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Bao Yugang

Bao Yugang (November 10, 1918 - September 23, 1991) is known as Ningbo, Zhejiang. Chinese world ship king.

In early years, he entered Shanghai Zhongxing school. Wusong merchant shipping Academy 。 Drop out of school in 1937 Central Trust Bureau Hengyang office, deputy manager of Hengyang branch of China Industrial and mining bank, was appointed manager of Chongqing branch of China Industrial and mining bank. After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, he became the manager of the Banking Department of Shanghai, and served as deputy general manager and business manager in 1946. In early 1949 Hong Kong A joint venture with Chinese people is set up to set up a Chinese bank to import trade and import materials such as steel, cotton and medicine for the mainland. In 1955, Global Limited was established to operate coal transportation between India and Japan. In the following year, Egypt recovered the Suez canal as a state owned vehicle, and the freight rate was very high. Following the cooperation with Japan's shipbuilding industry, financial industry and Hongkong HSBC, the shipping industry has gradually started to sing. 1967 Middle East War oil crisis Enlarged fleet in 1970 Global shipping group Limited by Share Ltd, 1972 Global International Finance Limited is chairman of the board.

In 1978, Bao Yugang's kingdom of Sea reached its peak. Seven world ships First of all, one of the ten consortia in Hongkong. By the end of 1981, there were 210 vessels and 21 million tonnes of gross tonnage. Us " wealth "And" Newsweek Two magazine called him "ruler of the sea" and "king of the sea". Later, he set up more than 10 subsidiaries and agencies in New York, London and Tokyo, and also engaged in real estate, dockyard storage, public transport and other industries. He served as chairman of the International Independent Tanker Shipowners Association, Asia aviation industry Co., Ltd., world shipping and investment company, world maritime and Lu Fengguo investment company. In 1976, the queen was knighted by the queen of England. The king of Belgium, the president of Panama and the emperor of Japan were awarded medals and medals. September 23, 1991 died in Hongkong.

Paul Mauriat's History

In November 10, 1918, Bao Yugang was born in Zhejiang. Ningbo A small businessman family, father Bao Zhaolong is a businessman. He is in Hankou all the year round. Be in business 。 Despite his busy business, he is very strict with his children. Because of his family's wealth, he decided to let his children receive the best local education.

Ningbo land Located in the East China Sea, it is the largest port city in Zhejiang province after the Opium War. Five ports Trading One of the ports has a long tradition of Commerce, forming a famous commercial group in history. Ningbo Group 。 The village of Bao Yugang's home is not far from the sea. But since his father went to Zhenhai, he never forgot the boundless sea and merchant ships on the sea. He liked to see the sea and see the boat when he was at school. He had a happy childhood here.

When he was 13 years old, his father sent him to Shanghai to study. Soon after he arrived in Shanghai, he plunged in. Wusong merchant shipping Academy (now Shanghai Maritime Univeristy , Dalian Maritime University Predecessor has learned to ship. After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan, he moved to Chongqing. Here, he did not follow his father's wishes to continue his studies in University, but instead he went to a bank as a clerk.

In 1938, Bao Yugang came to Shanghai and worked in the insurance Department of the Central Trust Bureau. With his efforts and accumulated experience in the bank, in just 7 years, he moved from ordinary staff to the manager of Hengyang bank and Chongqing branch office until the last deputy general manager of Shanghai bank. But at that time, he resigned because he was not interested in this area, and his relatives and friends were puzzled.

In early 1949, Bao Yugang and his father spent hundreds of thousands of yuan in savings to Hongkong to make another world. At the beginning, I did some small business and accumulated some money, but what did I do next?

Bao Yugang remembered his childhood yearning for the sea, and put forward the idea of shipping. His mother advised him to "take a horse and run a horse for three risks". Shipping is like making all the assets as a bet. If it is careless, it will go bankrupt. The father thinks that the shipping industry in Hongkong has been very developed and the competition is quite fierce. Bao Yugang is totally outsider to shipping. Why do he manage shipping? But Bao Yugang has decided to pursue development in the marine industry. He kept on persuading his father and other family members to learn about ships and shipping, and to study books on shipping and shipping.

