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Cao Zhen

Cao Zhen(? - 231 years' name, Qin Zhen, Zi Dan. Pei country Qiao County (now Anhui) Bozhou City) people. Three countries Time Cao Wei Famous soldier, Emperor Wei Wu Cao Cao Foster son.

In childhood, father is lost. Brave and brave Tiger leopard ride He participated in the suppression of the yellow towel uprising and was named Ting Hou in Lingshou. Successive generations Partial general , Leading Army To recruit and defend troops, and participate in the work. Battle of Hanzhoung Cao Pi After the throne, worship General West Dudu Yong cool The military is responsible for guarding the northwestern border and entering Dongxiang. The General Commander of the army, the governor and the Chinese and foreign armies became one of the supreme commanders of the army of Cao Wei. The great alliance of Qiang and Hu Hexi Area Rate troops surrounded Jiangling To defeat the general of Wu Sun Sheng, General of the Central Army Give things to When Cao Pi was seriously ill, he accepted the imperial edict and became one of the assistant ministers. Emperor Ming of Wei Cao Rui After the throne, worship General general And enter the Shao Ling Hou. Rate troops to resist Shu Kingdom Zhu Geliang Attack and move Great Minister of War

Taihe five years (231 years) died of illness. His posthumous title was yuan. To enjoy the temple of emperor Tai (Cao Cao).

Paul Mauriat's History

Early experience

Cao Zhen, Zi Zi Dan, Wei Wu Di Cao Cao Adopted son. According to the records of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao launched a military crusade. brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty At that time, the father of Cao Zhen Qin Shan Recruit soldiers for Cao Cao, later for Yuzhou Pasture Huang Wan After killing, Cao Cao adopted Cao Zhen, who had lost his father. But according to another evidence Pei Song Zhi In the notes of Wei Lue, Cao Zhen's surname is Qin, and his father, Qin Shao, is good with Cao Cao. In the last years of Xingping, Yuan opera's trilogy and Cao Cao fought in Yuzhou, and when Cao Cao went out to reconnaissance, he encountered. Yuan Shu After the death of the trilogy, the father of Cao Zhen was impersonate. The Yuan Opera trilogy wrongly thought he was Cao Cao, and then killed it, which made Cao Cao escape. Thus Cao Cao thought of Qin Shao, so Cao Cao adopted Cao Zhen and changed his surname before turning his name to Cao. The two statement is inconsistent.

Cao Cao adopted Cao Zhen, let him live with Cao Pi and so on. Cao was very brave. When he was hunting, he was chased by the tiger. Cao Zhen went back to the horse and shot the tiger. Cao Cao strengthened his courage and made him become a leader. Tiger leopard ride The general of the army, Crusade Lingqiu Yellow Army Later, it was called Lingshou Ting Hou.

Battle of Hanzhoung

Jianan Twenty-three years (218 years). Liu Bei He led the generals to attack Hanzhoung. Cao Zhen Yi Partial general Leading the Department and general guard Cao Hong , baitalabure hafan Cao Xu Yongzhou history Zhang Yi Don't beat Liu Bei. Wu Lan Distinguish from the lower and be worshipped as General backbone In September, Cao Cao was sent to Changan to be awarded. Leading Army One post.

Twenty-four years of Jian an (219 years), Liu Bei, south of Mian Shui. Ding Jun Shan Commander Cao Jun Xia Hou yuan Cao Cao was very worried about the war in Hanzhoung, and appointed Cao Zhen to defend the Shu army. Xu Huang Be equal to Yang Ping Guan Beat Liu Bei. Gao Xiang Cao Cao entered Hanzhoung from Changan, but later failed to break Liu Bei, so she decided to give up Hanzhoung. Cao Cao ordered all the troops to leave Hanzhoung one after another, and let Cao really arrive. wudu To meet Cao Hong's return to tun Chen.

