Batang Tuanjie steamed stuffed bun

Home Food 2020-12-06


The Tuanjie steamed bun was not invented by the 18th army when it entered Batang. In the old days, Tuanjie steamed bun, to be exact, was made by Batang ancestors hundreds of years ago. Moreover, it has been handed down to the present day. Before liberation, the ingredients needed for making Tuanjie steamed bun were numerous and expensive. Due to economic conditions and material shortage at that time, most families did not dare to "favor" it It was enjoyed by a very small number of wealthy people, so it was insignificant in the past.

Batang Tuanjie steamed buns are determined by the number of people who eat. If there are many people who have a meal together, they will lay enough flour to make a big steamed bun, which means that everyone will be satisfied. On festivals, or when classmates, friends and relatives get together, they will make a united steamed stuffed bun. When eating Tuanjie steamed buns, people sit around and put Tuanjie steamed stuffed buns with steaming heat and strong fragrance in the middle of the table, and then put a small plate in front of each person, which is filled with water. In addition, we also need to make a pot of thick butter tea. This is the second characteristic of Tuanjie baozi: national characteristics. At the same time, it is also the integration of Tibetan and Han ethnic food culture (Tibetan Chinese food method, Tibetan Chinese concoction, Tibetan Han meal).

"Tuanjie baozi" has another feature because of its variety of fillings: multi-functional. Stuffing can be beef, pork, rice flour, corn flour, potato chips, etc. Therefore, it can be served with wine, can be served as a meal, can also be used as a meal to welcome relatives and friends. Especially in the traditional folk entertainment of Batang people, "Tuanjie baozi" is more attractive. It is easy to make, suitable for all ages, and the food is cooked together. It is fragrant, pleasant and delicious.