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Chengdu Normal University

Chengdu Teachers College is an undergraduate teacher's college in Sichuan Province, which is a pilot University for the overall transformation of Sichuan's comprehensive reform. The school's predecessor, Sichuan Education Administration School, was founded in 1955. It has gone through the development stages of Sichuan Education Cadre College (1964), Sichuan Education College (1978) and Sichuan Education College (1984). In March 2012, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was transformed into a full-time general undergraduate college, renamed Chengdu Normal University.

The school fully implements the Party's educational policy, adheres to the socialist orientation of running schools, adheres to and strengthens the Party's overall leadership, adheres to the overall strict management of the Party, and implements the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people. The school follows the law of students'growth, growth and development, carries forward the motto of "love, truth, devotion and action", carries out the educational idea of "making students' life a valuable journey in life" in Chengdu Normal University, and constructs a student-centered talent training system. Over the past 63 years, the school has been established by teachers, thrived by them, strengthened by them, and proud of them. It has given full play to the advantages of teacher education, built a core base of teacher education for the cultivation of teachers'morality, the cultivation of teachers' abilities and the inheritance of teachers'knowledge, explored the organic integration of the cultivation of teachers' morality and the process of personnel training, and promoted the organic integration of pre-service and post-service training of teachers. Integration, promote the organic integration of information technology and education and teaching. Schools actively serve the needs of Sichuan's economic and social development, and initially formed a school-running system to guide the development of basic education in Sichuan and serve the needs of regional economic and social development.

Adhere to the position of teaching center and steadily improve the quality of teaching. The school has 16 secondary colleges and 30 general undergraduate majors, covering 9 disciplines including pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, art, economics, law, management and history. At present, there are 14089 full-time students and junior college students. There are three provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, two Provincial University Students'off-campus practical education bases, 18 school-level experimental training centers, and one University Students' innovation and entrepreneurship center. 119 practice teaching bases have been built in cooperation with local educational administrative departments, primary and secondary schools, enterprises and institutions, and scientific research institutes. Since 2012, there have been one national excellent resource sharing course for teacher education, nine provincial excellent online open courses, four provincial innovative entrepreneurship education demonstration courses, four provincial comprehensive education reform projects, two provincial pilot specialties for comprehensive professional reform, two provincial applied demonstration specialties, and two provincial outstanding teacher training programs. Items 3; 67 provincial and ministerial education reform projects such as education cooperation and education project of Ministry of Education, Sichuan teaching reform project; 14 teaching achievement awards of recent two provincial governments, including 4 first-class awards. In 2018, he won two second-class awards of the National Teaching Achievement Award.

The structure of the teaching staff tends to be reasonable, and high-level teachers are constantly emerging. There are 703 teachers in the school (107 doctors and 91 senior and senior titles). There is one specially appointed professor and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who has won 11 honors such as national model teachers, excellent educators, May 1 Labor Medal of Sichuan Province, teachers'morality pacesetters, excellent teachers and excellent educators. There are 6 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, 2 experts with outstanding contributions from Sichuan Province, 16 academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates from Sichuan Province, and 6 famous teachers and senior teachers from Sichuan Province.

Scientific research has achieved remarkable results, and the strength of scientific research has gradually increased. The school has six provincial research centers, including Sichuan Children's Organization and Ideological Education Research Center, one high-level research team of Sichuan Zheshe Society and seven provincial teaching and research teams. Sichuan Tao Xingzhi Research Association and Sichuan Psychological Association are affiliated with schools. Since 2012, teachers have undertaken 19 projects from the National Social Science Foundation and the Natural Science Foundation, 145 projects at the provincial (ministerial) level; published more than 2600 papers; published 185 books (including textbooks); obtained 109 patents for invention, utility model, software copyright and appearance design; and obtained provincial and ministerial scientific research. Nineteen awards were awarded and seven consultation reports were adopted by government departments.

Promoting international exchanges and cooperation has yielded initial results in running schools abroad. The school actively carries out cooperation and exchanges with foreign universities and research institutions, and has established inter-university exchanges with 21 universities and research institutions in the United States, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Through overseas study, cooperative running of schools, international exchange students and paid internships abroad, new steps have been taken in the internationalization of education and international exchanges and cooperation, and a pioneer in the training of foreign students in schools has been created. In the past three years, a total of 141 undergraduates have participated in inter-school exchanges, joint training, dual-degree programs and other outbound learning and exchange activities.

Give full play to the traditional advantages of teacher training and actively carry out various types of special training. Since 2012, the Ministry of Education has undertaken more than 300 national training demonstration projects, central and western national training and kindergarten teacher training projects, provincial training projects and commissioned training projects, with more than 40 project counties, more than 1,000 training courses and nearly 60,000 trainees. Establishing "Sichuan Intelligence Education Alliance" and actively promoting the construction of basic education informatization, more than 300 schools are members of the alliance.

The conditions for running schools have been gradually improved to meet the national standards. The school has three campuses, Wenjiang Campus, Renmin South Road Campus and Baiguolin Campus, covering an area of more than 1100 mu, and its headquarters is in Wenjiang Campus. The building area of the campus is more than 320,000 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 98.419 million yuan. The library has more than 1.57 million books, 19 electronic databases and 12 TB digital resources. The school has a 10,000-mega campus network.

The school enrolls students in 13 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and ranks in the forefront of similar schools in Sichuan. The first employment rate of the 2018 graduates reached 97.18%. The school has been awarded the title of "Advanced Unit of Employment for Graduates of Sichuan General Colleges and Universities" by the Education Department of Sichuan Province for many times.

After 63 years of teacher education, the school has served the development of basic education in Sichuan through both wind and rain, and has created brilliant achievements in basic education in Sichuan. A group of eminent persons have emerged among the graduates who work in basic education, enterprises and Party and government organs. At present, there are more than 60 excellent teachers, model teachers and advanced workers in the national education system. There are more than 150 persons in charge of education departments in cities, prefectures and counties. There are more than 1100 principals in secondary and primary schools, and more than 10,000 excellent teachers, such as senior and super teachers. Looking back on history, although the school has been renamed several times, the central position of teacher education is firm and firmly rooted in Bashu, basic education and serving regional economic and social development. This is the historical mission and value pursuit of Chengdu Normal University.