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Aba Teachers University

Aba Teachers College, formerly Aba Teachers College, is a full-time general college approved by the State Council in December 1978. In 1993, it was renamed Aba Teachers College. The school was originally located in Wenchuan County. After the May 12 earthquake in 2008, the school moved to Pixian Ancient City, Tuanjie Town and Pengzhou old school district of Chengdu Teachers College. In 2011, the school moved to the new campus of Shuimo Town, Wenchuan. In April 2015, the school was upgraded to a provincial public undergraduate university with the approval of the Ministry of Education and renamed Aba Normal College.

The school is located on the shore of Minjiang River, Shouxi River, Wenchuan County Shuimo Ancient Town, a national AAAAA special tourist scenic spot, more than 60 kilometers away from Chengdu City, more than 20 kilometers away from Dujiangyan, a world cultural heritage, and close to Sanjiang Ecotourism Area. It has unique geographical location and location advantages. The campus environment is beautiful and green. It is a garden-style campus in Sichuan Province. It is an ideal place for many students to pursue further studies.

The school is an advanced collective of national unity and progress in Sichuan Province to establish demonstration units of activities, an advanced collective of employment work for graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in Sichuan Province, a demonstration unit of activities for the establishment of advanced collectives of national unity and progress in Sichuan Province, and an advanced unit of employment work for graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in Sichuan Province. The first batch of Pilot Universities in Sichuan Province, the experimental base of art education and the deputy director unit of the Art Education Center of the Central Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education, the first batch of alliance units of transformation and curriculum reform of colleges and universities in China (the first batch of 72), and the first batch of pilot institutions of the Ministry of Education's Science Work Ability Promotion Plan (millions of projects).

Over the past 40 years, the school has been rooted in Aba, always bearing in mind the mission of cultivating talents for the political and economic development of Aba Tibetan region, adhering to the school motto of "both moral and intellectual, eternal wisdom", always adhering to the school concept of "emphasizing connotation, strengthening quality, creating characteristics, casting fine products", adhering to the "nationality + normal education", and carrying forward it.“ A teacher's spirit of endless life and endless struggle, strengthening the school spirit of "gratitude, progress, pragmatism and innovation", the teaching style of "loving and dedicating to work, being a good teacher, being erudite and good guidance", and the learning style of "good learning, good thinking, combination of learning and application, seeking truth and pragmatism" have built the cradle of teacher training in Aba minority area and fostered a large number of "integration". The "permanent card" of "getting ahead, getting down, being grateful and being able to contribute" has made important contributions to the political stability, economic and social development of Aba Tibetan area and its surrounding ethnic minority areas. Outstanding alumni representatives include Yaosdan, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Xiao Youcai, Governor of Ganzi Prefecture, Liu Yuwen, Ding Tingyi, senior middle school teachers, famous singers Rong Zhongerjia and Zheng Shaobing, experts in ancient philology and Professor Zhang Xiancheng, director of Literature Department of Southwest University, etc.

The campus covers an area of 1024 mu, with a building area of about 236,400 square meters. There are now 20 undergraduate majors and 26 specialized majors in 8 disciplines of arts, science, engineering, management, law, art, education and history. There are 9675 students, 438 full-time teachers, 39 external teachers and 320 teachers with master's degree or above. There are 13 secondary colleges, 2 research institutes, 11 non-substantive research institutes and 1 Art troupe. It has 2 provincial key construction majors, 2 provincial teaching teams, 3 provincial scientific research teams, 6 provincial teaching achievement awards, 1 special allowance expert from the State Council, 1 outstanding contribution expert from the province, 1 provincial academic and technical leader, and 1 provincial famous teaching teacher. The school has been awarded the honorary title of "Earthquake Relief Heroes Collective" by the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council and the Central Military Commission. It is a demonstration unit for the establishment of advanced national unity and progress in Sichuan Province and an advanced collective for the employment of graduates from ordinary colleges and universities in Sichuan Province.

