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Cao Hong

Cao Hong(? - two hundred and thirty two). Pei Guo Qiao (now Anhui) Bozhou People. Emperor Wei and Emperor Wei of the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period Cao Cao From brother.

Cao Hong went to war with Cao Cao in early years. brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty Cao Cao Yu Xingyang When the battle was lost, Cao Hong gave up his horse and helped Cao Cao out of trouble. Later, the army was forced to cut down. Yanzhou Sign Liu Biao Discuss Zhu Gong Battle of Guandu At that time, Cao Hong stayed behind and fought off the attack of Zhang and Gao. Battle of Hanzhoung When, with Cao Xu Defend against Liu Bei Break Wu Lan , Ren Kui Retreat Zhang Fei and Ma Chao

Cao Pi After taking the throne, worship Cao Hongwei. title of cavalry general Cao Pi tried to kill Cao Hong because of his private affairs. He was saved from death by the Empress Dowager. Plebeian Emperor Ming of Wei Cao Rui Accession to the throne, worship Cao Hongwei Rear general It's better for the city of music. Taihe four years (230 years) title of cavalry general In the six years (232 years) of Taihe and Cao Hong, he died. Zheng Shi four years (243 years), from the worship of Cao Cao ancestral temple.

Paul Mauriat's History

Offer a horse to save the Lord

Cao Hong Wei Cao Cao From brother. In the first year of the first year of peace (190 years), in February, Cao Cao launched a military crusade. brutal militarist who dictated policy in declining years of the Han dynasty Here we are. Xingyang By Dong Zhuo's Ministry. Xu Rong Beat. In the meantime, Cao Cao lost his mount, and Dong Jun pursued a very urgent situation. Cao Hong jumped out of the saddle and gave up his horse to Cao Cao. Cao Cao refused to accept it. Cao Hong said, "there can be no Cao Hong, but I can't live without you." So walking along with Cao Cao to the Bian Shui side, the water is deep and rushing, and can not wade across the river. Cao hung searched along the river and finally found a ferryboat. So Cao Cao could cross the river and return to Qiao County.

Yangzhou provincial history Chen Wen Cao Hong was a good friend, and Cao Hong had recruited more than 1000 people with Chen Wen to recruit soldiers. Lujiang The top two thousand soldiers, east to Dan Yang, also raised thousands of people, bringing this team to join forces with Cao Cao in long Kang.

Fight against the Quartet

Initial level Four years (193 years), when Cao Caozheng was in Xuzhou, Zhang Xie , Chen Gong lift Yanzhou Betrayal Lv Bu At that time, there was a famine. Cao Hong opened the way before, and occupied Dongping and fan county. In Puyang, Cao Cao seized Zhang, Lv Bu, and Lv Bu, and Cao Cao conquered Dong'e. In turn, he conquered more than ten counties, such as Ji Yin, Shanyang, Zhongmu, Yang Wu, Jing, MI and so on. Cao Hong made a lot of contributions to these campaign neutrality and was appointed Wei Yang Wei Wei, and moved to Yang Wu Zhong Lang.

In the first year of Jianan (196 years), Cao Hong was ordered to take the army to meet him. Emperor Xian of Han When he moved to Xuchang, Cao Hong was awarded. official in charge of admonition and arbitration As the other department to beat Liu Biao, he defeated Liu Biao in Wuyang, Yin ye, Yang Yang and Bo Wang. Cao Hong fought for good deeds and moved to General Li Feng. Cao Hong repeatedly followed Cao Cao's expedition.

Four years of Jian an (200 years), Cao Hong and Xu Huang The rebels are strong.

Jianan five years (200 years) in October, Cao Cao in Xu you Under the proposal, the rate of light troops attacked the nests and left Cao hung. Xin you After guarding the camp, Yuan Shao learned the news. Zhang Wei , Gao Lan The attack on Cao Cao's camp is hard to break through under the persistence of Cao Hong and Xun Yu. After Cao Cao burned the nest, Zhang and Gao burned the equipment to attack the camp and surrendered to Cao Ying. Cao Hongsheng was afraid of making a plan and dare not accept their surrender. Xun Yu said, "Zhang He has to go to the Yuan Shao because of his strategy, and run away in a rage. What can you doubt?" So they accepted the surrender of two people.

Jianan twenty-two years (217 years), Liu Beiqian, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Wu Lan and other Tun Jun Xia Bian; Cao Hong was ordered to refuse.

Jianan twenty-three years (218 years), Liu Bei sent the general Wu Lan Tun to defend, Cao Cao sent Cao Hongzheng, Cao Xiu as a riding officer, as Cao Hong's military adviser. Before he went to the battle, Cao Cao said to Cao Xiu, "although you are called a soldier, you are actually the commander of this army." When Cao Hong learned the order, he entrusted Cao Xiu with the military affairs. At that time, Liu Bei saw Cao Jun go to the bottom to distinguish, so he sent Zhang Fei stationed in Gushan area, claiming to cut Cao's back road. After deliberation with Cao Hong, all of them were hesitant about whether to continue their march. Cao said: "if Liu Bei's army really wants to cut off our army's back road, it should act covertly and hide it in secret. But now it is a bluff, which shows that this is just a plan for Liu Bei and others. Our army should destroy the Wu Lan as soon as possible when the enemy has not yet identified the army. Once Wu Lan is defeated, Zhang Fei's suspect will be meaningless. He will surely withdraw himself. Cao Hong followed his advice to attack Wu Lan. Cao Hong broke up Wu Lan and cut his ministry to be Kui and others. After the celebration dinner, Cao Hongda arranged a banquet, so that the singing girl was dressed in thin clothes and drums, and the people present laughed. Yang Fu severely rebuked Cao Hong and said, "men and women are different. This is a national festival. How can women be exposed in public? Even if Xia Jie and Shang Zhou failed, they would not be able to do so. So he resign in anger. Cao Hong immediately ordered the woman to stop playing, and asked Yang Fu to return.

