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Chengdu Technological University

Chengdu Institute of Technology is a public full-time general undergraduate school organized by the People's Government of Sichuan Province. Founded in 1913, the school is the first industrial school in Sichuan Province after the 1911 Revolution. The school has been renamed 12 times. It has gone through many historical stages of development, such as the First Class A Industrial School of Sichuan Province, Chengdu Advanced Industrial Vocational School of Sichuan Province, Chengdu Radio Machinery School and Chengdu Electronic Machinery College. Since the founding of New China, it has been directly under the State Ministry of Electronic Industry for a long time. Since 1987, it has been sponsored by the People's Government of Sichuan Province and is in charge of the Provincial Electronic Industry Department. In 2000, it has been adjusted to be in charge of the Education Department of Sichuan Province. Marshal Chen Yi studied dyeing and weaving in our school from 1916 to 1918. Comrade Jiang Zemin visited our school and wrote an inscription for the school's seventy-fifth anniversary: "Carry forward the fine tradition and train outstanding talents".

The school is now the implementation school of the National "Thirteenth Five-Year" Demonstration Project for the Transformation of Local Colleges and Universities (Production-Education Integration Planning Project). It has obtained the qualification of the special fund project unit for the reform and development of local colleges and universities supported by the central government. The first batch of "pilot universities for the education and training plan of outstanding engineers" and "pilot units for the comprehensive reform of education" in Sichuan Province, Part IV The first batch of innovative reform pilot universities and "overall transformation and development reform of undergraduate universities" pilot units in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base, and the School Science Park of Sichuan Provincial University Science and Technology Park were selected as the first batch of innovative reform pilot units in Sichuan Province, and elected as the vice-chairman unit of the National Alliance of Newly-built Undergraduate Universities. Leading the formation and election of the director unit of Sichuan Applied Undergraduate Universities Alliance and vice director unit of Sichuan Equipment Manufacturing Industry and Education Alliance, Sichuan Education Department and Sichuan Economic and Information Commission are "co-construction of departments and committees" colleges and universities.

Over the past 100 years since its establishment, the school has never stopped running schools. It always upholds the school motto of "using both hands and brains, learning and doing in one" and the school style of "rigorous, simple, diligent and innovative". In strict accordance with the general requirements of qualified undergraduate standards and the development of applied universities, the school renews its ideas, deepens comprehensive reform and focuses on undergraduate teaching, further concisely establishes the orientation of "locality, application and opening" and the school running of "rooting in place, soul in application, integration of industry and education, and collaborative education" The train of thought has trained a large number of excellent talents for the country, and has devoted little effort to the local social and economic development.

The school covers an area of more than 1000 mu. The main campus is located in Pidu District of Chengdu City. In addition, Huapaifang Campus in the center of Chengdu City and Dafeng Campus in the North suburb. The general full-time students are concentrated in the main campus. The school has mechanical engineering, material engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, economics and management, network and communication engineering, architecture and environmental engineering, humanities and design, Marxism, innovation and entrepreneurship, information and computing science. Fourteen secondary colleges (departments and departments) and one continuing education college, including the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Physical Education, have 30 undergraduate majors. There are about 12 700 full-time students.

There are 985 faculty members in the school, including 646 full-time teachers, 328 senior teachers with Vice-Senior titles, 802 teachers with master's degree or above, 3 national and 6 provincial famous teachers, 3 "Youth Thousand-Person Plan" teachers, 3 national teaching teams (computer, machinery and electronics) and 4 provincial teaching teams. Team, teachers have won more than 50 titles such as advanced individuals of national teachers'ethics, outstanding teachers of the whole country, exemplary soldiers of provincial teachers' ethics, experts enjoying special government allowances, Provincial Academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates, and outstanding experts with outstanding contributions from the province.