Around the key points of "ecology, culture and nationality", the school integrates the existing resources of the school, completes the professional construction and discipline construction; around "ecology", it establishes professional clusters of biology, chemistry, intellectualization, automation, economy, management and tourism; and around "culture", it establishes music, dance, fine arts, sports and literature. Around the "nationality", the Sichuan Qiang Research Institute, the Institute of Ethnic Culture, the Academy of Scientific Work, the VR Laboratory, the Tibetan Paper Research Center, the Sichuan High Level Scientific Research Team (the Tibetan-Qiang Corridor Ethnic Culture Creative Research Team), the Tibetan-Chinese Bilingual Research Center and other subjects are integrated into the discipline of Ethnology. Platform. According to the principle of "giving prominence to advantages, focusing on construction and promoting in an all-round way", the construction project of two-class disciplines at the school level has been initiated, and a multi-disciplinary coordinated development system has been initially formed, with teacher education as the backbone, arts and sports as the advantages, Tibetan-Chinese bilingual disciplines as the characteristics, and non-teacher education disciplines as the growth point.

There are 105,000 books in the school library. A computer network service system with complete functions and facilities has been established. There are more than 2000 computers for teaching, more than 7000 seats in the voice room of multimedia classroom, 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 61 laboratories and 88 training rooms. The total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is more than 80 million yuan.

The school has always insisted on the fundamental task of running a school, the core position of undergraduate education in the school cause, and the student-centered reform idea of "one goal, two grasps, three integration, four conformity and five principles", which is pushed forward in accordance with the "1+N" model. In the past three years, according to the quality requirements of students in five aspects: employment, postgraduate examination rate, participating in subject competitions, writing papers and obtaining patents and their transformation, matching majors and posts, and the development in the next five years after taking up posts, we should pay close attention to teaching construction and formulate the Implementation Plan for Revitalizing Undergraduate Education. The average employment rate of students is 95%, the degree of professional correlation is 75%, and the degree of employment satisfaction is 70%. It was awarded "Advanced Collective of Employment Work for Graduates of Sichuan General Colleges and Universities" by Sichuan Education Department. According to the McCoth survey, since the promotion, the students'satisfaction with teaching work has remained above 90%, and the graduating students' satisfaction with teaching has remained above 91%.

The school adheres to open education and has signed international exchanges and cooperation with many foreign universities and cooperative institutions, such as the Chengdu School of Management, the Royal University of Bevuri in Thailand, the East-West University of Chicago, the University of North Michigan, James Madison University, the Illinois University of Technology and Chongshi University in Korea. Under the school-running agreement, the Graduate Department of Zhengda School of Management and Aba Teachers College of Thailand has been established, and the joint training of master's degree and doctor's degree has been officially launched. The school currently has "3 + 1" undergraduate program, summer vacation study program, international exchange student program and other student study programs abroad. Every year, the school will also recommend excellent university students to study as postgraduates in foreign universities cooperating with our university. The school will cooperate in the mode of "Wenchuan+Yiwu+Yiwu Vocational College of Industry and Commerce+Aba Teachers'College", and train e-commerce professionals for Aba region according to the idea of "one-year class, two-year specialty and three-year college".

The school attaches great importance to scientific research and strengthens scientific research on special projects. In Wenchuan County, the index system of residents'health index, the compilation of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Environment and Mountain Culture (Wenchuan Volume), the planning of recreational tourism projects, the construction of basic education alliance, and the research of Tibetan and Qiang medicine have been studied in depth. Three provincial scientific research and innovation teams and 12 school-level scientific research teams have been established in the past five years. To this end, school teachers have presided over one project of the National Natural Science Foundation, three projects of the National Social Science Foundation, one project of the Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education, six special projects of the Chinese Language Resources Protection Project of the State Language Commission, and various provinces such as the Social Sciences Planning of the Ministry of Education, Sichuan Social Sciences Planning and Sichuan Applied Basic Research. More than 220 office-level projects and nearly 500 school-level scientific research projects were conducted; more than 3000 papers were published in academic journals at home and abroad, including more than 500 core journals and more than 100 papers were included by EI, SCl and ISTP (CPCI); more than 140 textbooks and monographs were published, and nearly 50 achievements were awarded by relevant ministries, provincial and state-level departments, and nearly 100 were awarded. The results have been authorized by the State for invention patents and utility model patents.

