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Ban Chao

Ban Chao (32 - 102 years), the word Zhong Sheng. Fufeng County Ping Lingxian County (now) Shaanxi People in Northeast Xianyang. Eastern Han Dynasty Famous time Militarist Diplomats, historian Ban Bi The youngest son, his elder brother Ban Gu My sister Ban Chao It is also a famous historian.

Ban Chao has great ambitions for people, not details, but his heart is filial piety and respectful. He spoke and read widely. He was not willing to copy the documents for the government, to write the pen and join the army, to attack the northern Huns with the Dou, and was ordered to give orders. Western Regions In thirty-one years, more than 50 countries in the western region were recovered. Western Regions Regression has made great contributions. Official to Western region protection It is called "Dingyuan Dingyuan" by Hou Hou.

In twelve years (100 years), ban Chao was asked to return to China because of his old age. In fourteen years (102 years), Yong yuan arrived in Luoyang and was worshipped. Shooting sound school Captain 。 Soon after, he died, seventy-one years. After death Luoyang Mangshan Above.

Paul Mauriat's History

Few aspirations

Ban Chao is a historian. Ban Bi Young son. Although he has a great ambition and an informal manner, he is filial and respectful. He is very diligent at home, but he is not ashamed of it. Ban Chao's eloquence is very good, widely read books and records, often holding the ram. spring and autumn Read.

Yongping Five years ( 62 years ) the elder brother of ban Chao Ban Gu Be called to Beijing School Book Lang Ban Chao and his mother moved to Yang Yang as well. Ban Chao's family was poor, and he earned his living by copying government documents. Later, he went to look for it. Aspect The person who looks at him, says, "your predecessors are ordinary people, but you will be able to seal them in the future." Ban Chao asked him the reason. The man in the face said, "your forehead is like a swallow, your neck is like a tiger, flying meat, this is the appearance of Wan Li Feng Hou."

Later, Emperor Ming of Han Ask Ban Gu, "where is your brother now?" Ban Gu said: "writing books for the government, using earned money. Adoption old mother " So the Ming emperor appointed class Chao as the History of Lantai In charge of memorials and instruments. But shortly afterwards, he was removed from office for negligence.

Sending to the Western Regions

· Frighten Shanshan

The autonomous regions of the Western Regions Wang Mang usurped the Han Dynasty Then he was ruled out of the central dynasty. Northern Xiongnu Under control. Northern Huns get Western Regions After the manpower and material resources, the strength increased greatly, and many times they entered the counties of Hexi.

Yongping sixteen years. 73 years ). Dou Gu He dispatched troops to attack the northern Huns, and he served in the army. False Sima (agent) Sima The post. As soon as he came to the army, he showed a unique talent. He attacked the Yiwu by force. Xinjiang Hami West Fort) Pu Hai Hai (now Xinjiang Barry Lake) has fought a lot with the northern Huns. Dou Gu appreciated his talent, so he sent him to work with Guo Xun. Western Regions 。

After being prepared, ban Chao and Guo Xun led their subordinates to the western regions and arrived first. Shanshan (now Xinjiang) Lop Nor Southwest) country. The king of Shanshan first asked the class and others to be warm and polite, and then suddenly changed their attitude and became aloof and aloof. There must be some reasons for the class estimate, so he said to his subordinates, "don't you realize that the attitude of the king of Shanshan has become indifferent? This must be the reason why the messenger of the northern Huns came here to make him hesitate and not to know who to obey. A clear headed person can foresee what has not happened before, and now it is clear. "

So the class waiter asked the Shanshan waiter who received them, and asked him unexpectedly, "I know the messenger of the North Huns has been here for many days. Where do they live now?" The waiter felt unexpected and difficult to answer, so he had to tell the truth. Ban Chao put the waiter in custody in case of leaking the news. Then, immediately summoned thirty-six people, drinking high. When he was drunk, he was deliberately angered and said, "you and I are all in the outer land, trying to get rich and valuable through meritorious service. But now that the messenger of the northern Huns came for a few days, the king of Shanshan did not treat us with courtesy. If the Shanshan kings bind us to the northern Huns, will we not become the food of the wolves? What do you think of this? " Everyone said in a chorus: "we are in danger now, whether it is life or death. It is up to Sima to decide." Ban Chao said: "no tiger, no gain." Now the only way to attack the North Huns by night is by fire. They do not know how many of us will be afraid. We can just take the opportunity to destroy them. As long as we destroy them, the king of Shanshan will scare his courage, and we will succeed in doing so. Someone said, "we should consult with Guo about this matter." Class Chao was furious and said, "it is a matter of ill luck. Guo is a mediocre civil servant. If he hears this, he will expose our plan because of fear. We will die in vain and fall bad reputation. This is not a strong man. His subordinates all agree.

