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Bai Juyi

Bai Juyi (772 - to - 6), Le Tian, the number of Xiangshan residence, and Mr. drunken Yin, whose ancestral home is Taiyuan, Shanxi. And moved to his great grandfather. Lower jaw Born in Henan Xinzheng 。 It is a great realistic poet in the Tang Dynasty and one of the three great poets in the Tang Dynasty. Bai Juyi and zhen Co advocacy the new yuefu movement It is called "Yuan Bai". Liu Yuxi Also known as "Liu Bai".

Bai Juyi's poetry has a wide range of subjects, various forms, and plain language. one who has an obsessive love for poetry "And" King of poetry It's called. Official to Hanlin bachelor, Dr. Zuo good. In 846, Bai Juyi was there. Luoyang Died, buried in Xiangshan. Yes. Bai's Changqing collection Handed down to the world. Everlasting regret "," The Old Charcoal Seller "," Song of the Pipa And so on.

Paul Mauriat's History

Birth chaos

Bai Juyi was born in the seven month (772 years) of Zong Da Li in the Tang Dynasty. Henan Xinzheng A small and medium sized Confucian School

Bureaucratic families. Shortly after Bai Juyi was born, a war broke out in his hometown. Fan Town Li Zheng Ji More than ten states were separated from Henan, and the war was hard to burn. When Bai Juyi was two years old, his grandfather died in Changan, and then his grandmother died. Bai Juyi's father, Bai Jigeng, was first assigned to Xuzhou by song Zhou Si. Pengcheng County The county magistrate (780 years), a year later, because of Bai Ji Ji and Xuzhou governor Shi Li's stick to Xuzhou's merit, was promoted to Xuzhou not to drive. In order to avoid the war in Xuzhou, he sent the house to his home. Suzhou Fu Li Settle down. Bai Juyi was able to spend his childhood in Suzhou. But Bai Juyi was so intelligent that he read very hard, and his mouth was all sore. His hands were all cocoon, and his hair was all white.

Official life

In the 806 year, Bai Juyi went to school. In April of the same year, he was able to learn knowledge and makings.

(now Xi'an) Zhouzhi County ) Wei. 807 years, Ren Jinshi examiner, Jixian school, taught. hanlin academician 。 808 years Left collection Welcome Yang Yuqing to be his wife. In the 810 year, he became a member of the Beijing Mega house and joined the army for 811 years. In the 814 year, he returned to Changan to give the Prince Prince Zuo, a good doctor.

When Ren left the book, Bai Juyi thought he was promoted by the emperor who liked literature. Therefore, he hoped to repay the kindness he knew by doing the duty of the officials. Therefore, he wrote frequently and wrote a lot of poems reflecting the social reality, hoping that he would pay attention to the current political affairs and point out the mistakes of Emperor Huang in his face. Bai Juyi accepted many things in his book, but he made direct statements. Emperor Tang Xianzong Feel unhappy Li Jiang Complain: "Bai Juyi boy, I was promoted to fame, and rude to me, I really difficult." Li Jiang thought this was a loyalty of Bai Juyi, and advised the emperor of Zong to open up his words.

Relegate Jiang Zhou

815 years, Prime Minister Wu Yuan Heng When Bai Juyi was assassinated, he claimed to be a strict murderer and was considered to be the more senior official. Later, Bai Juyi was slandered: when his mother fell asleep while she was watching flowers, Bai Juyi wrote poems of "flowers and new wells", which was harmful to the name. On this basis, it is reduced to

Jiang Zhou (Jiangxi today) Jiujiang Sima. 818 years, Bai Juyi's younger brother Bai Xingjian To Jiang Zhou and Bai Juyi. When Bai Juyi was appointed governor of Zhong state, Bai Xing Jian also went with his brother back to the river. On the way and zhen Meet in the Yellow ox gorge, where three people swim together is called Three swim hole 。 In the time of serving in Zhong state, Bai Juyi planted flowers on the hillside of the east of Chengzhou city and named it "Dongpo". In the same winter, he was appointed Chung Zhou (now Chongqing City Zhongxian Governor Shi, arrived in office in 819 years. In the summer of 820, he was recalled to Changan.

