Daofu steamed bun with beef and mutton

Home Food 2020-12-06


Steamed bun with beef and mutton is a special traditional delicious food of Hui nationality. It is famous at home and abroad for its strict selection of materials, cooking essence, rich nutrition and mellow taste. The eating method of beef and mutton steamed buns is very particular. Before cooking the steamed buns, the eaters break the steamed buns into pieces, such as the ends of ropes, so as to taste them. The master looks at the steamed bun soup and cooks it bowl by bowl. It's ready to be boiled by fire. Traditional cooking methods include "dry bubble", "mouth soup" and "water besieged city". Avoid stirring when eating, pay attention to "nibble" from one side to keep the flavor. After eating, drink a bowl of "soup", which has a strong fragrance and lingering aftertaste

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