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Aden Scenic Spot is located in Riwa Township, Daocheng County, southern Garze Prefecture, with an elevation of 2,900 meters (Gongga Estuary) to 6,032 meters (Sennai Rifeng), covering an area of 68,400 hectares. The scenic area is located in the core area of three snow peaks, namely, sin Nai day, down border center and Scianna Dorji.

Due to the special geographical environment and natural climate, the formation of a unique landform and natural landscape, China's most complete conservation of a natural ecosystem. Praised by international friends as "the last piece of pure land on the water blue planet".

The best travel time: spring, summer, autumn three seasons is the best time. The climate in winter is very bad.

Xiannairi (Tibetan Guanyin Bodhisattva), Yang Maiyong (Tibetan Shubodhisattva), Xialangduoji (Tibetan Vajra Bodhisattva) three snow mountains are not far apart, each rising in a triangle, Tibetan Buddhism known as "Risong Gongbu", meaning the three parents of the main Shenshan. The north peak is 6032 meters above sea level, the south peak is 5958 meters above sea level, and the East peak is 5958 meters above sea level. The three snow peaks have different shapes, but they are all white and spotless. There is a vast expanse of forest and a waterfall. The mountain valley has a meandering meandering stream and is inlaid with a mirror like lake. The organic combination of snow peaks, glaciers, forests, streams, waterfalls, meadows, lakes, and wildlife haunt a quiet land.

The three famous Shenshan Tibetan areas, Shenshan Holy Lake, in addition to its majestic and spectacular natural scenery, as well as mysterious religious culture, is a sacred place in the Tibetan area, pilgrims come in endlessly.

It is known as the "shining mountain" of the Russian Mountains Scenic Spot, spruce, sequoia, Alpine oak dominated by the vast virgin forest, alpine meadows, streams, canyons, the scenery is very attractive. In autumn, the area is covered with forests, mountains, valleys, grasslands are covered with red leaves, yellow leaves, green leaves, composing a gorgeous soft, colorful autumn rhyme.

Luorong grassland "Risong Gongbu" surrounded by three divine mountains, Gongga River shuttled from the grassland, forest streams, and pasture wooden houses intersect each other, forming a primitive and charming landscape, making people enter the realm of returning to the original. Here, we look at the three sacred mountains of "Sun song Gong bu". Cass Canyon is a long and narrow valley with an elevation of 3,800 meters above sea level, 2,900 meters below sea level, dense forests, strange rocks, flying springs and waterfalls, roaring. In the valley fog changeable shapes of the rocky peaks are now hidden, sometimes like a heavenly palace, sometimes like a fairy descending, sometimes like a horse flying in the sky, flying clouds and fog, it is really a great spectacle.

The village buildings and temple buildings in the area are unique and unique. Here people worship nature, regard nature as the foundation of survival, and live in harmony with nature. They are pure and honest, live in harmony, one person is in trouble, everyone help, treat guests, here, is the last Shangri-La.

Riverside refers to the pastoral landscape near the county town, mainly between the Sangdui and Salad villages, scattered between dry fields and rivers with beautiful tree-shaped poplar. Haizishan Nature Reserve is located on the way from Sangdui to Litang County near Haizi Mountain. It belongs to the remains of ancient ice caps. The rocks all over the mountain are mixed with Xiaohaizi. Beside the river and Haizi mountain are on the side of the highway, which can be easily seen.

The Aden Nature Reserve is the central scenic spot of Daocheng. Because of its inconvenient traffic, it is also one of the scenic spots with the least traveling footprints of domestic tourists.

The ancient temple of Chong Gu Temple (3880 meters) is located at the foot of Xuefeng peak. The monastery was badly damaged and fragmentary. Chonggu Temple is subordinate to Gonggalang Jiling Temple, where Zhaba chants Buddhist sutras and a small Sutra hall provides clay sculpture of Sakya. Legend has it that the eminent monk Chuejigong Juejia worshipped Mt. Shenshan for life, preached Buddhism to build a temple here, angered the gods by digging the earth and stones, and brought disaster to the people around him. Leprosy was prevalent. But Jueja Gongjuejia made a mistake of studying Buddhism and educating Buddha all day long, exerting his magic power and begging the gods to bring disaster on himself and avoid the disaster of the people. His compassion moved the gods, and the people were safe. Now, the skeleton of Chueh Kung Chueh Ka Chou is still buried in the monastery he built. The monastery monks incense and chant sutras every day to commemorate his great achievements and virtues.