Although Bai Juyi's mother died due to seeing the flower fall well, Bai Juyi had many works of chanting flowers. According to the records of the Song Dynasty, Nii Shiku was around yuan and the first year of the year. The main reason for his relegation is likely to be related to his writing of satirical works and offending the authorities. The relegation of Jiang Zhou was the turning point of Bai Juyi's life. Before that, he hoped to make a contribution to the people of the country with "concurrent aid" as his ambition. After that, his behavior gradually turned to "being independent." although the action of the people's hearts still showed no action in the past. However, Bai Juyi did not succeed in Jiang Zhou, but he could still be there. Lushan Mountain The censer peak North built the cottage and made friends with the local monks.

Serving as Suzhou and Hangzhou

820 years in winter Host guest , official in charge of secretarial matters 。 821 years, Canada Chao San doctor He was formally dressed in five colors of the Royal costume, which is the color used for officials of five or more items. Turn to the pillar state and turn to the Shu Shu Ren. In the 822 year, when Bai Juyi wrote about the military affairs of Hebei at that time, he was not used, so he asked to work abroad and was appointed in July. Hangzhou Shi Shi arrived in October. There are achievements in building West Lake levees and dredging six wells. In May of 824, he was appointed to the eastern part of the prince's office. Luoyang I bought a house in Luoyang road. In 825 years, he was appointed Suzhou Governor, arrived in May

After 826 years of illness, he left. Liu Yuxi Accompanied by Tours Yangzhou , Chuzhou Area.

In the Hangzhou provincial governor's office, there were six ancient wells in Hangzhou, which were responsible for dredging six wells because of their disrepair in order to solve the problem of drinking water in Hangzhou. See again West Lake Silt up farmland is dry. Therefore, levees are used to accumulate water in order to irrigate and alleviate the damage caused by drought. Qian Tang Lake stone "Policies, methods and precautions to control lakes are inscribed on the lakeside, which is known to later generations, and has great influence on the regulation of lake water in Hangzhou. Before leaving office, Bai Juyi left a salary in the state treasury as a fund for the official turnover of officials in Hangzhou later. When the fund has been operating to Huang Chao's chaos, when Huang Chao arrived in Hangzhou, the documents burned and lost, the fund disappeared.

West Lake has Bai Causeway There are willows planted on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and later generations misunderstand that this is the embankment built by Bai Juyi, which is called Bai Gong dike. In fact, this " Bai Causeway Before Bai Juyi came to Hangzhou, it was already called "Baisha dike", and it was found in Bai Juyi's poems.

When Bai Juyi was in Hangzhou, Yuan Yuan was also transferred from the prime minister to the eastern Zhejiang Province, so that the eastern Zhejiang and Hangzhou were not too far away. Therefore, there were many poems of reciprocal donation between the two people. When Bai Juyi left Hangzhou, Yuan Yuan asked Bai Juyi to hand over all his works and compile them into the fifty volume of the Bai's Changqing collection.

In the Suzhou governor's mission, Bai Juyi made a long seven Li West to facilitate the water and land traffic in Suzhou. Huqiu Dongzhi Changmen Shan Tong River, Shan Tong River, Hebei built a road called " Seven Mile pond "Abbreviation" ShanTang street "

Life in old age

In 827 years, Bai Juyi was appointed to Changan. Secretary Supervisor With purple gold fish bags, wear purple suits. In 828 years, he was transferred to the Ministry of justice and served as a male in Jinyang county. In the 829 spring, he changed to the prince's guest division, and went back to Luoyang road. 830 years

In December, he was appointed Henan Yin. In July, 831 yuan died. In the 832 year, he wrote epitaph for Yuan Zhen, and $6.7 million for Yuan Jia to write to Bai Juyi. Bai Juyi would give it all to Luoyang. Xiangshan Temple 。 In 833 years, he was exempt from Henan Yin, and then became the prince's guest division. In 835 years, he was appointed Tungchow If he did not go to his post, he would be appointed as the prince of the East. He was still in Luoyang. In October, 839 years, the wind became ill. In the 841 year, the prince will not pay enough. In the 842 year, he received a half salary from the Ministry of justice.

