Behind the scenes hero of IP Dingzhen launched in Western Sichuan Plateau

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Behind the scenes hero of "IP Dingzhen" launched in Western Sichuan Plateau

This winter, the 20-year-old "sweet wild boy" Ding Zhen unexpectedly became popular, from a plain man to the "top stream" who sucks nearly 7 million yuan of powder in January.

Ding Zhen inadvertently opened a window, his hometown Litang recent search volume increased 620%, many people plan to travel "clock".

Some people say that Ding Zhen is lucky to be popular by her beauty, but what many people don't know is that there is some inevitability behind the accident. In recent years, Litang County, a poverty-stricken plateau County in Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, has been consolidating its tourism foundation and attracting visitors from all over the world.

It is those who have not been photographed by the camera that enable Ding Zhen's "IP" to spread and go far.

A poverty alleviation cadre with white hair leading the village

"Now Ding zhenhuo, our village has more hope." Wen Xuesong told reporters.

Shortly after Ding Zhen's popularity, a photo of a man with white hair was spread on the Internet, trying to promote Litang specialty.

In fact, the "white haired salesman" is only 37 years old. His name is Wen Xuesong. He is the "first secretary" of Hange village, zhuosang Township, Litang County.

This photo has aroused heated discussion among many netizens. They are not only surprised by his white hair, but also distressed by the hard work of plateau poverty alleviation cadres.

In May last year, Wen Xuesong took the initiative to apply from Batang County of Ganzi Prefecture to Hange village of Litang County as the first Secretary of the village. Just over a year later, his black hair turned white.

Hange village is a small plateau village surrounded by snow mountains and beautiful scenery, with an average altitude of 3700 meters. It is mainly semi farming and semi animal husbandry, and large areas of highland barley are planted in the village.

At the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic, the black highland barley biscuits in Hange village were once unsalable. Wen Xuesong was so anxious that he tried to find a way around. Finally, he decided to "fight in person". In April, he held a special product of Han Ge Village, and played a "anchor with goods" in the tiktok. He had a total of 5 live broadcast, and the result was quite good.

So far, sales of black highland barley cookies in Hange village have exceeded 300000 yuan. "We have also developed new varieties and flavors, including highland barley ShaQima, chocolate flavor, coconut flavor and sugar free highland barley biscuits." Wen Xuesong told reporters.

In Litang, many cadres have a sense of urgency that "time does not wait for us". They always want to make the people who are "used to being poor" rich as soon as possible.

This is what Wen Xuesong has been doing since he was stationed in the village. The reporter looked at the photos sent by Wen Xuesong and found that in July 2019, Wen Xuesong had dark hair and sat cross legged on the grass to talk with the villagers. In April this year, he was already full of white hair in the video.

"Everyone works hard. I'm not the only one." Wen Xuesong told reporters that he didn't notice the hair at first, but some colleagues found it when they looked at the photos.

Wen Xuesong has two children. His youngest son is only four years old. The last time he saw his father, he was very surprised. From a distance, he thought it was his grandfather.

"Please stop paying attention to my white hair and pay more attention to our village." Wen Xuesong said.

After several years of struggle between the cadres and the masses, the per capita income of Hange village is less than 3000 yuan in 2015, and now the per capita income is 7000 yuan. The villagers have become rich. During the peak tourism season, the village's flower sea landscape and "star tent camp" receive a large number of tourists, and the black highland barley biscuits developed in the village are also sold hot through the e-commerce platform.

Wen Xuesong is just a microcosm of the poverty alleviation cadres in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. For many years, the economic and social development of the plateau has been seriously restricted by the high mountains and valleys, high cold and lack of oxygen, and inconvenient transportation. For the happiness of the people on the plateau, thousands of poverty relief cadres like Wen Xuesong worked hard and went forward one after another.

Plateau football "dream builder"

In 2002, China's national men's football team entered the world cup for the first time. In major cities, football fans can be seen everywhere in the streets. Shopping malls and pubs are decorated with football elements.