This day is just black, and the class leader leads the soldiers to the North Huns envoys. At that time there was a strong wind in the sky. The ten men were holding the drum behind the enemy's garrison. When they saw the fire, they knocked fiercely on the drum and shouted loudly. He ordered others to lie in front of the door with their weapons and crossbow. After arranging the arrangement, the class exceeds the wind and arson. For a while, the thirty-six people are clamoring and noisy. The Huns were in a mess and fled. Ban Chao killed three Huns himself, his subordinates killed more than 30 people, and the other Huns were buried in the flames.

On the second day, Guo Xun was surprised by the incident, and Guo Xunxian was shocked by his feelings. Knowing that he was jealous, ban Chao lifted up his hand and said to him, "though you have not acted with us, how can I take the credit to my class?" Guo Xun's face lit up. Ban Chao invited the king of Shanshan to show him the head of the Hun emissary. The king of Shanshan was frightened and the whole country was frightened. Shanshan's king said he would like to return to the court and send his prince to hostage as a hostage.

· Western area

After completing his mission, ban Chao returned to the army and reported the situation to Dou. Dou Gu is very happy to play the upper class in the Ming class, and he asked the Ming emperor to send ambassadors to the western region. Emperor Ming appreciates the courage and tactics of ban Chao, and thinks he is a rare talent. He then tells the emperor to the Dou Gu: "why does the envoy like ban Chao do not send him, but choose another? He can be promoted to serve as Sima, and let him continue to complete his mission. Dou thought that he was too few and wanted to give him some more people. "I just need to lead the more than 30 people who followed me," said Ban Chao. "If there is an accident, more people will be more cumbersome."

Ban Chao and others went to the western regions and soon arrived. Khotan (now Xinjiang) Hotan ) At that time, Wang Guangde had just broken through in hhot. Shache state (now Shache, Xinjiang), in the south of Tianshan Mountain, the ambassador of the northern Huns faction is stationed in Tihon. After the arrival of ban Chao, Wang was not very polite to him and his attitude was rather cold. Yutian Witchcraft In prosperity, the wizard said to the king of heaven: "God is angry, why do you want to go back to the Han Dynasty? The Han Dynasty has a good horse with black mouths and yellow hair. You can quickly bring it to me to sacrifice the gods. The leader of the king's school in Yutian had asked for the horse better than the class leader, and the chao chao had already known the story and promised it. But put forward the wizard himself to lead. When the sorcerer arrived, he would kill him and arrest him. Return the head of the wizard to the king of heaven to explain his interests and reprove him with morality. King Yutian has heard that ban Chao's killing of Huns and nun ambassadors in Shanshan has been a great fear. At that time, he ordered to kill the northern Huns envoys and return to the Han Dynasty. All the countries in the western region sent the prince into the hostage as a hostage, and the western region and the Han Dynasty had been suspended for sixty-five years.

At that time, the Huns stood up. Qiuci (now Xinjiang) Kuqa In the eastern suburbs of the county, the king relied on the forces of the Huns and was unscrupulous in the Tianshan Road. Shule state (now Xinjiang) Kashgar City, kill the king, and set up another. Kuchean Wrap up questions For the king of Shule, Shule is actually in the hands of the people of the fold.

In the spring of seventeen years (74 years) in Yongping, the band led the people from the trail to Shule. Ban Chao went to the ninety mile place where he lived in the city of Ligu, and sent his officials to the field to ask for a job. Ban Chao instructed: "the problem is not Shule people, Shule citizens will never be loyal to their lives. If he refuses to surrender, he will be seized." Tian Yu came to see the problem alone. The problem is to see that the field is alone. Tian worry to take advantage of it, grabbing him and hijacking him. Under such a sudden incident, the people who took the lead were frightened to run. Tian takes the horse to gallop and gets back to the Super League. Class Chao immediately came to the ligulu City, and gathered all the Shule civil and military officials, and told them about all sorts of unreasonable acts of Kwon. They announced that the nephew of the king of Shule who had been killed was the king of loyalty. The people of Shule were very happy. The new king and a group of officials wanted to kill the problem, but ban Chao started from the overall situation and said, "killing him is not conducive to great events. We should let Kwon know the grace of the great man." Persuading the public to release the question, Shule is also calm.

At this point, the two mission of the chao chao, with wisdom and courage, has restored the relations between the Han Dynasty and the three countries in Shanshan, Yutian and Shule.