In his later years, Bai Juyi's life was mostly based on his "leisurely life", which reflected his philosophy of life. In the 844 year, Bai Juyi, 73, paid for the excavation of the stone beach in Longmen, which hindered the boat race. After that, she wrote a poem, "two poems in the eight sections of Longmen."

In his later years, Bai Juyi spent most of his life in Luoyang. Liu Yuxi Singing and traveling frequently Longmen Area. Let's make a statement on the book of Chi Shang and the biography of Mr. drunk. In the 845 year, Bai Juyi was 74 years old, and he held the seven old meeting in the middle of the track. There were Hu, Jiao, Zheng, Liu Zhen, Lu Zhen, Zhang Hun and Bai Juyi. In the same summer, seven old monks, such as full and Li Yuanshuang, were painted as "nine old maps". Bai Juyi believed in Buddhism in his later years. He was a scholar of No. Xiangshan. He was a disciple of the monk.

Luoyang dies

Emperor Wu Huichang In six years (846 years), in August 14th (September 8th), Bai Juyi died. Luoyang At the age of 75, he presented the right soldier of Shang Shu, the posthumous "Wen" and was buried in Xiangshan, Luoyang. After Bai Juyi's death, Emperor Xuānzong of Tang Li Chen writes poetry Mourning He said, "who has taught the Ming Road to be a poet for sixty years? Floating clouds are not names. The child can sing the song of "eternal regret", hu er can sing "Pipa". The article is full of pedestrians, once a sad thought. Author of Bai's Changqing collection There are seventy-one volumes.

Main achievements


· hanlin academician

In the early stage, it was a period of concurrent economic development. Bai Juyi Zhen Yuan In sixteen years (800 years), when he was 29 years old, he was a secretary of the provincial school, and he was a teacher. hanlin academician In the yuan and the years, he left a lot of books and wrote a lot. allegorical poem The representative work is " Qin Zhong Yin "Ten," and " Dadawa Live Concert Fifty, these poems make the dignitary teeth, wrist and discoloration. Yuan and six years, Bai Juyi The mother died of a nervous disorder. Changan Bai Juyi returned to his native place for three years in accordance with the rules of the time, and returned to Changan after serving filial piety. Emperor Arranged for him to be Dr. Zuo Chan Shan.

· Sima, Jiang Zhou

Yuan and ten June, when Bai Juyi was 44 years old, Prime Minister Wu Yuanheng and Yushi Zhongcheng Pei Du Assassinated, Wu Yuan Heng On the spot, Pei Du was seriously injured. For such a great event, the eunuch group that was in power at that time and the old one. Bureaucratic The group stayed calm and did not rush to deal with it. When Bai Juyi was very angry, he wrote the book to urge the murderer to be punished. However, those who were in power did not praise him for his enthusiasm for state affairs. Instead, they said he was an eastern palace official. Relegate For the governor of the state. Wang Ya said that when his mother saw flowers, he fell into the well and died. He wrote poems about flowers and poems about the well, which hurt filial piety. Therefore He was dismissed as Jiang Zhou Sima 。 In fact, the reasons for his offence are those allegorical poems.

Demotion Jiang Zhou (now Jiujiang) has dealt a heavy blow to Bai Juyi. He said he was "getting rid of sorrow and happiness in his face, but his mind was not in mind." Three years later, thanks to his friend Cui Qun's help, he was promoted to the governor of Zhong state.

