Cantonese preserved rice

Home Food 2018-11-02

Cantonese sausage cooked rice is made from sausage, liver sausage, bacon, bacon cake, bacon duck, onion or coriander.

The steamed rice has no fixed taste. Sichuan people like spicy, spicy juice can be sprinkled; Shanghai people like sweet, you can add white sugar to the juice; Hunan people like hot, you can put in green pepper, red pepper silk mixed juice; Hong Kong people can put some seafood, Northeast people can put some soybean sauce, etc., according to different places, the taste can be adjusted.

Soak rice in advance for 1 hour and add oil when boiling. It is the key to make the rice tasty. 2. The sauce should be adjusted according to that proportion. It does not need to be poured in one time. When eating, the taste is not enough, we can add some more, so as not to be too salty. How can you break the casserole in your house? Hei hei, I have tried cooking with rice cooker, too. Of course, the use of casserole is more authentic: D 9 map is too complicated? Three steps can be understood simply: 1. Cook rice until 8 is ripe, 2. Put in the cured flavor, 3. Cook eggs for 5 minutes, then cook for 15 minutes, then pour in the sauce, decorate with green vegetables and onions, and eat - in addition to sausages, bacon and fork roast meat are all good choices!