Bao Yugang can finally make his own dream of the sea. Though it was a very difficult journey, he was 37 years old.

At the beginning, the funds were not enough. With the help of friends, he raised $about 700000, and Bao Yu went to England to buy a second-hand ship which was powered by coal. The ship had been used for 28 years and the drainage capacity was only 8200 tons. Although the ship was very broken, Bao Yugang, like a rare treasure, asked people to renovate the paint and give it the name "Jinan". This ship is the beginning of its career. In 1955, Bao Yugang set up "Global Shipping Group Co., Ltd." and negotiated with a Japanese Shipping Co to sublet "Jinan" to the company, transporting coal from India to Japan and taking a long-term lease.

This is an adventure. Decision making, because at that time all countries in the world engaged in shipping industry were using the traditional short-term rental method, that is, each run a voyage, with the hire of the ship's people to settle once. This not only has high charging standard, but also can raise the freight rate at any time. The world-famous Greek King of ships Aristotle Onassis Ludwik, the US ship king, and the Hongkong king of the old generation. Tung Chao Yung That's what they do. But Bao Yu Gang is different from them. He took the long term rental business unexpectedly and rented his boat for 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years. The renters paid rent monthly, but the rent standard was much lower. Many people are laughing at this kid who doesn't know how to behave, but Bao Yugang has his own plan. He once told people, "my motto is, I'd rather make less money than take risks." He seeks long-term and stable income, which is a way of looking ahead. And short term rental must bear certain risks.

In fact, this way of stabilizing and stabilizing Bao Yugang distinguishes himself from other shipowners and finally sits on the throne of the world ship king.

Deeds of characters

Intercourse with Deng Xiaoping

In the 18 floor of Hongkong's Fung Fung Building, Bao Yugang's reception room at the headquarters of the global group, the big picture of the host on the wall and the leaders of various countries has attracted much attention. In these photos, the pictures of the two people are not only in the first place, but also the highest position. They can see Deng Xiaoping's status in Bao Yu Gang's mind. Their handshake is destined to leave a close-up lens in history.

Bao Yugang has returned to the mainland several times since he moved to Hongkong on the eve of liberation, but the first official contact was 1978. In March 1980, the six aircraft Department invited the package to visit under the name of minister Chai Shufan. In the annex to the State Council's report, he said, "the package should be in 1978. official concerned with foreign friendship and overseas Chinese The invitation was visited in private and met with Liao Chengzhi. Kong Yuan , Lu Xu Zhang Comrades. This is the first time that Bao Yu Gang has visited the mainland of China. He has been given a grand courtesy in Beijing, including the first official visit to the mainland of China by the six machine department. Hua Guofeng , Xie Jianying The supreme leader of China met him.

In fact, Bao Yu Gang most wanted to see Deng Xiaoping. It is Deng Xiaoping's wise decision to launch Chinese ships into the international market since 1977, and summoned Bao Yu Gang. Ship owners need shipbuilding. If domestic shipyards can build, is that not the best of both worlds? As a matter of fact, Deng Xiaoping arranged to see Bao Yugang, but only temporarily missed the job.

One year later, Their first meeting finally came. It was in the morning of July 6, 1981, in the hall of Fujian, the Great Hall of the people. Deng Xiaoping hurried to Bao Zhaolong, Bao Yugang and his son, and shook their hands in a big smile, saying, "we should have seen each other!" "We should have seen each other earlier", which shows that we should have seen nothing before. Though they had met for the first time, they began to chat like old friends at once. They greeted each other and pretended their age. Bao Zhaolong lived 86 years, Deng Xiaoping was 77 years old, Lu Xuzhang was 70 years old, and Bao Yu Gang was 63 years old. Xiaoping patted Bao Yugang on the shoulder and said, "still very strong!"

Bao Yugang introduced Deng Xiaoping's experience in shipping, from the first ship in 1955, 8700 tons to 210 ships in 1981, with a total tonnage of 21 million tons, including 6 made in China. Deng Xiaoping listened quietly and sometimes asked a question. "How to develop the shipbuilding industry in China" has become a hot topic. Deng Xiaoping was eager to give advice, and Bao Yugang was full of confidence. Deng Xiaoping was very happy: "well, you can help us get this done." The meeting went on for 38 minutes without knowing it. The handshake was said goodbye. Deng Xiaoping said, "we haven't seen this before. We saw it this time." "Yes, thank you. Thank you for the interview with Vice President Deng!"