· Hangzhou provincial history

Yuan and fifteen years, Emperor Tang Xianzong Violent death Changan , Emperor Muzong of Tang As a successor, Mu Chung loved his talent and recalled him to Changan. But at that time, the central government was in a state of chaos, and the ministers struggled for power and gain. So he tried to ask for release. In 822 years, Bai Juyi was appointed governor of Hangzhou. During his tenure in Hangzhou, he saw that farmland in the Hangzhou area was often threatened by drought. Officials refused to make use of the water irrigated fields in West Lake. They excluded many resistance and reproach. They launched workers to increase the lake embankment, built dykes and sluices, increased the capacity of the lake, and solved the irrigation problems of hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland between Qian Tang (Hangzhou today) and salt officials (now Haining). Bai Juyi also stipulated that the sluice gates in West Lake and Doumen should be closed in time when they did not irrigate farmland. Bai Juyi also organized the masses to re dredge the six wells excavated by Li Mi of Hangzhou in the Tang Dynasty during the Dali period, which improved the water consumption conditions of residents.


Bai Juyi was a great poet with great influence in the middle Tang Dynasty. His poetic advocacy and poetry creation played an important role in the history of Chinese poetry because of his outstanding and full expression of popularity and realism. In " Yuan and nine books "He clearly stated:" the servant is in the same way, but in the good. While giving is always the Tao, and the word invented is poetry. It is called "Satirical Poetry", and it is also the same as "Zhi Yi Zhi". From this we can see that in Bai Juyi's four kinds of allegorical, leisurely, sentimental and miscellaneous laws, the first two categories reflect his "giving and always" approach, which is the most important. At the same time, he put forward his own literary propositions: "article is for time, and Song poetry is for things." And his poetry is also mainly about early stage The creation of the allegorical poetry.

Early in Yuan and early years. Tshering In Bai Juyi, he showed a tendency to be realistic, popular and emphasis on allegory: "if we do not verify the merits and demorits, we will not be able to punish." Those who praise and admire, though they are wild, deserve to be prizes. (sixty-eight " Argumentative essay The function of poetry is to punish evil and encourage good, to supplement current politics. The means of poetry is to praise and criticize, and to criticize allegory. Therefore, he advocates: "the officials who collect poems, open the way of satire, observe their gains and losses, and pass their emotions." (sixty-nine " Collect Poems He objected to leaving the content merely pursuing "Gong Lu Gao" and "writing strange", and even opposed the gorgeous poetic style of "mocking the wind and moon and making flowers and plants" since Qi Liang. In "new Yuefu preface", he explicitly pointed out that the standard of poetry is: "its words are of quality and path, and those who want to see it are easy to tell; they are straight and clear, and those who want to hear are deeply commandments; they are nuclear and real, so that the collects can transmit their letters; their bodies are in harmony, and they can be broadcast in songs of songs." Here, "quality and path", "straight and tangent", "nuclear and real" and "smooth" are emphasized that language must be plain and vulgar, and speech must be straightforward and explicit. That is to say, poetry must be true, believable, easy to understand, and easy to enter and sing.

Bai Juyi's request for poetry has only one purpose. Current politics 。 So he immediately said, "in a word, for the king, for the minister, for the people, for the thing, for the sake of doing things, not for the sake of writing." ("new Yuefu preface") Yuan and nine books "In his early years, he reviewed the creative situation." since the advent of the dynasty, the age is getting longer and the reading is getting more and more. Every time we talk with people, we should consult more about the current affairs. For the sake of doing things, the most important thing is to do for the king. He also said, "however, it is taboo to hurt people's pain, do not know when they are not aware" (the second of the two wounds in Tang Qu), and create a lot of satirical poems reflecting the livelihood of the people, but the general direction is "only singing the disease of the people, and wishing the emperor to know". Because only when people listen to the feelings of the people, can the emperor tend to lose sight when he opens up obstructing and daring people.