The first year of yam Kang (220 years), Cao Pi When he took the throne, Cao Hong served as general Wei. Turn to be a general of the city, enter the Imperial Palace, enter 1000 families, and the first two thousand and one hundred families. Special entry All the sun is gone.


In the first seven years (226 years) of Huang Chu, Cao Hongjiafu was very mean. When Cao Pi was young, he borrowed money from him but did not get it. Therefore, he had a grudge against Cao Hong and broke into prison by Cao Hong. The courtiers went on to say the truth and failed.

When Cao Pi took charge of Cao Hong's sin, Cao Zhen Right now, he said, "now if your majesty wants to kill Cao Hong, Cao Hong must think I'm behind him." Cao Pidao: "I have to deal with him myself. What can you hesitate about?"

At that time, the Empress Dowager was angry at Cao Pi and said: "Liang and Pei are not born today." Also said to Guo queen, "if Cao Hong dies today, I will let the emperor discarded you tomorrow." Guo cried, repeatedly asking Cao Pi to forgive Cao Hong. Cao Pi then took Cao Hongmian as a common man and cut off official positions, Duke numbers, and Feng Yi. When the queen mother asked for Cao Hong, Cao Pi returned Cao Hong's family property. At first, Cao Cao was Si Kong From below, every year an investigation is launched to make the county magistrate comment on official wealth. At that time, he was equal to the family of the gong and Hou, and Cao Cao sighed, "my house is so cheap."

When Cao Hong broke the law, he thought he was going to die. He had to recover and rejoice. So he put up a letter and said, "the minister is not able to get along with the way, he has been in the human relations, and he has long been stolen. There is no satisfaction in sex, but there is a quality of the Jackal. The old man is greedy and touches the state net. The crime is forced three thousand. The minister looked up at the sun, and was ashamed of the spirit. He bowed down his guilt and felt ashamed and frightened. He could not cut the pheasant by himself. He painted the gate with his eyes and worshipped the chapter.

Cao Hong was the hero of the great grandfather (Cao Cao) and Cao Pi complained so much about him.

In the first month, Cao Hongmian was a common man. In May, Cao Pi fled, Prince Edward. Cao Rui Accession to the throne, worship Cao Hong for the later general, rebuilt Le Cheng Hou, eating thousands of households, giving the special entry.

Life in old age

Taihe four years (230 years), Cao Hongfu obeisance general ride.

In the six years (232 years) of Taihe and Cao Hong's death, he was chased for his honor. His son Cao Fu Si Hou.

In the first four years (243 years), he was sacrificed to Cao Cao's ancestral temple.

Character evaluation

Cao Cao: my house is so cheap!

Bian: Liang, Pei, between today and tomorrow.

Chen Shou : Xia Hou The Cao family is a marriage. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the industry, such as Dun, yuan, Ren, Hong, Xiu, Shang, Zhen, and so on.

Wangjia: Cao Hong Zhong is strong in heart, loving relatives and worrying about the country. The "white swan" of the "Mu Mu Jun" is the same.

zhi Cao Hong, loyal to the police and the thief of the Han Dynasty.


Cao Jia Bai Hu

Cao Hongjiazhong is very rich and horses are in crowds. Cao Cao crusade against Dong Zhuo, lost his horse during the night march, and Cao Hong gave his horse to Cao Cao. This horse is called "white Hu". When the horse ran, it was only aware that there was wind in the ears. When he reached the Bian Shui side, Cao Cao could not cross the river, so Cao Cao pulled Cao Hong up and took a ride together for hundreds of miles to arrive in an instant. The hair of the water chestnut is not wetted by water. It is called a generation of God. There is a proverb: "leap from empty space to Cao Jia Bai Hu.


Sima Yi Studious, Cao Hong thought she was sparse, wanted Sima Yi to help him, Sima Yi was ashamed to go with Cao Hong, pretending to crutch. Cao Hong hated Sima Yi, went to Cao Cao to make a little report, Cao Cao called Sima Yi, Sima Yi immediately threw a crutch to see Cao Cao to serve him.

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In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Hong's life is roughly the same as that of the official history, followed by Cao Cao's pursuit of Dong Zhuo. Xingyang Cao Jun was the Minister of Dong Zhuo. Xu Rong Defeated, Cao Cao lost his horse, Cao Hong gave up his life to offer horses and rescue Cao Cao to save Cao Cao from distress. Later, many troops were asked to fight. Yellow towel , Zhang Xie , Lv Bu , Yuan Shao Kill time Herman , Yuan Tan , Guo chart Others, salty and meritorious service. Subsequent military support Xia Hou yuan , Xu Huang , Zhang Wei Guarding the western line. Cao Hong is impatient. Ma Chao When Cao Hong and Xu Huang were in the front, they lost their bearings because of their provocation. Later, however, Ma Chao fought to rescue Cao Cao from danger. Cao Cao ordered him to take over Lin Jun. When Cao Pi ascended the throne, he was named general Wei, and entered the imperial court. Cao Xu Ban the army.

The role of Cao Hong in traditional Chinese operas is painted with red face. Loyalty and courage

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