The school's "Material Forming and Control Engineering", "Mechanical and Electronics Engineering" and "Microelectronics Science and Engineering" have been successfully selected as the first batch of applied demonstration majors in local universities in Sichuan Province. "Stamping Technology and Mould Design", "Advanced Mathematics", "Machinery Manufacturing Technology" were approved as provincial quality online open courses, "College Students'Traits Training", "Machinery Innovation Design", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education", "Integrated Practice of Electronic Technology Innovation Based on Results-Oriented Education (OBE) mode" and four were approved for Sichuan education. The provincial Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration Courses of the hall institutions of higher learning, and 10 other courses have been approved by the provincial first batch of applied demonstration courses. The school's educational reform project entitled "Transforming Development, Five Integration of Production and Education, Training Applied Engineering Talents" won the first prize of the 8th Sichuan Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in Sichuan Province.

The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is about 140 million yuan; the library has more than 2.64 million books, of which 1.13 million are paper books, and a campus network with equipment value of more than 10 million yuan has been built based on 10,000 Gigabit backbone network. A relatively perfect computer network service system has been formed, which has been evaluated in the inspection and evaluation of the construction of campus network of colleges and universities in Sichuan Province. Excellence.

The school has three national training bases approved by the Ministry of Education (mechanical and electronic engineering, numerical control technology, automobile inspection and maintenance), three key laboratories of Sichuan Education Department (mould, electrical processing, application and technology of UAV flight control system) and two key research bases of philosophy and Social Sciences in Sichuan Province (sex sociology). Sex Education Research Center, UAV Industry Development Research Center; 50 established laboratories, 14 of which are "production, learning and research" laboratories jointly constructed with Intel Chengdu Company and other off-campus units. Three provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers (mechanical foundation, ITU and its application, electrical and electronic), and one provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center (mechanical foundation). There are also 105 out-of-school practice bases established in cooperation with enterprises, academic institutions and local governments, including 3 provincial engineering practice education centers (Hongming Shuangxin, Shilan and Ningjiang Machine Tools).

The school has always adhered to the application-oriented personnel training mode of combining production, teaching and research, and paid attention to the cultivation of students'learning, practice and innovation ability. Our school has won the first prize of national teaching achievement for "the exploration and practice of school-enterprise cooperation to realize the innovation of operation mechanism of engineering training base", and the research results of building a real engineering environment training center in school have been popularized and applied in other colleges and universities. Students have made outstanding achievements in various national disciplines competitions. In the competitions of "National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition" and "National College Students Electronic Design Competition", they have won dozens of national first and second prizes. In 2013, our students won the championship of the National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition and the "Higher Education Society Cup".

The school has carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with the United States, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and other countries, as well as with Hong Kong and Taiwan in China. Every year, many teachers and students are selected to visit overseas and Hong Kong and Taiwan for further study, cooperative research and exchange of learning. In cooperation with the Dutch Institute of Canada, nearly 1000 double diploma graduates have been trained.

After long-term construction and development, the school has guaranteed the quality of personnel training with rigorous academic management, stable teaching order and good educational environment, and has made outstanding achievements in the teaching reform of training applied talents. Graduates are welcomed by all walks of life. The school has long cooperated with well-known enterprises such as China Electronic Technology Group, Intel Company, Changhong, Jiuzhou, Huawei, Beijing Oriental, TCL, Gree Electric Appliances, Chongqing Pingwei, Maip, Shanghai Moss, Foxconn, Wuliangye and so on. The one-time employment rate of graduates is about 95%. It is an advanced unit for the employment of graduates in Colleges and universities awarded by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.

Centuries of school-running accumulation have shaped the school's spirit of "hard struggle" and value pursuit of "excellence and innovation", based on quality and characteristics, based on Chengdu, serving Sichuan, facing the West and radiating the whole country, relying on industry advantages, in order to cultivate modern professional literacy and adapt to local economic and social development and conduct. Aiming at the basic level applied engineering and technical personnel of industrial technology progress, we are committed to building a local high-level applied university with distinct characteristics. (March 2019)

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