The school adheres to the concept of "inheritance, innovation, characteristics and harmony" in the construction of campus culture, strives to create a unique campus culture atmosphere, actively builds a platform for the construction of campus culture, and strives to promote the construction of campus culture, and has achieved fruitful results. School dance performance specialty has been approved by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the National People's Committee as a model specialty for the inheritance and innovation of national culture. The achievements of campus culture construction have won the first prize of Sichuan Excellent Achievements and the second prize of the Ministry of Education Excellent Achievements. In 2013, he was awarded the first prize of Excellent Achievements Award of College Campus Culture Construction in Sichuan Province, the second prize of Excellent Achievements Award of College Campus Culture Construction in Sichuan Province in 2015, and the advanced collective of Ideological and political education at provincial level in 2016. In 2017, the school was selected as the model school of Sichuan Yi Ban construction. The school won three awards and 2 outstanding teachers in the final contest of the fourteenth "Challenge Cup" in Sichuan province's extracurricular academic competition for science and technology works, and won the bronze prize in the third Sichuan provincial "Internet +" College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition, in 2018th years. The first undergraduate students won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 13 bronze medals (32 gold medals) in the "Creating Youth" Competition, ranking 28th in the province.

Schools have made outstanding achievements in serving local and national cultural heritage and protection. Over the past three years, school teachers have undertaken six cross-sectional scientific research projects, and established inter-school cooperation with Aba Prefecture People's Government, State Science and Technology Bureau, Wolong Special Administrative Bureau of China, Wenchuan County, Heishui County and Wenzhou University. Among them, we signed strategic cooperation agreements with Aba Prefecture People's Government to build a pilot area for teacher education; jointly established an educational alliance in the southern part of Wenchuan County with Wenchuan County People's Government; and jointly built 12 schools, such as Shuimu Middle School, Eight Primary School and Wenchuan Second Kindergarten, to organize training courses for key teachers at all levels and training courses for managerial cadres. 。 Aba Prefecture Science and Technology Incubation Park has been established, with 42 enterprises stationed in the park. Giant Panda College, Village College, Tibetan Paper Research Center, Highland UAV Research Center and Ethnic Research Institute were established. Deeply participated in the precise poverty alleviation work in Aba Prefecture, with special funds exceeding 1 million yuan, well-appointed cadres stationed in villages, participated in the construction of Yingxiu Patriotic Education Base, and launched innovative achievements such as "Case Study of Third Party Evaluation Method for the Effectiveness of National Precision Poverty Alleviation Work" and "Panda Index". The school actively promotes the Tibetan and Qiang culture, creates ethnic group dances and folk songs on the theme of Tibetan and Qiang song and dance culture, and achieves many good results in international, national and provincial competitions. The National People's Committee of China, which presides over the study of the National Minority Key Ancient Books Publishing Project "The Shibi Classics of the Qiang Nationality" in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" years He was nominated for the Second China Publishing Government Award Book Award by the State Administration of Press and Publishing; The Old Records of Aba was highly recognized by the society; The achievements of the National Social Science Fund project presided over by school teachers were reported and collected by the National Social Science Fund, with special reports on General Secretary Xi Jinping and all members of the Political Bureau. The Tibetan Xiangba prints created by our teachers highlight the strong nationality, regionalism and modernity, and are collected by the National Gallery of Art 18 pieces at a time. The large-scale Qiang poetry, painting, music and dance "Yunduo Salang" created by our teachers and students won the "Wenhua Award" in the first Sichuan Art Festival and "the most favorite plays of the audience". The Qiang dance "Pigeon Blossom" entered the Great Hall of the People for public performance.

Facing the future, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of the school, we are more closely united, holding high the great banner of Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, taking "two assessments and two transformations" as the guide, keeping in mind the mission of development, uniting and leading the teachers and students of the whole school, continuing to emancipate the mind, deepening reform in an all-round way, and Fast transformation and development, vigorously promote the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, strive to improve the quality of education and teaching and personnel training, and strive to build a distinctive application-oriented undergraduate college!

Aba Normal University

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