Play off one power against another

In Yongping eighteen years (75 years), Emperor Han Ming died. Yanqi (now Xinjiang) Yanqi Hui Autonomous County The opportunity to besieged the Han Dynasty was siege. Western region protection Chen Mu Kill it. Ban Chao is isolated and helpless. Kumak (now Xinjiang) Wensu , Akesu And other countries frequently attacked the Han Dynasty's Shule. Ban Chao and Wang Zhonghu of Shule were the first to echo. Ligulu City Keep it. Although he was alone, he persisted for over a year.

Jian Chu The first year (76 years), Emperor Zhang of Han When Liu Dan ascended the throne, the court thought Chen Mu was dead and worried that ban Chao was alone in the border area and was hard to support. When ban Chao was ordered to return, Shule was worried about the whole country. Li Wei, Du Wei, said, "if the Han Dynasty leaves us, we will surely be destroyed again by Chi Chi. I really can't bear to see Han leaving. " Then he drew his knife and died. When Ban Chao was in the country, he cried loudly at the king and the people of Yutian. They said, "we depend on the Han people, just like children depend on their parents. You must never go back." Many people still cling to the horse legs of ban Chao to stay hard. Seeing that he knew he would never return to his native land, he wanted to stay here and complete his ambitious ambition to return to Shule. There are two cities in Shule. After the ban Chao has gone, they have regained their fate. Wei head country (now Xinjiang) Akeqi Unite to create chaos. Ban Chao arrested the rebel leader and defeated the Wei Kingdom and killed more than 600 people before he stabilized Shule again.

In the third year (78 years), ban Chao called more than 10000 soldiers from various countries to break the Ku Mo state, killing seven hundred people and isolating them.

In the fifth year of the fifth year of the founding of the 80 year, ban Chao wrote to Zhang Di, analyzed the situation of the western countries and their own situation, and put forward the idea of putting down the western countries.

"The minister once saw that the emperor wanted to re connect the western regions, so he went north to attack the Huns and sent messengers to the western regions. Shanshan and Yutian Kingdom immediately returned to the Great Han. Now, Shache, Shule, Yue, Wu sun, Kangju and other countries are willing to return to the Han Dynasty and work together to attack the Kwon TSE and open up the road to the Han Dynasty. If we take the Cape, the number of countries that have not yet been placed in the western region will be numbered. In the heart of the minister, he thought for himself that even though the minister was only a small official in the army, he imagined that he could serve his country in the distance, as Zhang Qian did in the wilderness. before Wei Jiang It is only a small country doctor who can conclude and league with all the Juns. What is more, the minister can not afford to play the role of cutting the sword as he looks up to the prestige of the great man today? Those who talked about the situation in the western region said that only by breaking through the thirty-six countries in the western region, they could have broken the right arm of the Huns. Now, all countries in the western region, even those very remote countries, are not happy not to return to the Han Dynasty again. Large and small countries are very happy. There is an endless stream of voluntary tributarying. Only the two countries of Yanqi and Chi Chi do not obey us. The minister and his thirty-six subordinates have been sent to the western region for a long time. They have experienced difficulties and difficulties. They have been five years since they left Shule alone. They are familiar with the situation in the western region. Those who had asked the large and small city walls believed they depended on the big man as reliable as the sky. From this point of view, Onion The road can be opened; if the onion collar is connected, then you can conquer it. Now we should give the king of the kingdom of Chi, the king of king Qi, to escort him back to the army of other countries. It will not be long before we can capture the king of king Qi. It's the best strategy to attack Yi Di with Yi Di. Chen saw that Shache and Shule were rich in land and luxuriant, and different from Dunhuang and Shanshan. Where the imperial court stationed troops, the grain could be self-sufficient, without consuming domestic financial resources and material resources. Moreover, the kings of the two countries of gunmo and Wensu are all set up by the state of the state of the kingdom of Qi. They are neither antagonistic nor abhorrent. This situation will inevitably lead to rebellion and surrender. If these two countries descend to us, they will be able to break through. The minister hoped that the court would give the memorial to the minister and see whether it could be handled according to the rules. If the case succeeds, the minister is dead and hated. In the hope that God will not die immediately, he will be able to see the western region calm down and his majesty raise the wine cup that he wishes to die for all his life, and to announce the good news to the ancestral temple and to the world.

In his book, ban Chao put forward " Play off one power against another Strategy. After seeing Zhang's list, he knew that his achievements could be successful. He was very satisfied and prepared to increase the strength of the class. Ping Ling people Xu Gan and ban Chao share the same spirit and request to raise their strength in foreign lands and assist the league. The court immediately appointed him as deputy Sima, sending him to one thousand people to reinforce the class.