For Bao Yugang, from this first meeting, he deeply felt Deng Xiaoping's political strength and charisma, and felt the great talent and pragmatic style of Deng Xiaoping's reform and opening up. All of this had become a strong centripetal force. Since then, Deng and Bao have often met, sometimes even several times a year, and sometimes the two families have been together with each other. Speaking of Deng Xiaoping's political strength and charisma, Bao Yu can't forget Deng Xiaoping's story about Hamer. It turned out that just three days before they met, Deng Xiaoping had just met Hamer. Deng Xiaoping visited America in 1979 Houston The world-famous oil king, Mr. Hammer, called on Xiaoping. Xiaoping said to the oil magnate, "many people in China know that Mr. hammer is a friend of Lenin. When the Soviet Union was in trouble, you helped them. We welcome you to visit China. " "I'd like to go to China," hammer said. "But I'm too old to travel by civil aviation, and China will not allow private planes to land." Xiaoping said at the time: "this is very simple. Before you come, please send a telegram, we will make arrangements."

Three months later, hammer's The private aircraft landed on the runway of Beijing airport. In other people's opinion, it is a problem that can not be solved, but in Deng Xiaoping it is so important. This is something Bao Yugang feels. It turned out that in March 1980, when Bao Yugang came to Beijing to talk about cooperative shipbuilding, Hua Guofeng And several deputy prime ministers met Bao Yugang. Bao Yugang proposed that his father Bao Zhaolong and myself would like to donate US $10 million to the State Administration of tourism to build a modern high specification Turist Hotel and office building in Beijing, and to be managed and used by the General Administration of tourism after completion. In March 21st, Bao Yugang wrote to Premier Hua Guofeng again, again expressing his wishes, and cautiously said, "I have only one request: in memory of my father, my father is more than 80 years old, and the hotel is called the trillion Dragon Hotel......" Just before Deng Xiaoping's meeting, in January 1981, when he talked about cooperation between Guangzhou and Chai Shu fan, Bao Yugang offered to donate 10 million US dollars to Shanghai Jiao Tong University to build a modern library. The only requirement was to name Bao Zhaolong.

But what Bao Yugang and his son expected was that their hearts met with cold holes. The habit of thinking at that time was: should we accept a capitalist's donation? And you want to name it in private? So, though Lu Xu Zhang For the two time in April 1980 and May 1981, the State Administration of tourism, the State Administration of tourism, reported to the State Council. Although the State Council approved two times, Bao Yugang was coming. His $10 million cheque still had no answer.

The report was finally placed before Deng Xiaoping. Xiaoping said, "it doesn't matter if you use his name. Why not? People can also commemorate their contributions. If others disagree, I will inscribe for him. Before long, Deng Xiaoping said, "the problem of the trillion Dragon Hotel is a political issue. Bao Yugang donated ten million dollars, not the investment and the joint venture. Please ask the National Tourism Administration to set up a restaurant for Bao Yugang in the best place in Beijing. Bao Yugang heard the news and said, "good! I'll send the cheque right away. " In the twinkling of an eye, Bao Yu and his son arrived in Beijing. In July 3, 1981, Bao and his son came to Beijing with 9 people. Bao Zhao Long For the first time in decades, the old man came to the capital of his country.

Deng Xiaoping took the $10 million check from Bao Yugang's face-to-face, and wrote the "trillion Dragon Hotel", and later cut the color for a restaurant. A year later, in November 11, 1982, Bao Zhaolong passed away. He must be glad that someone has finally helped him to make a dream of contributing to his motherland. Deng Xiaoping not only wrote "trillion Dragon Hotel", but also wrote " Ningbo University "After the death of Bao Yugang, he wrote the" picture album of Bao Yugang ". Ten years after the first meeting of Bao and Deng, Bao Yugang passed away. Deng Xiaoping sent a condolence message to mourn.

