Baishuiyang Yuanyangxi Tourist Area

Home Scenery 2018-12-08

Baishuiyang Mandarin Creek is located in Pingnan County, Ningde City, Fujian Province. It is 170 kilometers away from Fuzhou and 101 kilometers away from Ningde. The whole scenic area is crescent-shaped with a total area of 66 square kilometers. The river is 36 kilometers long. It is divided into five scenic areas: Baishuiyang, Yiyang, Liu Gongyan, Taibao Tower and Yuanyang Lake.

Baishuiyang Mandarin Creek is a national scenic spot. In 2012, it was upgraded to a national 5A tourist attraction and included in the World Geopark.

Baishuiyang Scenic Area, known as "the peculiar landscape", "the world's great scenery, the mystery of the universe", is the only "shallow water square" in the world. Its flat riverbed is about 2 kilometers long and 182 meters wide, with a total area of 80,000 square meters. With a single stone, the riverbed is evenly covered with water and no gravel. When people walk on it, the water has no ankles, and the waves shine in the sunshine. It's incandescent, so it's called White Water Ocean. There is a natural slide nearly 100 meters long between the ocean and the ocean. It can slide naked without hurting the skin. It is called "natural surfing swimming pool". Sunshine, white water and water erosion ripples form a colorful River bed. People walk, surf, run, tug-of-war, martial arts, bike riding, lion dancing and other unique water sports to enjoy the cool nature gives.

The mandarin duck brook (Yiyang) scenic spot, known as "the holy land of lovers", "the hometown of Mandarin ducks", "the paradise of macaques and the fairyland on earth", is called Mandarin duck brook because thousands of pairs of mandarin ducks spend winter from north to here every year downstream of the White Water Ocean. The scenic area is densely forested, with a vertical depth of more than 500 meters and a narrowest transverse span of only one meter. It combines Xiuxi, Xifeng, Weiyan, Qidong, Xiongwaterfall, weiyun, mist, ancient roads, dangerous storehouses, rare birds and animals into one, forming a three-dimensional Baili Gallery. At the same time, it is also the scenic spot with the most waterfalls in our country, among which Baizhang Lishuilian Cave, Xiaohukou Waterfall and Dingtan Xianbanquet Valley are the national super-scenic spots, which are the scenic spots for people to climb mountains, explore secluded places, leisure and tourism.

Baishui Ocean is a broad flat-bed bedrock riverbed. Its formation is restricted by rock characteristics, geological structure and hydrodynamics. The rocks of the Baishuiyang River Bed were formed by volcanic activity 9 million years ago. The rocks have good integrity and uniform structure. About 5.3 million years ago, with the uplift of the earth's crust, the valley cut down, the strata overlying it were eroded, and the rock mass exposed to the surface. Due to weathering and water erosion, the flat-bed river bed with syenite porphyry as the bedrock was gradually formed. Since about 2.6 million years ago, because the crustal activity is relatively stable, the Baishuiyang area is in a relatively stable state, the surface rises very slowly, and the crustal uplift speed is almost the same as the current shear speed. After long-term erosion by running water, the Baishui Ocean gradually forms a smooth mirror-like, broad and flat bedrock riverbed.

The mascot of Baishuiyang Mandarin Creek is called "Yangyang". "Ocean" is lively, open-minded, innocent and carefree, full of curiosity about anything. With the hospitality of the people of Pingnan, it sincerely invites domestic and foreign tourists to come for sightseeing.