" Song of the Pipa "And" Everlasting regret "Bai Juyi" is the most successful writing. His artistic performance is characterized by the intensification of lyric factors. Compared with the previous epic poetry, these two works also express events in narration and description, but they can simplify events to no more simple.

Events and two or three main characters are structured in full, such as dramatic. Horse horse There are only a few strokes left behind by the author, but in the most lyrical depiction of the characters and the rendering of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, they are splashing ink like rain. Song of the Pipa "This kind of works that mimic and describe the characters are more closely linked with each other. The sound and emotion are closely linked, and the emotion moves with emotion, making the process of poetry always accompanied by touching emotional power. In addition, the lyricism of these two works is also manifested in the selection of images to create the appropriate atmosphere and to express the artistic conception of poetry. For example, in the song of Everlasting Sorrow, "the palace is sad, and the rain is full of bells." in the "Pipa Xing", "Maple Leaf Hua Cho Arthur Arthur", "no time for the vast river to go to the moon" and other verses, or combine the sad moonlight, the patter of the night rain and the ringing of the broken intestine into a ecstasy scene, or to the rustling maple leaves. reed flower And the vast river and moon constitute a lonely and lonely picture. The sadness, sentimentality and melancholy revealed in the poem are all the coloring of characters and events in the poem. It also makes the readers wallow in the face of such an artistic conception and atmosphere.

personal works


The concentration of themes is one of the artistic features of Bai Juyi's allegory poetry. He usually chooses only the most typical thing, highlighting a theme, "a sad thing", the theme is very clear. In order to convey the theme more clearly to the reader, or add a small order to the theme of the poem, or highlight the theme of the chapter, it is important to highlight the theme. Secondly, the artistic characteristics of white poetry are also depicted in figures. He can grasp the characteristics of characters and draw vivid and vivid figures in the way of white drawing. But the poetry of Bai poetry is not very simple. He often puts the allegorical meaning in a simple sentence and achieves shocking artistic effect. " Light fertilizer A poem depicts the spirit of the ministers, doctors and generals attending the meeting and the abundance of wine and food on the table. Quzhou What a tragic scene it is that man cannibalism.

Leisure Poems and allegory poems are two kinds of poems valued by Bai Juyi. They all have the characteristics of being realistic, vulgar, and exhausted. They are all the two kinds of poems.

But in content and tone, they are very different. Allegory poetry is in the "consociation", closely related to social politics, writing more and more intense, and leisure poetry is meant to be "alone good", "contentment and harmony, and playing temperament". Yuan and nine books Thus, it shows a calm and leisurely mood.

Bai Juyi's leisure poetry has great influence on his descendants. style of language The mood of leisurely and leisurely mood has been praised for many times. However, in contrast, the "leisure" thought that has been retreated from politics and contentment and harmony in the poems, and the attitude towards the old Buddha and Tao Yuanming, is more consistent with the psychology of the later generations of literati. For example, Bai Juyi has "two quarrel points, one cow hair". Why not drink seven? (7), "what is the matter on the snail's horn?" Five pairs of wine (2) the verses of the poem, and "the latter makes the snail's corner known." Wu Zeng " Can change Zhai Volume eight). That is to say, the names of drunken men, pedantic men and Dongpo are all derived from the poetry of heaven. Gong Yi Zheng " Notes on mustard ) Song Dynasty Zhou Bi Da It is pointed out that "Su Wenzhong in the present Dynasty is not allowed by light, but loves and enjoys heaven and poetry." Cover their articles are the main words, and honest and good, straight to the point, with human feelings, nothing in substance, similar. When he lived in Huangzhou, he began to live on the east slope. He must have started his work in the state of Lotte. ( Poetry of Er Lao Tang All of these show the influence of Bai Juyi and his poetry. trajectory 。

Poetry theory

Bai Juyi's thought is composed of three Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, dominated by Confucianism. Mencius It is a lifelong belief that "Da is the best and the poor are the best." The "Zhi Ji" aspiration is mainly based on Confucian benevolence, including Huang Lao's theory and management.