Coronation of son-in-law

Bao Yugang's successor in shipping business -- Hull, the great son-in-law. Helmut Sohmen Announced in Shanghai that global shipping has been successfully held. Norway Shipping industry boss Bergesen. The fleet of the global shipping group increased by 108, with a total load of nearly 22 million tons. According to Huan Guodong, chief representative of global shipping in the mainland, this is already the largest shipping company in the world, and Su Hai Wen is also worthy of being crowned as the new "world ship king". It is understood that it has been considered the largest liner company in the world. Maersk It's just the world. Container The chief transport operator has a total tonnage of only 10 million tons.

"New people in the world drive old people". The capacity of the "new ship king" has even surpassed the scale of the 21 million tons of the old ship king Bao Yugang at its peak. In addition to the total tonnage refresh record, the acquisition amount reached the most in the history of shipping. Huan Guodong, chief representative of global shipping in the mainland, pointed out that the bid price of the Su Haiwen family was not 406 million 300 thousand dollars, but nearly 1 billion 400 million dollars, equivalent to about 11 billion of the Hong Kong dollar. This amount far exceeds the "century M & a" in 1999. In 1999, A.P Moller group, the parent of Maersk shipping, bought the international liner business of sea and land and 18 related docks, which cost only $800 million.

This acquisition can be described as a combination of two swords, after which global shipping is the largest oil carrier in the world with a total load capacity of 9 million tons, and it is the largest liquefied natural gas and natural gas transporter in the world, with a total load capacity of 12 million 300 thousand tons. New global shipping has positioned its main business in oil, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, ore, coal and other energy transportation businesses. In fact, as early as 2001, global shipping was ready for the acquisition. In April 2002, suhai Wen bought more than 10% of Bengsen's shares. In April 2003, he bought 44.3% of his group's two chairmen, thereby controlling gusson. Su Haiwen also revealed in Shanghai that he would continue to acquire the remaining shares of Ben gson.

How much financial pressure does global shipping have on such a huge takeover? Su Haiwen claims there is no financial pressure. But according to Huan Guodong, "such a large amount of capital investment still has some pressure." It is understood that the acquisition of the main financial advisers are HSBC HSBC has provided some financial support, while Su Haiwen is HSBC's director. Su Haiwen also said that another part of the money came from the revenue of global shipping itself.

Developing the mainland market

Su Haiwen also announced in Shanghai that global shipping was officially established in the only office in the mainland. Su Haiwen readily admitted: "this major acquisition is related to our entry into the Chinese market. Because Ben gusson's specialty is Liquified natural gas Transportation, along with oil transportation, is the key area of global shipping group's future development in China. China's market strategy directly determines our takeover decision. "

Since 1984 Global shipping and the mainland market have been out of sight for 20 years. And this entry strategy, which is quite similar to global shipping year, is to order new ships to domestic shipyards. Previously, the media believed that the move was a public relations strategy for the government.

Huan Guodong just revealed, "although the number of new ships to be built depends on the specific items, we have focused on the mainland shipyards." The eunuch is very familiar with the situation of the mainland shipyard, and indicates that the mainland has already built 5 VLCC (giant oil tankers) for Iran. One of them has been put into use for one year without any technical problems, so the technology of the mainland shipyard is no problem.

It is said that the three largest oil giants in the country are global shipping customers, while the global shipping office will provide more services to these three customers. Su Haiwen also predicted that in the next 5 years, the import of crude oil in the mainland will double on the existing basis.

But there are only three people in the new mainland office, and what they do is just collecting market information. "Some media say that we want to take part in the Guangdong Australia LNG project. It's not objective. In fact, we haven't had contact with that." In response to a written interview, Su Haiwen also said he would not increase staff in Shanghai or open new offices in other cities in the mainland.

But Su Haiwen has expressed his wish to graft Bengsen's LNG (LNG) business into the mainland market. Although LNG business is a double intensive technology and capital business, merchants and COSCO have launched this business since 2002, and have won 3 million 300 thousand tons of LNG business in Australia Shenzhen every year after 2005. And Ben gson's LNG business is still concentrated in Africa and Europe. It is a problem that we must face in order to get a return on the mainland market.