Guarding Hexi

The first year of yam Kang (220 years), Cao Pi Accession King of Wei Cao Zhenwei General West Dudu Yongzhou and Liangzhou All kinds of military affairs, pursuing their achievements before and after, and entering seals. Dongxiang Hou. At that time, Cao Pi began to set up a position in Liangzhou, and appointed Zou Qi as the governor. Zhangye County People Zhang Jin The hostage leader in Jiuquan rebelled, and the army blocked Zou Qi to take office. Cao Zhen Zhao Fei Yao March into rebellion against Zhang Jin. Back to Luoyang, up to Upper generals , Governor Chinese and foreign military and fake holiday Tomahawk became one of the supreme commanders of the army of Cao Wei.

In the second year of the Yellow Emperor (221 years), in November, in the second year of November, Cao Zhen joined the army in the Hexi rebellion, and then led the general of the general assembly of Luoyang to the Hu alliance to win the battle and to calm the Hexi river. According to the book of Wei, the "beheading of fifty thousand orders, the birth of the mouth one hundred thousand, the sheep one million one hundred and ten thousand, the cattle eighty thousand". After the break of Hu told him to go to Taiwan, he was very happy and laughed and said, "I will strategise in the curtain, and will fight bravely in thousands of miles away. There are not so many prisoners before and after war. " This war re opened the way between the western regions and the Central Plains. In the following year, in February, Shanshan, the king of Qi and the king of Yutian sent each other to contribute. Cao Wei restored the rule of the Han Dynasty in the western region.

Defeated in the South

In the three years (222 years) of the early years of the Huang Dynasty, Cao Pibing was divided into three roads, and Sun Quan was named for Cao Zhen. Levy the southern generals Xia Hou Shang , General left Zhang Wei , Right general Xu Huang Led the central army to attack Nan county. Jiangling County. Cao Zhenxian is to defeat Wu Jiang. Sun Sheng And Xiahou Shang beat back to reinforcements. Zhu Ge Jin It took Jiangling central Zhou and completely surrounded Jiangling city. Cao Zhen ordered the soldiers to heap the earth and dig the tunnels, to build the stairway at the edge of the city, and to shoot arrows in the city. but Wu Jun commanding general in charge of the defense of a city or a strategic point Zhu ran When commanded properly, two barracks were broken. The army surrounded the city for six months. Wu Jun Grain Valley will be completed. The city is broken, but the epidemic is very serious. Sun Quan repatriated the tributary. Wei army withdrew. After that, Cao Zhen was transferred to the Grand Army of the Chinese army. Give things to

Imperial edicts

In the seven years (226 years) of Huang Chu, Cao Pi was defeated, and Cao Zhen and the generals of the town army. Chen Qun , Commanding general Cao Xiu, General Commander of Fu Army Sima Yi Four people are governed by imperial edicts, Wei Mingdi Cao Rui After accession to the throne, Shao Ling Hou was transferred to the rank of general. Great Minister of War Cao Xiu.

Defeat Zhuge

Taihe Two years (228 years), the Prime Minister of Shu Han Zhu Geliang Northern Expedition Nanan Tianshui and anding three counties all surrender to Shu Han. Cao Rui then sent to Changan and sent Cao to serve as the governor of the army. General left Zhang Wei March to rescue Battle of kiosks Zhongda crack Horse horse At the same time, Cao Zhen beat Zhao Yun in the valley. Deng Zhi The disabled, The reinforcements entered the long right, and Zhu Geliang withdrew from the attack to avoid being attacked. At first, the officials of Yang Ping and other hijacking officials settled in Yuezhi city in response to Zhu Geliang, Cao Zhen Jun to anding. Yang said to them: "the great generals have come here, and I am willing to come out as soon as possible." Then they are bound to come down. So three counties were recovered.

After the war, Cao Zhen thought Zhu Geliang must attack. Chen Cang So he ordered the general. Hao Zhao Wang Shengshou, Chen Cang, built the city. In the spring of the next year, Zhu Geliang really attacked Chen Cang, and Hao Zhao had already prepared for it. Zhu Geliang could not overcome it. At the same time, the army of the Shu Han army was short of grain, resulting in the failure of Zhu Geliang. Cao Zhen was increased due to his work. Food City And the first two thousand and nine hundred households.