Megatron far field

At first, the Shache thought that the Han army would not come, so they surrendered to the king of Qi, and then the Shule captain. Just when Xu Gan arrived in Shule, ban Chao killed Xu Gan together with Xu Gan, and killed more than 1000 people and quelled the rebellion. After breaking through the battle, ban Chao wanted to march into Chi Zi. At that time, Wu sun Guo With the strength of the troops, ban Chao believed that with the help of its strength, he wrote to him: "Wu sun is a big country with one hundred thousand bowmen, so Emperor Wu ( Liu Che ) Princess Xiao Jun Marry the king of Wu sun. At the time of emperor Xiao Xuan, it finally played its role. Now we can send messengers to help us to cooperate with them. Zhang Di adopted his suggestion.

Eighth year of construction (83 years) History of general soldiers They use borrowed musical instruments such as building blocks. Xu Gan was promoted to Sima and dispatched to other marquis. Li Yi Escort the emissaries of the sun to give the size. Kunmi And the following persons are brocade and silk.

When Li came to Yutian, he was catching up with Shule. He was too scared to go any further. In order to hide his cowardice, he wrote to the court, saying that the western region was useless, and that he had embraced his beloved wife, embraced his young son, enjoyed peace abroad, and had no thoughts about domestic affairs. After hearing this, ban Chao sighed and said, "I can't match." Zeng Shen But there are Three to slander I'm afraid someone will doubt me now. " So, resolutely let his wife leave himself. Zhang Di was very aware of the public loyalty and loyalty of the class, so he severely criticized Li Yi. He said, "even if ban Chao embraces his wife and embraces his youngest son, how can he miss more than 1000 people in his hometown?" Li Yi was ordered to accept the dispatch of ban Chao, so that he could decide whether to leave Li Yi in the western region according to the circumstances.

Class Chao immediately let Li Yi bring his Wu sun. Waiter Return to Beijing. Xu Gan advised chao chao: "Li Yi has slandered you before attempting to calm down the achievements of the western region. Why don't you follow his Majesty's wishes to leave him here and send someone else to escort him?" Ban Chao said, "Why are you so blind? It was because Li Yi had slandered me that I sent him back home. My conscience is clear, and I fear what others will say. In order to vent his anger and make him happy to stay, this is not a loyal official.

In the ninth year of the ninth year (84 years), the imperial court also sent and acted as deputy Sima. The rate was eight hundred. Ban Chao is ready to mobilize troops from Shule and Shache to attack. The king of Shache sent a private contact with Wang Zhong of Shule and bribed him with heavy courtesy. He was loyal to betraying class Chao, launching rebellion and occupying Ukraine. He became the king of Shule, mobilizing troops to attack loyally and safely. Balkhash Lake and Aral Sea Between the two countries, the elite sent soldiers to help loyalty. At that time, Yue gang and Kang Ju intermarried, and chao chao sent people to the king of the moon to send gifts to him, so that he could take advantage of Kang Ju Wang Xiao, Wang Kang Wang, and took loyalty back.

Yuan he In three years (86 years), Zhong borrowed some troops and horses from Kang Ju Wang, and he was in the middle of damage. He colluded with kudzi and sent a man to the class. Loyalty and rejoicing. Banchao hosted a banquet for him. During the banquet, the class beat people to kill and loyal, and took the opportunity to defeat his people. Since then, the South West Road has been unimpeded.

In the yuan and four years (87 years), ban Chao issued more than 20000 soldiers from other countries such as Khan and then attacked Shache. The king of King Cox sent his left generals to Wensu, Gu Mo and Wei Tou to join forces to rescue Shache in fifty thousand. In order to overcome the enemy's strength and weakness, ban Chao decided to use the plan of settling the tiger and leaving the mountain. He summoned the general school and king of Yutian to discuss the military situation. He pretended to be timid. He said, "now that soldiers are few and no enemy can be defeated, the best strategies are to disperse. From east to East, the long history has returned from west to west. Wait till you hear the drum at night. Ban Chao secretly asked the trustee to deliberately relax the custody of the captives, and let them escape to return the letter. After hearing the news, the king of the king of Chi Chi rejoice that ten thousand of his cavalry killed the class in the west, and sent the king of Wensu to lead eight thousand people to block it in the East. Ban Chao detected that they had already sent troops, and quickly ordered all of them to come together to go straight to the base camp of Shache at the time of cock crowing. In the camp, there was no preparedness. The sergeants fled, and the chao chao chased more than 5000 people and got many horse and animal possessions. The Shache state had to surrender and the king of king Qi scattered.

