apply for the AA scenic spot to the world natural park

Mo Yan stone carving of Zhiming Lingyuan, ziyunping, Shiwo Township, Wanyuan City, is the only one in China that records the earliest history of tea planting (with a history of more than 890 years)

The first secondary city in Sichuan Province

Chengdu Railway Bureau is the first major railway hub special station in secondary cities

The largest industrial base in the northeast of Sichuan Province

Dazhou Museum, the largest and highest comprehensive museum in Northeast Sichuan

Dazhou is the largest library, cultural center and Grand Theater in Northeast Sichuan

Dazhou, the largest wholesale market of hardware and small commodities in Northeast Sichuan

The largest furniture market in Northeast Sichuan -- Zhongqing international home Plaza

The "Chengba site" and "Luojiaba site" in Dazhou are comparable to Sanxingdui and Jinsha sites

Tuxi hanque and Kaijiang memorial archway belong to national key protected cultural relics, which can be called treasures in art

There are 6 places and 7 statues of Han Que in Quxian County, accounting for one fourth of the total number of Han Que in China and three fifths of the total number of Han que. It is not only the largest Han que group in China, but also famous for its exquisite art, which has attracted the attention of historians and Sinologists at home and abroad.

Dazhu County is the "hometown of ramie in China", with a planting area of 300000 Mu and an annual output of 45000 tons, ranking first in China.