Beef bun on pot

Home Food 2018-11-26

Beef bun on pot/Beef frying bag is a home-cooked delicacy. It is made of beef as the main ingredient and salt as the auxiliary ingredient. Among them, the most famous and authentic is Yongcheng specialty Xuehu Beef Fried Bag.

Beef fried bread, a traditional Han snack, belongs to the Henan cuisine. During the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a chef in Xuehuji, Yongcheng, at Kaifeng Palace in Tokyo (now Kaifeng, Henan Province). On her birthday, she had a dinner for her courtiers. The chef had offered her home fried bread and bean porridge. The courtiers had eaten all the meals. The king of Song rewarded her with a special gift of "two-tasting steamed buns". From then on, Xuehu fried bags and Kaifeng small cage bags went hand in hand, and prevailed in various states, prefectures and counties. Xuehu Beef Fried Bag is made of special refined powder, pure sesame oil, yellow beef, sweet potato noodles, seasonal green vegetables, eighteen traditional Chinese medicines filling, and fried in a plate pan. The filling is open, thick and charred, tender and delicious. It is quite popular in North China and Central Plains. Beef fried bun, as its name implies, refers to the beef filling fried bun. Add all ingredients except flour and yeast to the meat filling and mix well. Flour and yeast are reconciled in warm water and fermented in warm place. Divide into small and medium dosage and roll the stuffing.