The law of Xiao Zhi and Shen Han, the heart of "alone goodness", absorbed the ideas of Lao Tzu and Zhuang Tzu, such as content, content, carefree and Buddhism. The two are roughly Bai's Sima has been demoted. Bai Juyi not only left nearly three thousand poems, but also put forward a complete set of poetry theories. He compares poems to fruit trees and puts forward "root feeling, Miao Yan, Hua Sheng, Shi Yi". Yuan and nine books In his opinion, "emotion" is the basic condition of poetry. Yuan and nine books And the emergence of emotion is a matter of feeling and being tied to current politics. Therefore, poetry creation can not be separated from reality and must be drawn from various events in real life, reflecting the social and political situation of an era. He inherited the " Book of Songs Since the "Bi Xing" beauty tradition, we have attached importance to the realistic content and social function of poetry. It emphasizes the function of poetry to expose and criticize political malpractice. He put forward a series of principles in the way of poetry expression. In the book "Yu Yuan nine Shu", he put forward the famous realistic writing principle that "articles combine for time, and songs and poems do things together".

His poetry theory is of great significance for the poet to face the reality and care for the people's sufferings. The style of poetry which has been paying more attention to form has also played an important role in Dali (766~779). But too much emphasis on poetry creation is subordinated to the needs of real politics. artistic creation And style diversification.

· Creative proposition

When the article is written for the time, the song poem is composed of things.

· Style of work

Beautiful language popular The tone is harmonious, vivid, and political allegory.

Character evaluation

Historical book evaluation

· Book of Tang

Chen Yuan's policy of making yuan, Bai's comment, the most important article, the root of chaos. A tale of praise, a novel of Pan Yu. In terms of literature, the best way is to take advantage of the advantages. Rest assured that the field of self possession will be placed in a safe place. A lucky year is not a good time!

Praise: new articles, Jianan and Yongming. Shen and Xie used to be yuan and Bai tsheng. But with gold and long stalks. If you don't learn Sun Wu, how can you know how to use it?

· New Tang Dynasty book

In the first place, he began to fight straight ahead and fight for danger before the emperor. Although it is reprimanded, late interest is not bad. When Zong min, he was shocked by power and did not attach himself to an enterprising plan. In the middle of the road, the prime minister is famous for his reputation. Alas! It is easy to be easy.

· Tang Cai Zi's biography

Public poetry is mainly composed of six senses, but no reward for hardships. Every chapter must be read by the old woman in her family. Later people's comments on Bai poetry such as "Shan Dong's father's old lesson, mulberry and mulberry, all words are true" are also. The chick Lin state bank sells its products to the state of its own country. And Yuan Zhen is very good in rubber paint, and has the same rhyme. The world says "Yuan Bai". Yuan Pao, known as Liu Binke, called "Liu Bai" cloud. The good God, the self made flying clouds, burn incense and stir up the feet. When I first came to Jiujiang, I lived in Lufu Fufeng. This is still alive. There are seventy-five episodes of Bai's Changqing collection, and the ancient and modern facts. For "six posts" and the poetic method, they want to separate themselves from their diseases. The three volume of the Baishi golden needle collection is parallel to the world.

Past appraisal

· Tang dynasty

Emperor Xuānzong of Tang There is hanging Bai Juyi's poem: "jade jade beads for sixty years, who teaches Yin Road as a poet. Floating clouds are not names. The child can sing the everlasting regret, hu er can sing the pipa. The article is full of pedestrians, once a sad thought. This poem can be used as a summary of Bai Juyi's life.

