• Mount Emei Jinding

    Mount Emei Jinding

    Mt. Emei Jinding, also known as Huazang temple, is located on the main peak of Emei Mountain in Sichuan Province, China (29.52567 ° n, 103.336802 ° E), with an altitude of 3077 m. It is the end point of Emei Mountain tour and one of the key Buddhist temples in the Han area.

  • Naxi Remei Biao

    Naxi Remei Biao

    "Remei Biao" is also known as "Wo Yo Ye", which is a collective folk custom that has been spreading for thousands of years. There are more than ten people at least and hundreds of

  • martial art of emei

    martial art of emei

    Emei Wushu is one of the traditional Chinese Wushu schools, and its birthplace is Emei, a famous mountain in China. Including the worldwide spread of "Five Flowers"

  • Emei Chito

    Emei Chito

    "A Mei Qituo" is the original ecological dance name of a group of Yi people. It is translated as "Girl Marriage Dance" in Chinese and originated from Sanbao Yi Township in Qinglong

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  • Buddhist Cultural Tourist Area of Great Buddha and Zen Temple

    Buddhist Cultural Tourist Area of Great Buddha and Zen Temple

    As the first door to worship Mount Emei, the Buddha Zen Temple is the first stop to pray and worship in Emei, and it is also a must-go place. The Grand Buddha Temple, formerly known as the Grand Buddh

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  • Mount Emei

    Mount Emei

    Mount Emei is located in Mount Emei, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, China.

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