The main body of the three snowy mountains, Nianqinggong Garisong Gongbu (Tibetan meaning "three holy places for expanding the law all year round"), is more than 1,000 square kilometers, with three completely separated but not far apart snow peaks arranged in the shape of "pin". The north peak is 6032 meters, and the south peak is 5958 meters, and the East peak is summer long. It is 5958 meters. The three snow peaks are white and steep, like a sword coming straight into the sky. The immortal is like a great Buddha, proudly holding the Lotus Blossom; Yang Maiyong is like a young girl, quiet and dignified, clean and clean; Xia Lang Duoji is like a young man, strong and resolute, full of energy. There are more than 30 peaks and peaks around Xuefeng, which are magnificent and small. The front of the mountain is beset with blue and jade lakes and meadows. Under the snow line, the glacier goes straight into the green virgin forest. Snow mountains, cliffs, cliffs, Haizi, glaciers, grasslands, forests, streams, give us a quiet, peaceful world.

The Three Snow Mountain names, three parents, snow mountain. It ranks eleventh in the twenty-four holy places of world Buddhism. "A sacred place for all beings to worship God." In the eighth century AD, Master Lianhua opened his sights for the three snow peaks and blessed them with the names of three Buddhist masters: Guanyin (Xiannairi), Manjusri (Yang Maiyong) and King Kong hand (Xia Langduoji), so he was called the Snow Mountain of the Three Parents. Gungaz Song Gun Bbu has been famous for Tibetan areas since then.

_Aden Village Aden Village, Shangri-La Township Government resident 34 km, the National Nature Reserve - Aden, is named for its dependence on the village. Known as the "last Shangri-La," the village of Aden is 3900 meters above sea level. The village has two villager groups, with a total of 28 households and 183 people. Aden Tibetan means "sunny land" by Rizhao Chang's old name.

Luorong cattle farm is one of the most famous accommodation sites in the Aden scenic area, elevation 4150 meters, for the nearby villagers grazing alpine pasture, its own broad and magnificent scenery, around the cattle farm is the plateau pasture, in May the grass eagles fly, the wind blowing grass low appears yak, and back to three immortals is the sun, Central Maiyong, Shannon Doji is the best place to watch three snow capped mountains. Travellers who travel long distances may choose to camp here or to camp in their own tent. Xuefeng, forests, grasslands, streams, lakes, waterfalls and pasture houses are becoming interesting. Here, Koyama and his interest are closely related to snow water. This is the real meaning of getting close to nature.

Pearl Sea Pearl Sea at the feet of Xiannairi, from Chonggu Temple up to 20 minutes of the journey, hidden in a small forest behind it is so quiet, but it is so charming. The Pearl Sea is in the morning. Strictly speaking, the Pearl Sea is only a bigger pool. The green water shines faintly under the sky in the morning, as if it were a dark emerald falling on the earth. The lake just reflects the magnificent posture of the immortal, though not complete, but also enough to let the lake dip in the spirit of Shenshan, vitality. It is always thought that such an environment is a good place for people to think. If one can really calm one's mind, one can not be shocked by the waves like this autumn water. Maybe one can really hear the god's sea and milk sea, or the ancient glacial lake, like water drops, surrounded by snowy mountains, the lake is clear and blue, and the mountains are waterfalls, with its exquisite beauty. Elegant aqua blue and famous. The Milk Sea is in the shape of a scallop in the depression of Central Maiyong, with blue snow in the middle and a circle of milky white around it. This circle of milky white is roughly the origin of the name of Milk Sea. The nearshore water was a little black, and beneath it lay the sediments of long-standing plants, and in it was a pale green area, and in the depths was a clear blue surface. Haizi flowed slightly, and the sun kept passing through the clouds, so it changed its luster like a jewel, sometimes gloomy, sometimes dazzling, sometimes erratic. Beside the sea is patches of meadow and broken leaves, soft, like a piece of green flannel, carefully care for this gem. Above the meadow is a hard rock wall and a sandy beach.

To the five colors of the sea, the Tibetan name "Nakato M" means "the sea at the top of the mountain". Located in the south of Kangding at an altitude of 4,100 meters, Mount Ramz is an alpine lake surrounded by mountains on three sides. A clear spring flows down the west slope until it reaches the Princess Bridge and joins the Chendo River. There are many irregular net patterns on the bottom of the lake. Every year since July and August, all kinds of plants on the bottom of the lake are flourishing and show different colors in the sunshine. Some people call it "Seven Colors Sea" after the death of the plants on the bottom of the lake, forming this pattern.

Legend has it that a long time ago, Zhaxi Zerenma, a longevity fairy among the five longevity fairies on Mount Qomolangma, came to visit her aunt Gongga in the east. She traveled all over the snow mountain scenery, one day came to "Dengtona" (running horse hill) after the mountains and seas play, see the sea scenery is pleasant, the mountains are luxuriant, very happy. So they put the multicolored arrows in Haidong, and the flame treasure pot was placed in the west of the sea. In a flash, Haizi showed colorful colors. Haizi was named "five colors sea".