Original, people in Central Asia ( kushan empire It helped the Han Dynasty attack vehicle division. In the same year when ban Chao broke the Shache, the king sent the messengers to the station of the chao chao, the tribute to the Han Dynasty, the lion, and so on, and proposed to marry the princess of the Han Dynasty as his wife. Ban Chao refused the request, and the king of the moon had a grudge against him.

Yong yuan In the two year (90 years) summer, the vice King Xie rate of the great moon was seventy thousand, and the East Vietnam's Cong Ling (today). The Pamirs and Kunlun Mountains The western section, the southeast section of Karela Kunlun mountains attacked the class Chao. The army of ban Chao is at a disadvantage. Everyone is panic. The Chao Chao said, "though the soldiers of the moon are many, they trek thousands of miles and climb over the green hills to invade. Transportation is extremely inconvenient. What can we worry about? Only by collecting good grain and sticking to it, will the enemy surrender. But we will defeat the enemy in dozens of days. " Da Yue's deputy Wang Xie attacked the class Chao, unable to conquer, robbing food and grass, and no gains. Ban Chao estimated that their grain and grass would be exhausted. They would send someone to help them. They would beforehand hundreds of soldiers to lay an ambush in the East. The ambush of ban Chao killed the messenger and sent someone to thank him. Xie Da was frightened and in a state of retreat. He had to send an order to apologize to ban Chao, hoping to let them have a way out. Ban Chao sent them home.

Yong yuan three years. 91 years ), such as the countries of Qi, Gu Mo and Wensu. The court appointed class Chao to protect the western region, Xu Gan was a long history, Li Bai BA was king of King Qu, and sent Sima. Yao Guang To escort him. Ban Chao and Yao Guang killed the original king Yurido, Fu Li Bai. Yao Guang brought him back to Beijing. Ban Chao was stationed in Q. It's dry city. 。 At this time, the western countries are left with Yanqi. Dangerous need (northeast of Yanqi, Xinjiang) Yuli (now Xinjiang) Korla The Three Kingdoms, because they used to kill the western regions to protect Chen mu, were afraid and had not yet fallen. The rest of the world has been put down.

Wan Li Feng Hou

In the six (94) autumn of Yung yuan, seventy thousand troops from eight dependent countries such as Shanshan and Yanqi were attacked by the chao chao and attacked by Yu, Xu and Yu Li. The army went to the Yuli area, and the messenger sent the messenger to the Three Kingdoms. If you want to be better, you should send the leader to meet us, so those of you below the prince will be rewarded. We will return to the army after the soothing end. Now reward your king five hundred coloured silk. " In Yanqi, Wang Guang sent the left North Branch to the cow wine to welcome the chao chao. Ban Chao accused him of saying, "though you are a servant of the Huns, you have mastered the power of the state, and my great man has come to you personally. Your king is not welcome on time, it is all your fault." Ban Chao's people persuaded him to kill the North Branch. He did not agree with him. He said, "this is not something you can consider." This man has more power than the king. Now that we have not entered their borders, we will kill them. They will be suspicious. If they strengthen their preparedness and keep them in danger, how can we get to their cities? So he gave many gifts to the North Branch and let him return home. When Wang Guang saw the North Branch of Yanqi, it was safe and healthy, and the senior official paid a greeting to the class.

But he did not really want ban Chao to enter his territory. When King Wang returned from ban Chao, he immediately ordered the demolition of the bridge around the mountain pass. Wangcheng came to his country from other roads and stationed troops twenty miles away from Yanqi. When the king of Yanqi saw the sudden arrival of the class Chao, he was shocked and wanted to escape into the mountain to resist. Yanqi left Hou Yuanmeng, who used to be a hostage in the capital city, quietly sent messengers to inform chao chao. In order to stabilize the nobility of Yanqi, ban Chao killed the envoys of yuan and Meng. Banchao ordered the time to entertain the kings and ministers of the Three Kingdoms. Wang Guang, Yanqi Yuli Wang pan and Bei Zhi Zhi and other more than 30 people believed it and came to the meeting together. Seventeen people in Yanqi were afraid of being killed and fled.

At the beginning of the banquet, everyone sat down, and suddenly the banchao suddenly changed his face. He asked the king of Yanqi, "why don't the dangerous King come? Why did a group of people run away? He ordered the samurai to capture the broad, extensive and so on. In the same year, Gucheng, where Chen Mu was stationed, killed all of them. The soldiers also rob, kill more than 5000 people, capture fifteen thousand people, about three hundred thousand horses, livestock, cattle and sheep. Bangchao set up Yuan Meng as king of Yanqi to stabilize the situation, and ban Chao stayed there for half a year. So far, the more than 50 countries in the western region have reattached to the Han Dynasty, and the class Chao finally achieved the ideal of meritorious service abroad.