That year, on the plateau near 4000 meters above sea level, a 12-year-old Tibetan boy named Si Lang Zeren turned on the TV and watched the world cup for the first time in his life.

"That's when I fell in love with football." 'in the world of football, everything can happen,' he said.

After graduating from junior high school, four Lang Zeren was admitted to Kangding middle school, where there is football field, let him more and more crazy about football.

In the summer of 2010, Si Lang Zeren took part in the fancy Football Challenge and became the top 10 in the competition area of Chengdu. He performed in the prosperous Chunxi Road of Chengdu. In September of that year, without telling his family, he got on the train for the first time from Chengdu to Beijing, hoping to find the Chinese Football Association in Beijing, or join Beijing Guoan club and become a professional player.

However, 20 days later, he got on the train and returned to Sichuan.

After graduating from University, he took the civil servant examination in Ganzi Prefecture and returned to his hometown to become a national staff member. In 2017, Silang Zeren was transferred to Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture.

Coincidentally, Litang County government is actively exploring new business forms of combining culture, tourism and sports. The county is vigorously strengthening the construction of sports infrastructure, especially the development of football.

Due to his own experience, Si Lang Zeren was transferred to Litang County Education and Sports Bureau to help the local development of football and set up Litang County football team. "I feel like I'm realizing my teenage dream in another way."

Many years ago, here "wooden stick stand doorframe, basketball as football, sand as court". Children on the plateau like football, but there is no field, no football, no teacher.

In 2018, a standard 11 player football field rarely seen on the plateau was completed in Litang County. The stadium, which is nearly 4000 meters above sea level, is surrounded by clouds and is known as the "sky Stadium".

Football fans represented by Si Lang Ze Ren are influencing many local primary and secondary school students. Dao Qing, a middle school student in Litang County, told reporters that he wanted to become a professional player and play in the national team.

"I believe there will be football stars here one day." Fourth, Lang Zeren said.


In Litang, no matter big or small, it is always easy to see a thin figure with a camera on his back.

His name is ye qiangping. He is a news correspondent in Litang County, the "world's high city". In the media circle, he is a well-known "desperate sanro", many journalists will receive contributions from him in the middle of the night.

After Ding Zhen became popular, ye qiangping had to answer more than 100 phone calls every day, and he was busy until twelve o'clock every night. "Now more and more people know about Litang and like it. Although I am much busier than before, I feel happy from the bottom of my heart." Ye qiangping said that Ding is really lucky, and the efforts of Litang over the years have finally been seen by the outside world.

In the 1990s, ye qiangping came to Litang from his hometown of Chongqing. After becoming a news correspondent, he has traveled all over the mountains and rivers of 24 towns in Litang County. He has been working for more than 20 years and has become a "salesman" in Litang County.

It's not easy to interview on the plateau because of the lack of oxygen, high mountains and distant waters, and language barrier. In order to interview, ye qiangping nearly lost his life several times.

In April 2000, Litang was hit by a rare blizzard. Qudeng Township, more than 80 kilometers away from the county seat, is the highest and most difficult pure animal husbandry Township in Litang County. It is also the township with the most serious disaster. Several local herdsmen lost contact due to the snow disaster.

In order to collect and write the news release in time and let the outside world know the disaster situation, ye Qiang Ping followed the disaster relief team across the mountains. When he got to the place where the off-road vehicle could not cross, he rode and walked on foot.

In the past ten days, the relief workers searched for the lost herdsmen one by one. They used dry food and snow water to satisfy their hunger and thirst. The severe altitude reaction made their faces purple and their hands and feet numb. The vast white world pricked people's eyes. Under such conditions, ye qiangping insisted on pressing the press release overnight and released several press releases.

There are many more such experiences. In recent years, ye qiangping had several opportunities to transfer to places with better conditions, but he did not choose in the end. "When I'm gone, who will help Litang write the press release?"

Ye qiangping recalled that when he was in high school, he liked to go to his uncle's house most, because his uncle ordered a copy of Wanxian daily, which was rare in the village at that time. The obsession with news writing has been planted since childhood, but what I didn't expect is that I will finally realize my career ideal in such a remote place.

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