Bao Zheng's 29 generation grandchildren

Bao Yugang was surprised to learn that he was originally in 1984. Bao Zheng Descendants. In October 1984, Bao Yugang, who has been away from his hometown for many years, returned to Ningbo for a visit with his deep feelings for his hometown. He visited the oldest library in the south of the Yangtze River, Tianyi Pavilion. On this day, "Tianyi Pavilion" ancient books management staff heard that the visitors were Mr. Bao Yugang, the Hongkong ship owner, and they deliberately " Tianyi Pavilion A collection of Bao's genealogy is presented to Mr. Bao. This package of ancient books of Bao's family tree records the roots of the continuous propagation of the family. Bao Yugang immediately looked at the Bao clan genealogy, and found out that he was the 29 generation of Bao Zheng's grandson. He cried with delight: "I am." Justice Bao Descendants! "

World ship king

Many Chinese entrepreneurs are very few in shipping. After all, China is not a country in the sea. The people who grow on land like the thick and stable feeling of the land. The first feeling is that the sea is changeable and elusive, and the business sea is even more changeable. Let alone the sea business war. No one can predict any of the variables. There are "human beings" and it has been commendable. Let alone look at God's face, but there are such adventurers, such a successful person, and he is the world-famous Chinese boat king Bao Yugang.

It is said that: "Know your enemy and know it, and you will be able to fight a hundred battles." While Bao Yugang chose to rent for a long time on the way of management, he was also thinking about another problem. His experience in the bank officer made him understand the importance of capital to an enterprise. To make his shipping business develop rapidly, it was not enough for us to rely on itself. We must get the support of banks. So Bao Yugang ran around and actively looking for a way. He found Sandas, a senior friend of Hongkong HSBC, who made friends in early import and export trade. As we all know, Hongkong British HSBC is a giant in Hongkong's financial sector. It is the most powerful bank in Hongkong in 100 years. With her fluent English and skillful business, Bao Yugang secured a mortgage loan from HSBC to HSBC in 1956, and received a small loan from SED. Later, Bao Yugang got a chance to buy a 7200 ton ship with 1 million dollars, and found the owner, but there was no money to buy it. What should he do? So Bao Yugang made a loan of $1 million to SED, 1 million dollars! At that time, it was definitely not a small number. Sandas thought Bao Yugang was joking, no money, no margin, and what to do if he lost the money. But Bao Yugang used the urgent mood of the charterer to get a $750 thousand "letter of credit". Sandas was completely convinced of the perseverance of the young man, and he agreed to lend it to Bao Yugang. The victory of "air to air" is the beginning of Bao Yugang's relationship with HSBC. In the following numerous loan cooperation, he gained trust and support from the bank based on honesty, so that he developed a strong source of funds for his career development. Later, Bao Yugang served as HSBC's director of "Asia's first person".

Legend of Legends

In 1956, With the outbreak of the war, the Suez canal was closed, the cargo was overloaded and the shipping business was flourishing. Others advised Bao Yugang to take advantage of this opportunity to make a profit. But Bao Yugang, the most discerning eye, still sells goods to old Southeast Asian owners in accordance with the old rent to avoid direct competition with the powerful Western shipowners. Sure enough, more than ten years later, the armistice between Israel and the west, a large number of merchant ships in the West had nothing to do, but also to spend an amazing amount of money to repair and manage. And Bao Yugang's ship is still steady and steady based on Southeast Asia, and its business is booming.

In the early 60s, Bao Yugang wanted to extend his chartering business to Anglo American oil company. Although these big companies were very low in price, they seemed to be losing money because of the long time. In fact, there was a great profit in the middle. So Bao Yugang stood out and won the shipping industry.

With a strong source of capital and a good way of operation, the fleet of the global company grew rapidly. In 1974, Onassis, the world-famous Greek shipping king, visited Bao Yugang in the United States. He said to him witty, "although I am earlier than you, I am just a peanut in comparison with you." In 1980, the world reached its peak, with a total of more than 200 ships and a total tonnage of 20 million tons. In foreign newspapers, Bao Yugang was introduced with a large number of pages. Aristotle Onassis And nunas Cox, sir, Hongkong bag. In the second year, the total tonnage of Bao Yugang's fleet reached 21 million tons, which was larger than the total tonnage of the United States and the Soviet Union's fleet and became the veritable "world ship king".