In the seven years (95 years) of the Yuan Dynasty, the imperial court awarded him the honor of serving the class. Appointed commander , Food City Thousands of households, later known as "class Dingyuan".

Yong yuan nine years (97 years), ban Chao Ying Gan Ying sent Roman Empire ( Imperium Romanum ), Gan Ying to the West Sea. Persian Gulf And return.

Return home to die

Ban Chao feels very long and lives in remote places. After his old age, he gradually began to yearn for his hometown.

Yong yuan twelve years. 100 years In order to return to his hometown, he and his sister were asked to return to their hometown. Ban Chao Also asked to recall the class. After the memorial service was served, the emperor was moved, so he summoned the class to return to the DPRK. Ban Chao has been in the western region for thirty-one years.

Yong yuan fourteen years. 102 years In August, after returning to Yang Yang, ban Chao was appointed. Shooting sound school Captain 。 The chest rib of ban Chao had been ill. After hearing the emperor, he dispatched Middle yellow gate Condolences and give him medicine.

In September of the same year, ban Chao died at the age of seventy-one. The Court felt pity, sending emissaries to pay special condolences and offering a very generous reward.

Character evaluation

General comment

Ban Chao lived in his family and worked hard, not ashamed of his disgrace. He argued that he could read and read well enough to weigh matters and examine matters. He has great ambitions for people, but he does not care for small things, but he is filial piety and respectful. He has extraordinary political and military talents. Western Regions In the past thirty-one years, it has been implemented correctly. Han Dynasty "Break off Xiongnu The policy of the right arm has always been based on fighting for the majority, dividing, disintegrating and expelling the forces of the Hun, thus winning the battle and attacking it. Not only has it been maintained. Eastern Han Dynasty It has also strengthened its ties with various western countries and made outstanding contributions to the return of western regions.

Past appraisal

Relative person Sheng A noble Look Fly and eat meat. marquis with an extensive fief The same is true.

Liu Zhuang Why do officials like ban Chao, why do they not choose more?

Liu Wei Exceed the onion collar. The Pamirs (to date) Hindukush ), twenty-two years from now. Change the king and let it be. If you do not move China, do not annoy the soldiers, you will get far away from the peace and the same customs, and you will be punished by heaven and earth.

Ban Chao Over all, in the same way, it is easy for all the countries to fight. First served The body is not saved from death.

Fan Ye " Post Han script "(1) when the current politics is in line with the rule of virtue, the martial arts scholars do not have the energy to exert themselves, so the Han Dynasty has the courage to show their courage and strive to paste themselves in the barbarians. Sacrifice offering , Gong bin Qi Xiongnu The power, class Chao, Liang Qiao In the western region, he can succeed in establishing a name, enjoying the title of nobility, and recommending the ancestral temple. Dingyuan is generous and dedicated to the West. Tanzania, snow, close to the long Sha.

Wang Yucheng Since ancient times, he painted the edge of peace, and Zhao Chongguo was known as a famous general in Dingyuan. All of them are old and poor. Not overnight!

Fu Bo Hou : Chen Tang Chopping Shan Yu , Fu Jie Zi Thorn Kroraina , Feng Feng Shi Zhi Ping Shache Ban Chao's decision Western Regions All have the merit of Han.

Chen Pu Thirty-six people are in the western region and six are taking the Hun. In ancient and modern times, the bones of the slope were all seen from the waist.

Zhang Qian " Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang "Sun Tzu said," too much. " The super official said, "death comes from Sima". He said, "fire man." They were killed by wind and arson. And he said, "the intersection of land and land." Please comfort me. Wu sun Attack Qiuci 。 He said, "it is not necessary to use it." I want to attack Shache more than I want to do. He said, "to be hungry." Overtaking the valley and sticking to it nomadic people living in Central Asia Yes, too.

Xu Jun Life is pleasant at home. The only thing that matters is to ask for it. Born into Yumen Pass 。

Feng Meng long It will be Dingyuan. Full of courage 。 Zhao Zilong ( Zhao Yun ) Jiang Boyue. Jiang Wei It's not worth much.

Huang Dao Zhou The class is superb. He who sleepy writes his pen, but he never seals. Shanli rites and fades. Thirty-six, the autumn of peril. Stir up fires and burn up all night. Shanshan Destroy the gall, and accept the son. The western region will be cut off. Shule Discrimination, Li Zhong by pocket. For a while, there was kindness and vex in Wade. Fear of Han abandoning me, holding horses and feet. The west is not allowed to make a request. The reverse is to be punished, while the descending will be accepted. More than 50 countries, tributes are endlessly. Yu Guan was born with great ambition.