· The Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty

The evaluation of Bai Juyi in new and old Tang books is also different. The old Tang Dynasty gave a high degree of affirmation to Bai Juyi's literary achievements. Yuan and the main league are only small and happy. Chen Yuan's policy of making yuan, Bai's comment, the most important article, the root of chaos. A tale of praise, a novel of Pan Yu. In terms of literature, we should take advantage of our advantages, and rest assured that we can enjoy ourselves in a place of self satisfaction. The new Tang book describes Bai Juyi's essays in writing. He added: "when he was in Yuan and Changqing, he was famous and most famous for poetry. However, the new Tang Shu gave a high degree of affirmation to Bai Juyi's character: "watching the ruse" began to fight straight ahead and fight for danger before the emperor. When Zong min, he was shocked by power and did not attach himself to an enterprising plan. In the middle of the road, the prime minister is famous for his reputation. To shout, to be easy is to be virtuous! " The change of this evaluation may be related to Song dynasty Ancient prose movement The rise is closely related.

Su Shi There are also differences in the evaluation of Bai Juyi. Su Shi once put forward the saying that "yuan is light and white and vulgar". Later, however, he often compared himself with Bai Juyi, for example, "the old soldier of Xiangshan, who has a shallow root." For example, "to go to Hangzhou for sixteen years, and to stay for two years." The old man is born with a sense of joy, though he is only too fond of fame and fortune. Su Shi's poems on Bai Juyi are also very beautiful. Commentary.

· The three dynasties of Liao, Jin and Yuan

Yuan Haowen: "the state is not a romantic area. It's been a happy five hundred years." In the thirty sentences of poetry and the phrase "natural and everlasting", Yuan Hao asked himself: "Tao Yuanming, Bai Letian of Jin."

· Ming and Qing Dynasties

Yuan Zong Dao Take "Bai Su Zhai" as the name of Zhai, and have the poetry of "Huai Huai Bai".

the Qing dynasty Advocating spirituality Yuan Mei Bai Juyi is also highly praised.

clear qianlong emperor Edict Poetry in Tang and Song Dynasties "Bai Juyi's poems and articles were highly praised by everyone. He believed that Bai Juyi was" a real talent "and believed that officials should take Bai Juyi's poems as" motto ".

· Modern times

Hu Shi Praising Bai Juyi and zhen The movement of literary innovation for leaders can be achieved. Poetry It creates public opinion and helps improve politics. because May Fourth leader and Hu Shi Advocating the movement of new literature, Bai Juyi's poetry is highly praised in advocating vernacular and avoiding vulgar words. Include internationally known sinologist , Da Jie Liu , Qian Ji Bo And so on, all gave Bai Juyi a high evaluation. however Qian Zhongshu Bai Juyi's evaluation is not high.

Evaluation of other countries

Bai Juyi's Anthology Japan Highly valued. Safe times , Sugawara no Michizane write kanshi At that time Balhae The people saw the real poem and thought it was very similar to Bai Juyi's poetry. This comment made the Tao really happy, and it was very proud to record it.


Brewed wine

Bai Juyi's own brewed wine is of high quality. He wrote poems for his own wine: "open the altar and drain the liquid, and the jade liquid is golden fat." it is already pleasant to play, and there is plenty of joy to be tasted; one is to be hospitable, and the other is to start frowning at the same time; even if it is delayed four or five, it will be merry into the limbs. " (Bai Juyi volume). Bai Juyi's history of making wine is not only recorded, but also to today, "Bai Juyi made wine". New year's Eve The story of enjoying the countryside is spread in the Wei and Northern Dynasties.

Plain waist

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it was common in the Tang Dynasty. In order to eliminate life's worries, Bai Juyi indulged himself in prostitution, poetry and wine. There are more than ten names of prostitutes in his poems, most notably Xiao Man and fan su. Tang Mengqi's "sense of nature in poetry" records: "Bai Shang Ji Ji Fan Sushan song, prostitute Xiao Man good dance, taste for Poetry: Cherry fan Su Kou, Yang willow waist."