Abandoning the boat landed on the ocean, Bao Yugang achieved his career, but he was not satisfied. In 70s, he decided to gradually shift his focus to land. Invest some of the property earned in the increasingly prosperous real estate industry and run hotels and transportation. In order to achieve such brilliant achievements on the land, he and Li Jiacheng, the richest man in Hongkong, launched a thrilling struggle with the British capital group. This is the famous battle of "Kowloon warehouse".

at that time

" Wharf "Is the main force of Jardine international bank, the first of the four largest companies in Hongkong, and one of Hongkong's largest British conglomerates. With the help of Li Jiacheng, Bao Yugang secretly bought a large number of "nine dragon" stocks. In April 1980, Bao Yugang's Longfeng International Limited announced that it controls about 30% of the shares. However, there was only about 20% of the "nine dragon" stocks in the hands of another main land company under the Jardine consortium. The situation was obviously unfavorable to the Jardine consortium. In order to keep the "Kowloon warehouse", the land company mobilized a large amount of capital to buy the "Nine Dragon warehouse" stock at a high price of 100 yuan and tried to squeeze Bao Yugang out of the "Nine Dragon warehouse". Bao Yugang faced the strong enemy, calmly fought, miraculously mobilized 2 billion 100 million yuan cash in three days, only spent two hours, so that the "dragon warehouse" shares increased to 49%, completely control the enterprise. Land companies that have always looked down on Chinese capital have not only won the "Nine Dragon warehouse" but also hurt their strength.

This campaign has touched the whole of Hongkong. The Chinese people's ambition has long been a blow to the arrogance of the British consortium. Bao Yugang has mobilized 2 billion of the things and become a legend.

In 1985, Bao Yugang won the British group with 500 million Singapore dollars. Hui de Feng Equity became the second Hongkong people to win the four largest overseas companies after Li Jiacheng's accession to Whampoa. In 1986, Bao Yugang bought another 14.5% stake in Standard Chartered Bank, another bank issuing bank in Hongkong, and became the largest individual shareholder of the bank. The ship's "abandon ship landing" has created another miracle.

At this point, Bao Yugang's maritime dynasties and land kingdoms reached their peak. His wealth is also shocking. Some people say he once thought of buying a country. He jokes himself: "I don't want to know how much property I have, because I fear that my heart will stop because I feel overwhelmed."

But how successful it is, how hard it will be to work hard. Like all successful people, Bao Yugang can be king at sea because he is diligent and diligent, and has a strong sense of dedication and responsibility. Shipping is a very comprehensive discipline, which requires knowledge of shipping business. Bao Yugang became a specialist again, and Bao Yugang's answer was very simple: "look at the book!" Only a few words seem to be understatement, but the implication is very profound. Bao Yugang is famous for his hard work and learning. It is in this spirit that he never weary and never stops.

Hongkong has about 4500000 tons of ships, second only to the United States, and has become one of the world's shipping centers. These developments are inseparable from Bao Yugang's contribution to the shipping industry. Because of his status in international shipping, he received the attention and appreciation of heads of state and entrepreneurs. Queen Elizabeth of England was knighthood, Belgium king, President of Panama, President of Brazil, and emperor of Japan.

He was awarded the medal of high rank. This is the distinction that no big entrepreneur in the world has ever won. Former British Prime Minister Heath had specially invited him to the villa for a dinner party and asked him about his way of doing business in detail. In 1981, when President Reagan held the inauguration ceremony, Bao Yugang was invited as a guest of honor. His phone can go straight to the White House and he can talk with the president of the United States at any time.

In spite of this, he was a simple man, an industrious and frugal man, who never allowed himself and his relatives to live in extravagance. He only allows his family to spend 10 days on vacation in Hawaii every year. His daughters can only buy one pair of shoes at a time. He never lets his children take part in Hongkong's "millionaire round the world tour". He has always followed his father's teachings: "work down-to-earth, be approachable to others, and do things in a proper way."

In September 23, 1991, Bao Yugang died of illness at the age of 73. It caused a great sensation in the world. His death marked the end of an era.

Anecdotes and anecdotes

Bao Yugang, a boat owner, came home to run a school.

