Cattle back MountainNiubeishan Mountain

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Niubei Mountain is located in the border of Xingjing County and Luding County in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. It is the watershed between Qingyi River and Dadu River. The peak is 3660 meters above sea level. The unique geographic location of the hill surrounded by four sides and the protuberance in the middle of the mountain make it and Dawakenza simultaneously win the title of 360-degree all-round "China's largest viewing platform" and excellent photographic resort.

It is on the top of the Nie Jiao Gou Niang Niu Niu Niu Niang, which overlooks the valley of the Dadu River. At the end of 2009, a famous photographer of National Geographic magazine inadvertently discovered an unknown hillside in Luding County, where many snowy mountains could be seen. Since then, Niubei Mountain has become famous, and photographers from all over the world have flocked to it.

Since July 2015, the development of mountain closure has been carried out in Niu mountain area. During the development of the mountain area, the relevant departments expressly prohibited the entry of outsiders and vehicles into most parts of the cattle hill. But Nie Jiao Gou on the main side of the Niu Shan mountain is not closed to the mountain area. Tourists are still allowed to go there.

Niubei Mountain is located in Lao Ergou, Sanhe Township, Xingjing County. It is the highest mountain in Xingjing County, which is 3666 meters away from the sea. The Yeniushan Mountains belong to the southern Yanshan Mountains of Erlang Mountains, and belong to the Dadu River anticline in geological structure, including the Yeniushan Mountains (3666 meters above sea level), the Daniushan Mountains (3409 meters above sea level), the Barefoot Mountains (3478 meters above sea level), the Machangliang Mountains (3499 meters above sea level), the Niangniang Mountains and the Dakuangshan Mountains. The mountain area is north-south and is the birthplace of the Ying River. The exposed rocks are dominated by Proterozoic potassium feldspar and rhyolite. There are hydrothermal hematite and magnetite deposits in the Dengying Formation in the large mine area.

Niu Shan Shan is a water system of Qingyi River. (the Dadu River flows at the foot of the Niang Niang mountain and the watershed of Qingyi River is a large mine or mountain Wang Shan). As the river cuts down, it is divided into two mountain ranges: the Yeniu Mountains, the Guangtou Mountains, the Ma Changliang Mountains and the Yeniu Mountains, the Dakuangshan Mountains.

The average annual temperature of Niu Shan mountain is less than 13 degrees, and the annual precipitation is more than 2000 millimeters.

In 2009, National Geographic magazine published a special topic on Luding County, referring to its territory has a large number of mountain resources (later confirmed Niubei Mountain belongs to the territory of Ya'an Xingjing County), there is a hill can see many snow mountains Yunhai. In March 2010, through the description of friends of the geological team who have worked in Luding for many years, Chongqing Mu You "grey" released a call-up sticker on the famous local tourism website "Mu You Space" to explore the line, and for the first time on the Internet to explore Niu Beishan. With the help of a number of local miners, the site was finally identified, and a detailed outline of Niubishan was posted on the Internet, as well as the creation of Niubishan entries on Baidu. Subsequently, Sichuan and Chongqing donkey friends made many trips, gradually introducing the "largest viewing platform" to the whole country, becoming another example of the top brand-new tourism resources discovered through folk exploration after Jiuzhaigou.

With the arrival of tourists, local infrastructure has become a bottleneck. The rural areas gradually began to focus on the transformation of residential areas and accommodation as a whole. In 2014, the wild goose led a group of volunteers in the Niubishan Pumaidi Village and the Oriental Satellite TV "Dream Reformer" program combination, by the famous architect Mr. Li Tao design, after the old house renovation construction, the construction of the Pumaidi Youth Post Station . Pumaidi Youth Station has been selected as one of the ten most beautiful residential quarters in China, and has been included in the album "The Most Beautiful Residence". Gradually, people from all over the country are keen on the culture of homestay. Pu Mai Di youth station has become another name card of cattle backing mountain.