When Bai Juyi was more than 60 years old, he got wind sick and paralyzed. He sold the good horse and let fan Su leave him to marry him. However, his horse could not bear to go away. Fan Su also felt sad and weep. "My master has been there for five years. He is not surprised. For ten years, there is no violation between the towel and the comb. The present appearance is ugly, but not yet destroyed. Luo Li is strong and no. That is to say, Luo Zhi Li can still take the lead in the Lord's behalf. Once gone, there is no return. Therefore, the words will also be bitter. The feeling of this man, and the feeling of the horse, are not cruel?

But when Bai Juyi was 70 years old, fan Su and Xiao Man left. Miss Bai Juyi wrote: "two willows and small buildings, with many years of wine, will not be in the world after the return of tomorrow. Five years in March, the present day, the guests were scattered and empty, and the door was closed.

Book collection story

In the sixteen year (800) of Zhen Yuan, Jinshi taught the Secretary provincial school book Lang, Jixian school, and participated in the collection of state books. Post Hanlin bachelor's degree. Yuan and ten years (815) degrade Sima as Jiang Zhou. Wen Zong ascended the throne and moved to the Ministry of justice. Wu Zhong Shi was appointed by the Ministry of justice. Old age

Retired to Xiangshan, Luoyang, from the Xiangshan residence, he has made outstanding contributions to the development of realistic poetry. When finishing the collection of books in Jixian, he had access to a large number of books and had great influence on his literary creation. Private collection is quite rich, and there is a library called "Chi Bei library". He once wrote "the book on the pool", which said, "when the Minister of the Ministry of justice has a chestnut bucket, a book and a cart". He wrote "Bai's Changqing collection" and so on. Based on his own book collection, he compiled a dictionary of words and phrases, "Bai Shi Jing Shi Shi six posts" (also known as "Bai Shi six tie"), divided into 1367 gates. In the Song Dynasty, Huang Jian's "Yang Wen Gong Tan yuan" records: "man's words Bai Juyi wrote" six posts ", with thousands of pottery jar, and each item, seven layers of shelves. Life is to be collected and put into bottles. Take it down and copy it into books. It can be seen that "Bai's six posts" began to gather in class when they first collected data. There are also "Yuan Bai Yin Ji Ji", "Liu Bai sing He Ji" and "Luo river downstream feast" (also known as "luozhongji").

Family members

grandfather Bai Huang

grandmother Xue's family

father : Bai Ji G

eldest brother Bai Youwen

three brother Bai Xing Jian

Son Bai Acui

Historical records

The biography of Old Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi

The biography of new Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi

The legend of Tang Cai Zi

Commemoration of future generations

Main entry: Tomb of Bai Juyi , Bai Yuan

Bai Yuan is the graveyard of Bai Juyi, located at the pipa peak in Dongshan, Longmen. Bai Juyi said in his poem, "often before the door"

Flowing water, there are many tall trees on the wall. The bamboo path rolls around the pool, and hover hundreds of steps. The design of Bai Yuan is close to eight or nine points.

The white garden door is the Green Valley area. On both sides of the lane were green bamboo, and the waterfall was splashed with sweet water, and the Lotus Pond was floating in the cool summer. Listen to Yi Ting and Song Feng Ting to imitate the architectural design of the Tang Dynasty. "Ting" is "stop" to remind visitors to stop and feel the quiet of the valley. Time is slow between mountains and rivers. Listening to Yi Ting is also called Cao Ting, because of the well-known farewell to ancient grass.

At the top of the pipa peak, there are grave tombs and natural stone tablets. Both Chinese and foreign admirers Bai Juyi and their ethnic groups commemorate this. Among them is a stone tablet inscribed in Chinese and Japanese, "the great poet Bai Juyi, you are a benefactor of Japanese culture, you are a respected Japanese writer, and your contribution to Japan is very impressive.


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