"The area of Ningbo is ten times that of Hongkong. Hongkong has a population of 5 million 500 thousand, with 4 comprehensive universities, while 5 million of Ningbo do not have a university. Today, when the whole nation is moving towards the four modernizations and Ningbo needs to change its appearance, how can the higher education be so backward?

Deng Xiaoping kissed "hot" checks.

Old view

The breakthrough occurred in 1981. "In July 6, 1981, Bao Yugang and his father Bao Zhao Long A visit to Beijing for the first time. Deng Xiaoping Interview. He was invited and accompanied by Bao Yugang, his cousin and adviser to the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation. Lu Xu Zhang 。 However, a big Beijing could not find a decent hotel to entertain the big boss. Beijing Hotel A suite was arranged, but a large number of Bao Yugang's followers could not live in it, including his brother-in-law, his most powerful assistant. Wang Yaocheng said. In Beijing, Bao Yugang proposed to Lu Xuzhang that he wanted to do something for the country. The first thing was not to build a ship, but to donate 10 million dollars to Beijing to build a decent hotel. He did not ask for any reward, he only put forward a condition: the hotel was named after the name of his more than 80 year old father, called "trillion Dragon Hotel". 10 million dollars, an astronomical figure in 1981. "But no one dares answer this heavy check." Wang Yao Cheng He said, "this matter has been discussed and discussed in various departments of Beijing, but it has not been passed. The objection speaker said, "he is an overseas capitalist, but if he has a little money, he wants to permanently retain his name in the capital of our socialist country."

A university is built in one year.

The incentive effect of Deng Xiaoping's move is enormous. Shortly after he delivered a speech on the "Ningbo Gang", Bao Yu Gang immediately moved to meet the aspirations of his hometown. When he handed the plan to Lu Xu Zhang, the two men hit it off. With the help of Lu Xu Zhang, Bao Yugang promised to give 50 million yuan to help Ningbo University. On December 20, 1984, Deng Xiaoping met with Bao Yugang at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. Bao Yugang proposed the idea of running a university in Ningbo, hoping to get support. "I agree." Deng Xiaoping was very happy and praised Bao Yugang for "patriotism and love for the countryside." And readily promised to inscribe the name of Ningbo University. The speed of Ningbo University's establishment is a miracle. In October 29, 1985, Ningbo University, where Bao Yugang donated a total of 20 million dollars and covers an area of 1283 mu, held a foundation laying ceremony near his home town.

Member of family

· Wife: Huang Xiuying

· Bao Dai Qing The eldest daughter is married. Helmut Sohmen Doctor (Helmut Sokman), son Su Wenjun

· Package accompany The next girl is married. Peter Woo Wu Zongen and Wu Zongquan

· Bao lie Li Three women, marrying Koizumi

· Bao Hui Hui Four women, married Zheng Wei Jian Doctor, divorced.

Character evaluation

· Hong Kong's first businessman of truly international stature. (Hongkong's first world-class businessman). -- Asia week (Asia Week)

· "Although I am earlier than you, I am only a peanut in comparison with you." Greek King of ships Aristotle Onassis

· "It may be the first local person who really enjoys international reputation." - David Wilson (David Wilson).

· Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Liaison Office of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the English version of Bao Yugang's father, Bao Peiqing, a member of the CPPCC National Committee. In his speech, he fully affirmed Mr. Bao Yugang's important and unique contribution to the smooth return of Hongkong to the motherland and the smooth transition. He praised Bao Yugang's affection for Hongkong, his love for the country and the nation, and expressed his admiration and remembrance.

Character Memorial

· Kangle and Cultural Services Department Under the jurisdiction of South Area Wong Chuk Hang public swimming pool Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool

· Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center Bao Yugang swimming pool

· Hong Kong Polytech University Bao Yugang Library

· Sha Tin Prince Welsh hospital, sir Bao Yugang Cancer Center

· Bao Yugang Library of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

· Hongkong Arts Centre Baushi Gallery

· Shanghai private Bao Yu Gang Experimental School

· Hangzhou bayou Gang swimming pool

· Zhejiang University Bao Zhaolong and Bao Yugang Scholarship Fund for Chinese students studying abroad

· Purdue University Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Art (Bao Yugang vision and performing arts building)


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