Dan dan noodles

Home Food 2018-10-12

Dandan noodle is a famous local traditional pasta snack in Chengdu and Zigong, Sichuan Province. It is said that the name is derived from the fact that the handlers carry the burden on the streets and sell noodles. The Dali noodles are made of flour rolled into noodles, cooked and ladled on fried meat. The noodles are thin, crispy, crispy, salty and spicy.

Datian noodle is a typical food in Sichuan snack. It is a must for people to taste Sichuan snacks. Nowadays, Dandan noodles have been spread all over the country, although the practice is slightly different, but because of its delicacy is loved by people everywhere, has become a kind of home delicacy snack. In 2013, the "ten famous noodles in China" were selected by the Ministry of Commerce and the China Hotel Association for the first time.