One has reached the highest rank open to a subject

In the four years (230 years) of Taihe and Cao Zhen, he moved to the north and replaced Cao Xiu. Great Minister of War Giving the sword to the court will not enter the imperial court. Cao believed that the Shu Han had committed many crimes and suggested that a number of troops should attack the Shu Han. Cao Rui adopted, but Si Kong Chen Qun Objection from Oblique Valley The plan of March, Cao Zhen asked again from the request. Meridian Road In attacking Hanzhoung, Chen Qun had stated the reasons why he could not send troops, and thought that the large-scale military expeditions cost a lot. Cao Rui went to the imperial edict to give Chen Qun's advice to Cao Zhen for reference, but Cao Zhen immediately set out according to the imperial edict and changed from the Meridian Road to another. Sima Yi through Hanshui River March, Guo Hua , or from or from a valley. Wuwei Enter. Later, because of the hardships and dangers of Hanzhoung, it would be rainy season, and the plank road was washed away by rain. Cao Zhen spent half a month in a month. Hua Xin , Yang Fu , Wang Su All of them persuaded emperor Wei Ming to withdraw from the imperial edict. By September, Cao Zhen had to withdraw from the imperial edict.

When Cao Zhen returned to Luoyang after illness, Cao Rui visited his mansion in person. In the five years (231 years) of Taihe and Cao Zhen, he was awarded the posthumous title. Yuan Hou By the eldest son Cao Shun Inherit the title. Cao Rui recalled Cao Zhenzhi's work and said, "great Sima is loyal to filial piety and righteousness, assisting the second generation. He is not to be attracted to the emperor because he is a royal family. He does not despise the poor, nor is he a man of integrity, loyalty and moral integrity. The five sons of Tsao are: Xun, Xun, Zhi, Yan and Lai.

When Cao Zhen was young, he was in Cao Cao with his fellow Cao Zun and his hometown Zhu Zan. Cao Zun and Zhu Zan died early, and Cao Zhen sympathized with them. They were assigned to their sons on the table and granted permission. Every time Cao Zhen conquests, he can share the joys and sorrows with the officers and men, and his military money is not enough, so he rewards his own money, so the soldiers are willing to work for him.

Zheng Shi four years (243 years), July, Wei Di Cao Fang The following imperial edicts were sacrificed at the ancestral temple of Cao Cao, Tai Zu. Xia Hou Shang Huan, Chen Qun, Zhong You , Zhang Wei , Xu Huang , Zhang Liao , Yue Jin , Hua Xin , Wang Lang , Cao Hong , Xia Hou yuan , Zhu Ling , Wen pin , Zang Ba , Li Dian , Pound , Wei and Wei Twenty outstanding ministers of the Wei Dynasty.

Character evaluation

Cao Rui Big Sima has Tertiary direction To heal the solitary spirit, Yan Ping wants to divide it. 2. The great Sima is loyal to the second generation, who does not rely on the favours of his relatives. He is not proud of the White House, but he is able to keep his place and his virtues.

Cao Zhi Knowledge and consideration profound It's hard to detect. To defend the enemy, we should express the dimension of vassal. With respect, I love you. Let's talk about the emperor's mouthpiece. General Cao too.

Poplar bar The great generals came to me.

Huan fan Cao Tsai Dan beauty!

Jiang Ji Cao Zhen Zhi can not be sacrificed.

Chen Shou Xia Hou, Cao Shi, the world is marriage. Therefore, such things as Dun, yuan, Ren, Hong, Xiu, Shang, Zhen, and so on, are valuable to the old and the good and the good.

The tablet of Cao Zhen: Shi Shi Lu Yi Yu Yanshuang and Fen Zhu were in thunder.

zhi Is it known that after Kongming was known, the Lord must die? Does it mean that although the disease is not allowed to enter the medicine, and the medicine must not enter? I fear that Sima Yi and Cao Zhen are still in existence and can not be fluke.


Surprise horse

Cao Zhen has a famous horse. Surprised fan It is like a fierce wind blowing up a sailboat when it runs. In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Zhen used this horse to bet with Sima Yi.