Wang Fuzhi (1) ban Chao made the thirty-six nation's life by Jane, and the son was brave enough to use it. (2) ban Chao is in the western region, and the opera is full of ears; with thirty-six people running across the kingdoms, they take their kings, kill them, kill them, and fowl birds. The people who cover these countries are narrow and weak, and the Lord is stupid, but the people are scattered. They do not have to be wise and brave. Beyond the ten thousand miles, the weak people and the king must not be more than a Chinese Pavilion. Its rebellion is also insufficient to benefit the Hun's power; its clothing is not enough to set up the middle summer's power; while bullying the weak and widow the weak, it will disturb its beak, so as to surprise people, and now it is no longer a man's heart. He sends the point to attack the mole cricket, enters the marsh and catches the loach, and says, "the God of wisdom is also the God of courage." A learned person laughs for a long time. Guang Wu Yu Yu gate, the western region, Ban Gu To praise him. Super, solid brother. It is better to read the book of truth than to read it in the western regions. His words are like that, and their brothers are prizes and falsely accuse them of taking advantage of their fame. The danger of the ban is from the skin of a woman, and she has more arguments than women. 3. The announcement of ban Chao Ren Shang He said: "the officials outside the frontier, who are not filial sons and sons, are all guilty of offending migration." This is a good skill for future generations of soldiers. When strict, the soldier's heart is separated from death and death, while wide, it is arrogant and violent, and it is sick.

Zhao wing Ban Chao and Liang Qin are in the same volume.

Zheng Guan Ying The ancients are the leaders. With both civil and military ability We should strive for the best of both worlds; we can get people, we can know people, we can love others, we can make people; we can save the opportunity of heaven and time, and observe the geographical needs, and shun the people and the feelings. All the ancient and modern gains and losses are in disorder, the changes in the tactics are meticulous, the military's true and false are sharp, and the instruments are thick and clever. as spring and autumn When strategist of the Warring States period , Li Mu Han Hanxin , conqueror of northern Viet Nam , ban Chao, Zhu Geliang , Tang Dynasty of Li Jing , Guo Ziyi , Li Guang Bi , Song Dynasty of Chung se , Yue Fei , bright of Military leader famed for combat against Japanese pirate invaders , Yu Da you All the famous generals will know the art of war, know the land and concentrate the equipment, and the present. the Occident All countries want to be different.

Cai Dong Fan " Later Han Dynasty romance ": Western Han Dynasty Yes diplomat famed for exploits in Inner Asia In Eastern Han Dynasty, there were super teams. Outstanding person Rare. I say that the overachievement is more important than that of the Qian, but the former is thick and thick, but it breaks the right arm of the Xiongnu. But the thirty-six officers of the superman, who went to the tiger's den, burned and killed the prisoners, had seen their strength. After the battle, they decided to command Shule, commanding arbitrarily and making enemies like gods. But in the middle and summer, they did not waste money. (2) use the foreign aggression to attack the foreign country, but it will be the best way to win the battle, but only if the class is super enough, will it be enough to win the battle, or not be able to get rid of it? 3. Wang Zhong, Shule, was established for the sake of superposition. It was so thick that Shache was willing to go back on its own. Fortunately superenergy Turn sb.'s trick to one's own use Don't bother the blood blade, bind it and punish it. Or by means of fraud, so the prisoners are also reported by fraud. We know that war is never done without cheating. After pulling out of Shache, however, all the countries of the GuZi countries were successful in the old age, but in the western region they were afraid. It is not enough to defeat the fierce and fierce way to cover the path of the imperial prisoners. A real person is brilliant! 4. Give up civilian pursuits to join the army Bold and brave, accumulate good work and then have to change robes. (5) ban Chao has the power to fix the western region, and the elderly can not be summoned. Fortunately, there is a learned and virginity of the same generation of women, who is able to write a script and feel the nine things for the Ministry of harem. To exceed the monthly income, that is, Nostalgic I am so lucky!

personal works

" Post Han Chinese There are "inviting soldiers to settle the western regions", "Shang Shu Dai Dai", "Shang Yu Yi Zhao Wei Wei sun", "imperial official Tian Tian" and "Ren Shu Shang Shu".


Appointed commander

Ban Chao was dubbed as a result of his work. Appointed commander His fief is in Hanzhoung, Shaanxi today. Zhen Ba County The county is Qing Dynasty Previously, it belonged to Xixiang county. Dingyuan Hall That is why. Dingyuan Hou Hou also referred to the envoys or ministers who were stationed or sent to the northwest frontier areas.