Slaughter some meat

Wei Wendi In the five years (224 years) of Huang Chu, general Zhenwei Wu quality When he entered the imperial court, he was invited to the feast of the Wu family. After the wine was drunk, he summoned him. Actor Let them perform the fat and thin (Cao Zhen Fei). Zhu song Thin, that is, the ridicule of two people, Cao Zhen thought he was a minister of the imperial clan, ashamed of being teased and angry with Wu. Cao Hong , Wang Zhong And came out to persuade. The wrath of the Wu was furious at the sword. Cao Zhu, Zhu Shuo, stood up to persuade Wu. He was also reprimanded by Wu. Zhu Shuo was anxious, and the more he wanted to be angry, the more he pulled out his sword and cut it to the ground.

Father's mystery

Chen Shou Romance of the Three Kingdoms It is recorded that Cao's father should be Cao Shao. Initial level Follow Cao Cao in the year. after Yuzhou animal husbandry Huang Wan He tried to kill Cao Cao and kill Cao Shao.

Wei Lue records that his father's name is Bonan, which is good with Cao Cao. To protect Cao Cao Yuan Shu After killing, Cao Cao changed his surname as "Cao".

Press: Wei slightly In the record, "true, this surname Qin... There is ambiguity in this sentence. Some people think that the father of Cao Zhen is called "Bonan", while others conclude that this sentence should be broken down as "father bun Nan", that is, Cao Zhen's "Uncle" (uncle) is called "south".

Wei Lue originally intended to express that Cao's father was called Bonan. Because the words that follow closely refer to the "Yuan Shu" party and Tai Zu attacked and robbed, Tai Zu came out, pursued for Kou, walked into Qin, and Bernan opened the door to receive it. If Cao Zhen's uncle is called "south", he will not still write "Ben Nan's open door" but "Nankai gate".

In addition, the ancients usually wrote their uncle from the father. For example, the biography of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu: Yu is from father to Dan Yang. So if Qin is the uncle of Cao Zhen, he should write "from father south" instead of "father south", that is, "real name surname Qin". Or Yun Qi from father Nan Su and Tai Zu Shan.

To sum up, we can infer that the person who protects Cao Cao in Wei Lue is "Bonan" instead of "south". The previous word means "Cao Zhen's father is called Bonan", rather than someone's inference that "Uncle Cao Zhen's name is south". Even more then the two character names were very few, and Bonan should be the name, and Chen Shou's Three Kingdoms stated that "true father Shao raised the public, and killed the state." The name of Shaw is consistent with the rules of ancient Chinese characters (such as Shu Han). Li Shu The word "Yong Nan" and "Zong Zhu" also have a Li Shao word. In combination, the final conclusion is drawn: the father of Cao Zhen is surnamed Qin, and his character is south.

In addition, during the Sui Dynasty, Bao hung had "Qin Zhen father could die, Wei Wuci surnamed Cao". The language can be corroborated.

Cao Cao gave surname Qin Zhen the time of Cao, according to the book "integration of ancient and modern books" recorded as Jianan twenty years (215 years).

However, according to the Three Kingdoms, the real father was killed by Huang Wan. Two of the books contain a mistake.

Kinship members


Father: Qin Shan The word "Bonan" recruits Cao Cao for Yuzhou animal husbandry. Huang Wan Killed

Mother: Cao

Brothers and sisters

Brother: Cao Bin, Cao Cao

Sisters: Deyang village owner Marry Xia Hou Shang


Son: Cao Shun , Cao Xi , Cao training , Cao Tsai, Cao Yan Cao Cao

Nephew: Cao Wen Shu

Family Sun: Cao Xi After the killing and killing of Cao Shuang brothers, he took over Xinchang Ting Hou as the heir of the great Sima Cao Zhen.

Artistic image

Literary image

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, in order to emphasize Sima Yi and Zhu Geliang Two heroes fought fiercely, but Cao Zhen's success in defeats Zhu Geliang's two northern expedition was transferred to Sima Yi, and Cao's strength was greatly weakened. Zhu Geliang faced defeat after repeated defeats, because Zhu Geliang's letter was alive and dead. However, in Cao Zhen's works, Zhu Geliang also saw that when he made Sima Yi's insurgent message with the plot of alienation, and when he was ill, he made the initiative to print the governor's seal to Sima Yi. In Shu Wei Yan In the evaluation, Cao Zhen is also a figure of "know the art of war".

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