Give up civilian pursuits to join the army

When chao chao wrote the documents for the government, he often stopped and threw down his pen, sighing and saying, "if I am a man, I should learn to build up my career abroad even though there is no outstanding strategy. Fu Jie Zi and diplomat famed for exploits in Inner Asia How can we always make this pen and ink to make a living? Others laughed at him, but ban Chao said, "how can ordinary people understand the bosom of people of lofty ideals?"

After that, the writer took part in the army.

Simple precept

When the chao chao was summoned, the court took wu ji commandant Ren Shang When he took over the work in the western region, he said to Mr. Ban Chao: "you are in a foreign country for more than thirty years, and I feel ashamed after you. You have a lot of responsibilities and are short of wisdom. You should be able to teach me something." "I am old and stupid," said Ban Chao. "How can I compare with you in your senior position? I have no choice but to say a few words of great wisdom. The ex officio soldiers were originally not filial sons, but they were all moved to fill the border because of their guilt. Barbarians and animals are hard to adopt and easy to do. Now you are strict and impatient. When the water is clear, there will be no big fish. You should be tolerant and calm, easy to handle, lenient in dealing with minor mistakes, and firmly grasp the important links. After he went away, he told his confidant privately: "I thought there was something wrong with Ben Jun, but what he said is just a common comment." After several years in office, he was rebellious and rebellious in the western region. He was also called back for his guilt.

Nothing ventured

Main entry: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

From " Post Han script Ban Chao Chuan: "Chao said," no tiger, no tiger. " Metaphor can not be accomplished without risking danger. This is also a metaphor for not experiencing the most difficult practice.

Later status

stay Northern Song Dynasty The book of the year Seventeen Shi Bai Jiang Among them, ban Chao is among them.

Kinship members


Class, childish, Emperor Ai He served as the ruler of Guang Ping.


Ban Bi The word "Uncle skin" is official to Xu county magistrate. He devoted his whole life to history. Back propagation More than sixty articles were written for Ban Gu. The History of the Han Dynasty It laid the foundation.

Brother and sister

· Elder brother

Ban Gu Word Meng Jian, official to Chinese guards 。 The book of Han Dynasty was written by Feng Zhao.

· Younger sister

Ban Chao A Ji, the word "Hui ban", Hao Cao. Continue to write "Han Shu".


· Son

There are three children in the class. After Han Shu, there are only two records:

1. Ban Hsiung The elder son of the chao chao, the hereditary Marquis of Dingyuan. Jing Zhao Yin 。

2. Ban Yong Ban Chao's youngest son is a good official. Long history of Western Regions 。

· Grandson

Beginning of class The son of ban Hsiung, married Princess Yin After that, the princess was killed by the whole family.

Historical records

" Post Han script Volume forty-seven. Ban Liang biography thirty-seventh.

" Dong Guan Han Ji "," Comprehensive Mirror for Aid Government "," Later Han Dynasty And so on.

Artistic image

Literary image

Qingyuan Taoist Eastern Han Dynasty romance "

Cai Dong Fan " Later Han Dynasty romance "

Dramatic image

2010 drama "Han Hou ban Chao"

Tomb Memorial

Tomb of ban Chao

The tomb of the chao chao is located about 750 meters northwest of Zhang Yang village, Chaoyang Town, Chaoyang Town, Mengjin, Luoyang, Henan province. The tomb is 6 meters high and the circumference is 120 meters.

According to the newly compiled " Mengjin county records "Tomb of celebrities" contains: a large tomb in the northwest of Zhang Yang village, Chaoyang township. It was handed down as a class tomb in the northwest of Dingyuan. During the cultural revolution, the epitaph of the Northern Wei Dynasty was unearthed in the northeast of the tomb of the chao chao. The record is: the southwest is one hundred and sixty-four steps from the southwest to the tomb of the Chao Chao Wei, and this proves that it is indeed the tomb of Hou Banchao in Dingyuan.

Ligulu City

The city of Ligularia is located on the shore of the tum River in the southeast suburb of Kashi, Xinjiang. It is also called the "Elskes Sa" city. In the 70s, Tujia city was the Miyagi of Shule, and later became the base camp of the western region. Ban Chao Cheng " The history of Tujia city is closely related to the name of ban Chao. In order to commemorate the class, the Kashi municipal government built the memorial park at the ruins. The park covers an area of 1 hectares (15 acres) and was built in 1994, and the first phase of the project was completed in 1996. The park is built with 3.6 meters tall statues of the class; the 1.9 meter high 36 warriors statues are arranged neatly on the front sides of the class.


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